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  1. I'm hoping our US greyhound, Iggy and Whippet friends join in the fun. For those with camper trailers and/or RV's - FREE Dry camping (no hook-ups or hydro) will be allowed on the venue property Friday and Saturday night! We live in a beautiful area of Ontario full of quaint shops and sightseeing. Make a mini-vacation out of it. An hour from Toronto and 1.5 hours from Niagara Falls and so close to so many attractions. Website Facebook Page hugsforhounds2@gmail.com
  2. Hugs for Hounds 2019 Participating Adoption Groups: After The Track Greyhound Adoptioin Carlota Galgo Rescue Canada F.L.I.G.H.T. (Finding Loving Irish Greyhounds Homes Together) GLOHW (Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth) GSNCR (Greyhound Supporters NCR) Needle-Nose Greyhound Adoptiion Our updated list of Vendors: A Stitch 'N' Time Animates Berk's & Oaks Century House Crochet Claughton Creations Dogerel Apparel Dogs in Stitches Greyhound Graffiti Heart Dog Creations House of Earl Kim's Kreations Paisley Art Studios Rising Sun Oracle Rock Your
  3. Hugs for Hounds is being held Saturday, August 10, 2019 at Grand River Raceway in Elora, Ontario Canada from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm followed by a Buffet Dinner onsite - dogs welcome to attend. The venue is located next to the track and the casino. There will be vendors, presentations, BBQ, family games, silent auction, silent auction and more! Dry camping will be allowed on the property Friday and Saturday evenings. (No hydro, no water) No charge to park onsite. There are also various campgrounds close to the venue. Registration opens April 15!! For updates and complete i
  4. I'll see you there! lol I love going to another country to see my neighbors. It's become a tradition. lol
  5. One of our grey's had that Robin (I can't remember which one) It was like a hot spot. We sprayed with Colloidal Silver every day and in a few weeks the hair was back. Do you want some? Sweet Iker Liz
  6. Welcome to the forum. Please don't take things too personal. You must remember many people on this board have been around greyhounds for a long time and speak through experience. And as this is a public forum and someone asks for advice, they are going to be truthful and to the point. Our Cordal is prey drive here. I say here because when we are at Dewey she is fine with all dogs. I think it's just that she doesn't know where to look - there are so many dogs! When we walk her in the park where there are always lots of dogs, squirrels and other critters I wear the Wiggles, Wags &am
  7. Oh Robin! My heart sank when I saw this. I am in shock. We never got together like we kept trying to. You know everyone in this house loved Treasure as if she were our own. We missed having her with us when Iker came to live with you. I am so sorry. Your grief is our grief. Hugs and if you need anything please ask. We are always here for you. I am so sad. Liz, Larry, Chris, Madison
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this . I know Haka and Aleeya from Tina's house and came withher 2 times to pick them up. She was a wonderful girl. She was loved by Tina and Eric as their own and they will surely miss her. Hugs to you and Mike. Liz
  9. Lucy I'm so sorry. I too remember when you got Jabari. I didn't get to meet him but I remember your excitement from your photos and posts. What a lovely tribute to him. Full of love. I remember meeting you and Riley at a house party in Dewey Beach years ago and he too was an amazing boy. He had the first 'radar' ears I ever saw. My Dante had them. Jabari is running free with Riley now, best buddies together again. Always in your heart and memories. Hugs to you Liz
  10. Our beautiful boy is gone. His brain tumor was making it very difficult for him to stand and walk. Although he was only with us for 5 months he captured our hearts immediately. He instantly became a part of our family. We all loved him so much. I spent as much time as possible sitting in the Dining Room with him as he couldn't come down the stairs any more. He could always see whoever was in the living room or kitchen so he was never really alone but I felt so bad for him. He loved to go and do his little 'romp' in the back yard, albeit only a few short seconds but the last 2 days he coul
  11. We still haven't heard from the Oncologist. I will be calling on Monday. I have also contacted Dr. Couto and he said he would look at Targets results and MRI and give his opinion. Unfortunately I don't feel anything will change. Surgery is not an option. The information the radiologist gave me is that radiation treatment for this kind of tumor is 30 days (5 days/week) at $4,000. Or travel to US for 3 day treatment at $8,000. Life expectancy without radiation approximately 2 months, with radiation 1-1/2 years. Has anyones greyhound here had a brain tumor and experience with
  12. This is wonderful news to start a Sunday morning with. I hope Desi continues to improve. Hugs to both of you Liz and Target
  13. I'm sending prayers, white light and tons of hugs to you and Desi. Liz
  14. MRI showed 2 items. A spinal tap was done and partial results show 2 tumors - 1 at the base of the brain, 1 on the spine in the neck area.. Tomorrow morning they will know what kind of tumors they are and have more information for me and an Oncologist will discuss options with me. If you can spare some more prayers for my big boy I would appreciate it so much and so will Target. Thank you Liz
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