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  1. I can't answer your question about towing, but I will share that a couple weeks ago, I got a flat right on 95 in Philly (during rush hour) with 2 dogs in the car. I called AAA to come and fix the flat, but I had to get the dogs out of the car and stand on the side of the highway while he fixed it. It wasn't fun, and I had a deathgrip on their leashes, but we all survived.
  2. Check out the Greyhound Angels Facebook page- they're always posting events there! The Cool Dog event is posted in the events forum here, too. And if I remember correctly, we spoke about the traffic lead attached to Topper's leash. Maybe.
  3. Welcome from South Jersey! I met June (and you) at the picnic! Hope to see you Sunday at the Cool Dog Cafe!
  4. I'm friends with a local Petsmart trainer who is very dedicated to the profession. I asked her if she could do a greyhounds-only class for me and a few adopters, and she told me that as long as 4-6 people could attend, she'd do it. I put a call out on my group's facebook page to gauge interest and there was enough to do it, so she created a class on the schedule just for us! We're starting the class end of this month. If there's a trainer you like, maybe you could ask him/her if you could do the same.
  5. Idol was a beauty. This is one of my fav pics of her
  6. Had to bump this thread- Cole's snap test came back positive for Ehrlichia (we went though a whole treatment of doxy for it last Nov when he presented with dire symptoms. His platelets recovered beautifully, and I just got these results on Saturday as part of his annual). My vet mentioned the Doxy shortage, and that she would try another drug this time (I forgot to ask what it was). Has anyone been able to get a hold of any Doxy recently? If not, what do you think the best recommendation for other treatment is? I did ask her that if his platelets are good (being tested now) can't we just write off the test results as antibodies still present, and not exactly evidence of disease? She wasn't sure if that was the case whether to treat or not and is going to research it- I'm doing my research as well, and thgouht I'd start here. Thanks for any help, suggestions or experience any of you can offer! -Jen
  7. Update- I talked to my friend (the homeowner's sister). Turns out the snotty woman from yesterday is her niece- who has a history of being irresponsible with her 2 little dogs. She doesn't think they are neutered or trained. (No kidding) My friend was irate about what happened and the way her niece reacted- my friend knows my 2 greys' personalities very well (she's actually a dog trainer and Topper has graduated from her class) and was pissed to hear how I was trying to manage my two on leashes while fending off 4 unruly dogs. She's going to give her niece a "talking to" At least I feel better knowing that I wasn't in the wrong. I know I shouldn't care, but i do- thanks all for making me feel better too!
  8. Thanks for making me feel better. Now I'm worried about what's going to happen when I see the neighbor lady that I know. We've always been real friendly. She's actually the sister of one of my good friends, and often greets us when we walk by her house, sometimes with a biscuit for Topper (Cole won't go anywhere near her )
  9. So, I'm out walking my two big boys, one (Topper) who gets snarly when ill-mannered dogs charge up at him, and is high-prey, and the other, (Cole) who's scared of the world. We pass a neighbor's house- a woman who I'm friendly with who has 2 big dogs- a great dane who is leash aggressive and another hyperactive large breed mix. Our dogs don't interact because of this. As we're passing her house, out slips a jack russell and a boston terrier. A woman I didn't recognize was there- maybe she's dog-sitting. I start yelling "No- No" to get the other 2 dogs to go away and I make sure Topper's head is hear me and that Cole isn't so freaked out he snaps. I'm also yelling for the lady to get her dogs and that mine don't do well with strange dogs. As she comes to get them, she opens the gate, and you guessed it, the 2 large dogs get out and come rushing over! Yeah, so I panicked, and started yelling at the dogs (mostly "No") and for her to grab her dogs. She finally corrals them and gets them in the backyard, while giving me a dirty look and not saying anything to me. I couldn't help myself- I yell out- "Nothing to say???" And she replies, "They got out- you saw- it was an accident, I'm sorry" in a real snotty tone of voice. So I said, "I'm sorry- that's what I wanted to hear". Her reply? "If you weren't so dramatic it wouldn't be such a big deal". So I just turned around and headed home. What she doesn't know is that if this were anyone else's house, I would've had my spray out and those dogs would've gotten a faceful of citronella as they ran up to us. So, I guess my question is: How do you NOT panic when you're trying to control 2 dogs as 4 are rushing you?
  10. Poor Joppa! Glad to hear that outwardly, at least, she fells well! I have no advice for you, and can't help with the insurance issue, as I didn't have any when I went thru this with Cole.
  11. Please keep us updated on how Loch and Joppa are doing! My boy had an acute presentation of ehrlichia and was treated successfully with Doxy, but it was a scary time. Now I'm a little paranoid and will probably continue to have blood work done on him on a regular basis just to be safe (and hope for no recurrence.) I feel for both of you!
  12. Ha! I figured that. What's pretty funny, though, is that my newer guy, just kinda watches Topper while he's running around like crazy, and moves closer to the door so that I can let him inside. Cole is happy to just go lay down after a walk
  13. Just curious- I'll take my 7 year old male out for a long walk, so long that he's dragging by the end of it. We get back into my small fenced in yard, I take off his leash, and he proceeds to just go crazy doing zoomies for another 3-5 mins. So much so, that it takes him a half hour to stop panting once he finally decides to stop and come in. Is it because that even though the walk tires him out, it's a mellow kind of energy, and he needs to release energy at a higher level?
  14. Mine too- I call it the "Fall Crazies". As in- he's crazy, and he's driving me crazier
  15. Turkey hot dog, sliced into thin pieces, and microwaved just enough to make them not soft, but before they turn into too chewy jerky. MY guys love this!
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