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  1. Thanks, OneOnly! Dont want to be without them.
  2. Sandy Paws takes place every March in Jekyll Island, Ga. When I lived in West Palm Beach, it was just a straight drive up I-95! It took all of 5 hours. That was it. I had two girls back then, and I had loads of fun. You should go next year. But it will be cool and windy, but beautiful.
  3. We sure could, La Flaca. That would be nice. Maybe I will see you at Sandy Paws in March?? Where are you located?
  4. That is wonderful La Flaca. I believe in that. In fact, I am working on another big miracle with the Law of Attraction - but need to work harder at that one. But the Greybabies, yes. I keep looking at their pictures (I printed them out) and calling their names in my house. I already have everything they need except very large crates. From having Greys for 25 years, I have EVERYTHING and more. LOL So thank you for posting that. I am all alone up here with no family or connections and single. These boys will be my loves and I will be able to devote all my love to them. I have a huge fenced in back yard when I bought the house so Sophie could run around in it - she died Thanksgiving. So the boys will be able to chase each other and have fun.
  5. I have acutally never had to wait. When I lived in South Florida, I was just a few minutes from about 3 adoption groups and was already volunteering. So when ever I wanted to adopt, I just showed up let the babies pick me out, filled out an application, (they already been to my house for events) and I wrote out a check the day I was ready, and took my babies right home with me. I have had Greys for 25 years. My last baby died last Thanksgiving. I just decided today after thiinking about it for a couple of months tha it is time to adopt again. So i made a phone call to one of my friends - again I have volunteered and been to a meet and greet - so I have a contact. So I am going to fill out an application for formalities and for their records (a very good requirement) and they will come to my house for a check over and chat with me, and then they will bring my babies to me. You will do fine and get your baby or babies when you get another - they are addictive. You will NEVER regret it. I will never be without one. I am in love with this breed. They boys are just as wonderful as the girls. But you want to get your house ready now for them. Also buy all the things they need now so when they come, all you ahve to do is concentrate on them. I actualy take a whole week off from work everytime new babies come to me to introduce them to my home, the routine, and me. I love these babies.!! And this forum is the very best place for advice, medical quesitons, scary questions, support, cyber hugs, and when the real world does not understand your becoming a Greyaholic, We WILL!!! Love and hugs..
  6. OK, if I can get out of a big committment tomorrow, I just called a group I have already been in touch with a long time ago in Chattanooga, TN. About 2.5 hours away. They are having a meet and greet at a Petsmart tomorrow. I found two boys on their website that will actually be there tomorrow for me to meet and see if they like me. Their foster parents live close enough to bring them. Good thoughts for me please. They are beautiful boys 3 and 3.5 years old. I already picked new names for them, but I know that is jumping the gun right now. I need to make sure they like me and take to me. I will see if they take to each other. I will try to get out of a previous committment. Stay tuned........
  7. Yes, I will post pictures, stories! I don't know exactly when. I need to find a good adoption group. I will say this, I LOVE dogs - all dogs - but my first loves are the Greybabies. I am totally in love with this breed. Knew it back in the earlye 90s when I first met one - a 3-legged boy who was full of life and turned my life around. I love dogs better than people!!! I really dont like many people at all. But dogs are much better than people in every way. We are the priveledged ones to have them in our lives. I will keep everyone posted. Pray and good thoughts that it happens soon.
  8. Hello All, I think I have been here for 11 or 12 years. I lost my last baby at Thanksgiving. I usually adopt again anywhere from 6 months to almost a year after my last baby leaves. Well, I am really feeling lonely and ready for Greybabies again. I have no one in the house, so I am about ready. I need to start looking at adoption groups. I adopt a minimum of two at first. I have had Greybabies for about 25 years and dont think I will ever be without them. I miss them so much. I have everything from beds, to raised bowls, to tooth paste with finger brushes, to shampoo and conditioners, to rain coats, to blankets, toys, muzzles, big orthopedic beds, and even left over chewies. The house is ready, but I want to get two new very large very large crates so when I am at work, they have lots of room to be in for the first couple of months. And my friend who comes in at lunch to take the babies out still has my house key and is ready too. LOLOL I am getting excited. ANy good wishes for me are welcome and appreciated.
  9. LOL looks like the dead doll could be in the movie, Hannibal. LOL I love your cutie spinning. My Bella used to love to spin. I miss her. Well, good luck this Christmas!
  10. Thank you for adding my Sophie. Run free dear Sophie - you were a perfect Greyhound and now you are a perfect Greyangel.
  11. I am so very sorry for your loss. I just lost my baby too right before Thanksgiving, and am hurting so much. Hugs to you!! There are no words to describe the hurt of such a sudden loss. My baby had symptoms (another disease) and was gone in a couple of days. About 5 of my Greybabies in the 25 years I have had them, have died of exotic, unexplainable, and sudden sicknesses and deaths. And all under 9 years of age. It is so so sad and tears your heart out. The others I had lost over the years died of explaniable things that I had a chance to say good bye. I am praying for you. Be comforted by us here in your Grey family. That is where I always come. Run free sweet baby.
  12. Well I have had Greybabies for 24 years. I will let myself grieve for her, and then I want more. I will do like I have always done, gotten two at a time. I have always had two. I don't know what life would be lifke without my Greybabies. Thank you for your kindness. Yes, being single is tough when losing your one and only baby. Last night I thought I heard her whining to get in from outside. And this morning I woke up early and was thinking that I had to let her out. Very sad.
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