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Status Updates posted by Wonder

  1. I haven't stalked you in a while.

    How's work?

  2. I updated my profile just for you :)

  3. you checking my profile?

  4. empty your pm box :)

  5. is greyhound stalking

  6. Jeff finally picked a gender.

  7. I want a foo-foo drink

  8. Stalk....stalk

  9. You make the best F'ing tea ever!

  10. So glad we are friends!

  11. Is JD in a box there yet?

  12. Have you Dysoned today? It's the new yahoo.

  13. I thought I was a friend too but now I remember I have to allow you to be my friend.

  14. Thanks for all you do for the hounds. You ROCK!

  15. You are too on my friends list, page 2!!!!!!!!!!!

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