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  1. we had two cats when our girl arrived, she was 8, the boy cat was a afraid but the girl cat tolerated the "greeting in the usual manner" the boy cat would roll and rum all over queens bed when she went to bed. Conrad took over dog duties and we had a new cat, she became fast friends and even groomed him, the boy cat had died but the other girl cat still accepted greetings from the dog, arrived at 8 years old. BISBEE has now taken over dog duties and is only 4 but button and Bisbee and button are fast friends. Queen had a high prey drive to rabbits, squirrels and outdoor cats, but waited until they entered the yard, then chased CONRAD was the the same, but did not wait she kept them out or chased them down Bisbee well she barks at them all three came cat safe but it may be partly the cats in question too
  2. a ram van with a handicap lift... oh wait that was for me, the dogs just get to us it. :ghplaybow
  3. i was thinking of trying "hair growth for men, and women too" :beatheart
  4. amazon has American shakey cheese, good for mac n cheese too
  5. my new girl Bisbee has the dark hairless patches on her butt. once in fluffy beds does it grow back?
  6. Bisbee had a LOT of head tilting, of course when watching live pd she barks at the TV
  7. my girl Bisbee turns her nose up at flying bugs in the house... she told that what HER cat is for
  8. when attending the solvang greytfest a vendor sold dried lung bits. does anyone remember the vendor, or another vendor ? she called it doggie crack
  9. Thank you all, Queen chased squirrels, Conrad CAUGHT squirrels and BISBEE ah... barks and Roos at them. As for her name, one of the staff members helped with the deliveries of all her pups ( last was difficult) and had visited the GHOST TOWN of Bisbee and she renamed her. Hemopet usually keeps the track name and lets the new owner deal with the name. I suspect, having a litter made her a Hemopet vavorite, l do think they may have changed her brothers name too, he is the same coloring and named Mason.
  10. My boy Conrad had a Hugh mass in his pelvic area and they also found spots on his lungs ( had computer issues and health issues so l have been off the ebil compewter ) at any rate my DW ORDERED me to get to Hemopet and start looking. So time to introduce BISBEE ( formally mitey Exacta) she never raced and was a broody for a very short time, she is four years old. She arrived at Hemopet with her brother ... well and delivered a liter of pure greyhound puppies! They did not last long, several staff members grabbed them up😱😂 She is a barker and and she Roos. Is a fawn, and a total love
  11. oh you betchum Red Ryder. Have 3 local grand kids and he is SO good around them. I am trying to get my vet to write a letter declaring ME the emotional support of Conrad....
  12. so my boy thinks I can escape from the bathroom without him seeing me. He thinks I have a time portal, transporter unit, star gate or even Peabody's way-back machine well GOT YA... I went in to the bathroom, and DW threw him out for his morning before breakfast wizz poop and finding the freshest rabbit pellets. I finished had headed to our man cave to make his breakfast { dry kibble with lots of water...SHAKEN NOT STIRRED} and he came in and FREAKED out since I was NO WHERE to be found he also starts chattering when I put on my big boy pants, he does NOT care where we go as long as he is going too.
  13. face him and raise your knee so he bumps into the knee while saying NO
  14. well that sounds like my CONRAD, he walked around the rescue like EYEORE, and my DW was afraid he had been abused. ALL the kids working there said he came to them like that. He is A larger black boy and after his time at blood donor he just did not strike any ones fancy. Well until I showed up, again, like my dear departed Queen, he walked with my wheelie chair PERFECTLY. for a few weeks he would go out side with me, do his bidness, then curl up in the outside bed until time to go in. He then buried himself in the inside bed. after a month or so, HE decided he was NOT going to sleep in his crate at night. I realized this when my DW dragged the bed into the bedroom and dropped him off. NOW, if the controller on my wheelie chair clicks he is right at my side. when I put on my big boy pants he makes sure he "helps" me with the pants. I am going to have the vet write a letter making ME his emotional support pet so we can travel easier
  15. Conrad is allergic to almost everything, so his kibble is limited to Lamb and oats. He gets a couple of cups of kibble and water poured over until they start to float. SHAKEN not STIRRED and he will NOT eat soft kibble
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