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  1. My vet just prescribed it for Lucky to give daily. I give 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night. I can give up to 6 per day as needed for fireworks, vet visits, etc. Lucky had a dental last Wed and was totally flipping out. They gave him 2 pills when he first got to the clinic and 1 after he woke up after the dental. Did not have any effect on sedition. My vet said it works really well with greyhounds and he is using it more and more.
  2. Lucky started marking in the house Fall of 2012. Nov 2012- took him to the vet to make sure he didn't have a UTI, turns out he had a mass on his spleen that was leaking. 2 days later he had an emergency splenectomy. He was great for a few months, then started marking again. I was able to determine his triggers (mostly anxiety) and work on it. He was only marking maybe once a week. This past Wed, I took him in for a dental. He was totally freaked out, panting, sloppy, mess. Vet gave me trazodone and he calmed right now. I wasn't sure I believe it possible but it was true. I decided to keep giving him trazodone. I can give him up to 6 pills a day but right now I'm giving him 2 a day to start and see how he does. Today, I left him loose in the house to see if he'd mark. I went home at lunch and he had not so fingers crossed that it's working. Normally I baby gate him in the spare bedroom and he rarely marks in there. Anyone else giving trazodone? I'm starting Passion on it as well. It's such a cheap drug and if it helps, I'm going to keep giving it.
  3. Lucky has pretty bad anxiety. If he hears something that scares him (fireworks, car back firing, gun shots), he will do that your girl does. He won't stop shaking, pants, kinda drools. There's nothing I can do but try to comfort him and not make it a big deal. Thunder has seizures- what you described isn't what happens to him. Hope you can figure it out.
  4. I find that pork neck bones clean their teeth better.
  5. I agree 100%. Jen is my go to gal and in my eyes, she is a professional trainer.
  6. Thunder had 4 seizures last Wed. I've never noticed a pattern based on the moon before.
  7. The video made me cry. Thunder's seizures have never looked like that. Which just goes to show, that every dog and every seizure is different. Thunder had 4 last Wed in about 45 minutes. I did get a video. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151680958267583 He started on 300 mg zoni and then after 3 days, went down to 250mg. It stopped working after a few months. The test to check the zoni level was around $300. He is still on it because when we started to wean off, he clustered. We added PB and then in June added Keppra ER. Use Goodrx.com to check prices in your area. I was spending $200 a month on the 3 drugs and now I'm down to about $80 but the price of zoni and keppra are going up for some reason.
  8. Also, write down the plan of action and keep them around the house for quick access. Thunder had 4 seizures Wed night and I totally spaced out at first what I should do. I do not have anything written down (and still don't).
  9. I would find a kibble without rosemary extract in it. I switched Thunder to raw in July. He loves it and it's cheaper than kibble. He has not had a GM since June but we added Keppra ER and in Aug upped his PB.
  10. I decided not to bother with an MRI. They are $2500+ here and the outcome wouldn't change the treatment. Thunder is on 3 AED's now. His last GM was in June and 4 focals in Aug. He is 3 yrs old. Passion is on 1 and her last GM was June 2012. She is 11 yrs old. I've had to learn that there isn't a reason for their seizures although I keep trying to figure out triggers.
  11. I just changed Thunder's med time by 15 mins last night. I can't change his morning time much since I need to get to work so I'm hoping he doesn't have a seizure. He hasn't had a GM since June. Glad your boy didn't cluster- hope the time change doesn't mess him up. I would agree just changing to the hour is what I would have done.
  12. Why do you need to weigh your hound? I don't weigh mine- I just make sure I can see the last few ribs.
  13. Passion is 56 lbs. I started today giving 2 a day. She's been acting great lately so curious to see if lowering FF makes a difference.
  14. oops, I've been giving Passion 4 total a day.
  15. Check for UTI or could be spay incontinence
  16. Results in CREA is 1.6 woohoo BUN is slightly elevated 32 Otherwise blood work looks perfect.
  17. Thunder's CREA is high July 2012 it was 2.7 June 2013 down to 2.1 July 2013 up 2.2 Retested today- results on Monday I started him on RAW in July after the last test. He also is on 3 AED's for seizures. The most recently added in June was keppra xr. When he started that drug, he went from peeing 3-4 times a day to 1-2 times a day. He has always peed a river when he does go so I think he's peeing the same amount, just not as often. Today, took a urine sample. Vet said it was highly concentrated and concerned it's kidney failure. I did fast him and he did not drink any water this morning so not sure if that has anything to do with it. What experience do you have with kidney failure? I just can't bare to think about something else being wrong with him.
  18. Been using FF for almost 10 years- never had a problem with weight gain.
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