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  1. Thank you for the suggestions! This helps a lot.
  2. We’ve had Greyhounds for a dozen years, and never had any successfully back out of their martingale collars. But it has happened to each of our dogs in the last couple of weeks when encountering off-leash dogs. Yikes! It’s so scary. I am now shopping for “can’t-back-out-of” harnesses, and I would appreciate suggestions from the Greyhound community. Any guidance? (Yesterday, an aggressive Beagle slipped his collar from his owner and charged towards Runner, Fargo and me with teeth bared. It all happened so fast! As I screamed at the oncoming dog while trying to corral my high-prey-drive dogs who were both rising up to the challenging dog, Fargo backed out of his collar. All near a busy road. Fargo and the Beagle were immediately in a scrum. I was somehow able to grab Fargo by his house collar and the man pulled his dog away just in time. Both of us had one leashed dog and one off-leashed dog. All four dogs were hyped-up and it was so frightening. No blood, thankfully. We were all lucky this time.)
  3. Thank you, LaFlaca! Wow, 18 months? Yikes. I am so glad this protocol worked for you. We will suggest this treatment with our vet, and I hope we have the same success.
  4. Help... I have read a lot of references to the success of the Prison Protocol for treating hookworms on this forum, but I cannot find actual protocol. We adopted Fargo in December, and he came with hookworms. We just completed our first round of intensive treatment, and unfortunately, our poor boy still has hooks. We were advised that it could take several rounds of treatment to get rid of them. Since many of you have had success with getting rid of hooks using the Prison Protocol, would you direct me to it? Many thanks!
  5. Liverwurst. We cut it in treat-size pieces and keep it in a plastic container in the refrigerator. Both dogs go nuts for it. (Also an easy way to administer meds.)
  6. Dealing with SA must be so stressful and I feel for you. Is it possible to take him on a brisk 30-45 minute walk before leaving him alone?
  7. I am sorry. Godspeed, Beau.
  8. I am so sorry. Godspeed, precious boy.
  9. We have been treating Alex for a few years. Both eyes. Our veterinary eye specialist currently has him on a maintenance schedule of 2x/day Tacrolimus 0.02% Aqueous drops and once-a-week 1% Prednisone drops. She sees him less often now, as she is pleased that we have arrested further progression of this auto-immune disease. For me, the drops are easier to administer than the ointment, and Alex is a trooper with them. The big thing is to keep him from sunbathing, which he loves to do!
  10. What a lovely image of her you posted. Sharing bittersweet tears with you.
  11. His youth makes this so very sad, especially for the people who knew and loved him. Rest gently, James.
  12. I am so sorry. Nikki was such a beautiful dog.
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