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  1. Today he would have been 16. I miss my boy - he was the perfect boy. Even after his 13th birthday, he was still active and happy, running around the yard. For 9 years, he was our fur baby...


    First day home:



    Snoozing with a little ETS:




    Look of love




    With his daddy -man




    Sleep well, my baby boy:



  2. Gosh what a happy pair they were! Looks like they were a lot of fun - Lulu must have been quite the little pistol...so glad you have those wonderful videos to supplement your memories. I am so sorry they both had to leave so close together. I can see them running around, together again....

  3. The bestest, mostest handsomest, sweetiest, loviest boy who ever was had to leave. Miss him every day with my heart and soul.


    His 12th birthday...



    Handsome boy!







    Max and his daddy-man...this is how I picture them together now at the Bridge




  4. To say I am sorry seems to inadequate but I truly am. I know the hurt in your heart; I wish there were words to help. Telling you time helps seems trite but it is the only thing. It doesn't go away but over time, it changes, becomes familiar. The love of Sadie and Roy will help too...and the love for Spudzilla and you from your friends here in GTland, too. It is the only defense against the pain; hold it close and it will help. Hugs...

  5. Robin, words fail me. I am so glad you were at the vet though, and not at home, when it happened. And that you were with her...hugs to you and Iker, my friend...


    That is my most favourite picture of a super photegenic girl. The sparkle in her eye, the little toofers - just as perfect as she was.


    Cancer is pure evil...

  6. Today would have been the 15th birthday of the most perfect houndie boy who ever was! Happy birthday to my bridge baby, Maxwell Smart! I hope you and the daddy-man have had a wonderful day together!


    This is a pic from his first weeks with us! His face was soooo red!





    A little more white on his face but even more beautiful!



    the most amazing eyes...





    Happy birthday, sweet boy!





    My boys...love you, miss you!




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