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  1. This could be the issue... it was after some really rough play with our other grey. Thank you everyone for the replies, we'll keep an eye on it.
  2. About two weeks ago my 8 year old developed a limp (down on front right) only on uneven surfaces. That would be dirt, gravel, sand, areas of a sidewalk that is graded for drainage, or pavers in the backyard etc... On concrete, pavement, grass or inside the house she trots along with no limp at all. Of course we've been to the vet where she had a thorough physical, both annual and a orthopedic. Heavy palpation of all limbs, ankles, paws, toes, legs, neck etc, reveled nothing. At my request they shot 6 different x-rays of both front limbs, shoulders, legs, forearms, toes, etc... and 6 different views each. The x-rays were examined by three separate vets and a radiologist who all confirmed all bones look great! She does have a very bad crack on the front right paw... but the docs and myself have put all kinds of pressure on it and not one reaction. I got her booties, which works great... no limp on the uneven surfaces... Which is great... and not. My Vet wanted to look hat her again yesterday because he's perplexed. So perplexed he didn't even charge me for the visit. He did a full exam again, and nothing... So, on even surfaces she trots along just fine. She plays, runs.... no issues... the minute she hits an uneven surface, dip on the front right. Since three vets looked at her, does it make sense to take her to yet?
  3. Thanks all, Khaki is fine today... it's a new environment for her, and us, especially dragging her all the way from NH to AZ. Our back yard in NH was expansive with a fence, and grass and soft earth for her to dig and run around in. No trees along the fenced in yard, plus two flights of stairs to get from the house to the yard meant critters got a good head start and chance to escape through the chain link. Here it's a small yard, with a wall rather than a fence and an neighbors tree overhangs the wall... which is where the bird fell from. I just wish she'd eat her food with the same gusto as she did going after the bird.
  4. Horrifying, but I was able to stop the attack 1ms after it started. I saw her prey drive go crazy, I was out the door in a blink of an eye screaming "drop it!!" She was more or less throwing it in the air... Sadly I was not in time to save the baby bird... After being a 3 time grey owner, this is the first time something other than a stuffy toy got attacked and killed. I discarded the poor bird, but now I'm concerned for Khaki. Typical prey drive? Is she now a killer? She's up to date on all her shots as of Feb 2017. Any medical concerns???
  5. We lost our sweet, sweet Lizzy this week. We will miss her, and her presence and spirit still fills the house.
  6. I'm not referring to rescue remedy. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. quarter cup of brandy In about 16 ounces of solution. I found out the brandy won't be cooked with the solution, yet added to the hot contents of the cooked solution. Tincture will consist of one table spoon at each feeding (2x a day).
  8. My wife has been working with a holistic herbologist for dogs. There is concoction that she gave us that calls for a very small amount of brandy to be included. All the ingredients are cooked to make a concoction which is supposed to be added to food. I don't mind all the herbal stuff, but am against the brandy (even though it's cooked). I'm not sure this is a very good idea and would like input.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a first time dog owner and we just adopted a 6 yr old Grey about 5 weeks ago. She's wonderful and we have fun on walks and adventures. And she really likes to sleep a lot, and eat! Since we got her we tried giving her the same food (Purina1 - Lamb & Rice)that the adoption agency was giving her, and mixing some Blue Buffalo with it. Her stools have been somewhat formed to start then really pasty. The vet might have thought whipworm so we did 3 days o pancur - made no change. We started adding some pumpkin into her food and that has helped tremendously. We still haven't got a good solid poo session, somewhat solid followed by more formed, but squishy. But there was progress... Then I made the mistake of getting the wrong purina one, Chicken & Rice instead of Lamb & Rice and now we have full blown diarrhea, so I made a trip back to the store to get the Lamb & Rice as well as back to pumpkin. Does anyone know how long it may take before we get the solid poo? I don't want to start changing too many things at once, but just wondering what everyone else experiences have been with getting solid poo's?
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