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  1. I agree about asking your vet. Also FYI, see this link for results of a 2010 survey regarding heartworm prevalence in Canada. The survey indicates that HW infection rates are highest in southern Ontario, southern Manitoba, and southern Quebec, although cases have been reported in other regions. As you probably know, heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos, so the risk of infection is low during the winter months in very cold climates. But keep in mind that a dog who has been bitten by a heartworm-carrying mosquito won't test positive for heartworm or show any symptoms until at least 6 months
  2. Re collar width, it's true that the max collar width for the Tagg tracker is 1". Our hounds have 1" flat (i.e., not martingale) tag collars that they wear 24/7; their engraved ID tags fit onto these, and their licenses, rabies tags, etc are easily attached via a clip. Leashes are never attached to the tag collars, but only to their martingales (1.5" here too), which go on for walks. Several vendors sell nice 1" tag collars. We have velvet ones from 2hounds and microfiber ones from Aid4Greys. (Unfortunately one of the few drawbacks to the Tagg trackers has been that our pups rarely wear the
  3. Tagg trackers here, too. We bought the first unit, complete with base station, from Amazon as racindog said, then ordered the 'add-a-pet' second tracker directly from Tagg. Monthly service is about $8 for the first dog, $1 for each additional dog. So far we have been very happy with them. If you search for 'Tagg' on GT you'll pull up the previous threads which have some additional helpful info .
  4. We are fortunate to have a greyhound specialty training class here, but ITA with Sambuca - all that's really important is that you find a trainer who uses only positive reinforcement methods, and ideally one with experience training sighthounds. The latter is helpful because in general sighthounds are more 'independent-minded' than e.g. herding or sporting dogs. IMO it's this independent nature that results in their getting bored easily with repetitive training requests - once they've shown you they get it, they're done!
  5. Both of ours roo, though I think we'd had our girl for several months before she joined in. For whatever reason, though they'll often roo if we or other dogs start it, the one thing that's guaranteed to get Merlin going is if one of his humans starts singing (an actual song). He immediately comes running to add his voice to the chorus, which gets Mina started too. Then the humans switch from singing to roo-ing. We probably have a family sing-along like this at least once a week - pretty sure the neighbors think we're .
  6. I too have followed your journey with Sam, especially recently. Thank you for sharing it, and your lovely tribute, with all of us. I am so very sorry for your loss. Rest well, Sam.
  7. Tony, we are thinking of you and are so very sorry for your loss. Rest well, sweet Zero. You will be missed. -Michele, Matt, Merlin, and Mina
  8. Lots of great advice above . Re training, I wanted to mention that there is a 4-week Greyhound-only training class, starting July 27 at the Especially for Pets in Westborough, MA. See "Greyhound Specialty" near the bottom of this page. Quite a few greater Boston-area folks (including me) have taken this class with their hounds and found it helpful.
  9. Best thoughts for our buddy Robin and for you too, Cathy - hope he's back to his spunky self very soon!
  10. Wow indeed - your pups *do* like to challenge the vets, don't they ? Very glad to hear it doesn't seem to be too serious and should resolve on its own. Scritches to our buddy Tucker!
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a lovely tribute to your special boy - thank you for sharing him with us. Rest well, Spencer.
  12. Pretty sure you can get manuka honey at Whole Foods. Love & scritches to our buddy Robin!
  13. Re my post above - seems the only connection that's working for me today is wifi. I just switched the iPad to 3G, got the 503 again.
  14. 503 errors on MacBook pro w/both safari and firefox, unable to connect. Seems ok on iPad (all on corp network). ETA - interesting...my office MBP connection is normally wired, iPad wireless obviously, both on secure network. I switched the MBP from wired to wifi (physically unplugged the cable, logged into secure wifi) and voila - access to GT restored. Reverted to Ethernet connection & 503 errors returned.
  15. So glad to see that Tempo is home! Hope his recovery is speedy and uneventful . Also wanted to throw out a note about the ortho beds - YMMV but my (4-legged) pups seem to find it harder to get up from the solid memory foam bed . (And they also prefer the cheap Costco beds to any others we have purchased!)
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