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  1. Gabriel August 14th 2002-June 7th 2014
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure in time Queen will send you a wonderful new companion.
  3. My first greyhound Chelsea was blind in one eye. I never noticed it when I picked her out at the kennel and it would not have mattered to me anyway. When introducing her to my neighbor he asked me what was wrong with her eye, the next day at her vet visit my vet felt that a corneal tear had caused her blindness. She went on to be a therapy dog and enjoy all the things that other dog did. Best wishes for both you and your sweet dog.
  4. OMG, you got Sweetie! I was so hoping someone could take her. Boy did she land in a pot of jam coming home with you. She's just beautiful!
  5. Jan, I'm so deeply sorry. It takes a very special person to do the bravest of things by taking an older dog into your home and heart. Truly the old souls have so much to teach us in the short time they are with us. Our hearts are with you! Ruth, Gabriel and Heidi
  6. Gabriel just got home from the vet a few hours ago. He has lost two nails on his own and had three removed today, two that were hanging off and one that had split and was still attached. My vet did not do a biopsy but we believe it is SLO and are treating as such. My vet has been great and takes the holistic approach with fish oil, niacinamide, biotin and we are doing a round of Doxy. I'm lucky enough to have a vet that gives me a huge break financially. Doesn't hurt that he loves greyhounds.
  7. Gabriel was just diagnosed with SLO in December. He is on Doxy, niacinamide, fish oil, biotin and Vitamin E. After the Doxy is finished I will keep him on the vitamins, fish oil etc. My vet prescribed tramadol for the pain if needed. He's lost 2 nails and broke off a dew claw that had to be removed under anesthesia. Yesterday he broke off the other dew claw, the bleeding stopped but he'll have to be seen by the vet tomorrow. I feel so bad for him and the snow and the cold don't help.
  8. Prayers for both of you as well as the surgical team.
  9. Heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your beautiful girl. I know her story well, I had the pleasure of certifying Penny's sister McKenzie as a therapy dog. McKenzie served our patients for ten years. I often heard her mom talk about your beautiful girl. You gave her a home every dog wishes for. Ruth
  10. Going to Aldi's this morning for my baking supplies.
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