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  1. Oh no! No advice but sending healing thoughts for Larry. Riley had his own toe issue this month with a fracture. After a week in a splint plus codeine and Metacam continuing into next month he's back to his silly self this week. His foot still looks a little wonky but he's much improved. Hope Larry heals quickly. Manuka honey isn't the only healing honey. We used a local unprocessed honey on a leg wound with success in the past.
  2. Love the pictures. He looks like he was quite the character. Hugs to you and Bruce. I didn't realize you had just lost him when we met you last year after the Ryder Cup. So sad. Kathy
  3. Holy cow, what a horrible experience for all of you! Glad Larry is okay.
  4. Dozer is a half brother to our Brogan (Cold B Brogan). If he's anything like her, he is a delight. She took a little while to house break, and she's got a high prey drive, so she keeps us on our toes, but she has such a personality we are glad we have figured out her needs and no longer have problems with her. GreyTalk is a grey source of ideas and knowledge to help folks that are new to the breed (like we were) to get to that happy home environment faster. Brogan says "Hi little brother, welcome to the forum. You look just like me, when I was your age. Keep perfecting the cookie eyes, you can get just about anything you what from your people with just the right look"
  5. Welcome from Winnipeg! I don't know of any Greytalkers specifically from Brandon, but you might want to touch base with Michaela from Hi-speed Hounds (www.hispeedhounds.com) since she has placed over 150 dogs in the province over the last few years. Greytalker Jackandgrey has placed a few greyhounds around the province as well. Maybe either of those folks know of someone else with greys in the Brandon area.
  6. Brogan was stung by something a few years back. I had taken Riley & Brogan for a run in the grassed in hockey rink nearby so they had muzzles on. She didn't react when she was stung, but when I was loading them in the car and removing her muzzle I noticed her face had swollen up twice it's normal size. It was frightening. It had happened so fast - and her eyes were starting to swell shut. I had heard benadryl was appropriate for allergic reactions, so I raced home and gave her one and called the vet to see if I could bring her in right away, and fortunately our vet was still in her office and available. The vet confirmed that was the right thing to do, but cautioned that you need to take care the version of benadryl you give to them only has the antihistamine - not anything extra that might harm them. Her face took a few hours to go back to normal. We now have a supply of "the right kind" of benardyl in reserve for just such emergencies. Kisses to Ruby Feel better soon.
  7. This worked for a similar injury on Riley - it healed up nicely and you can hardly notice it unless you back-comb him to reveal the small patch where his fur hasn't yet grown back. That's unfortunate - we were very lucky with Riley - even though he likes to lick our carpets, he didn't bother this injury or his more serious one on his leg which involved stitches. Perhaps a muzzle (on both of them since Kota thinks it's yummy too!). Strategically placed duct tape works if you don't have a poop guard. Heal fast Argos!
  8. Oh no, how terrible. Sorry for your sudden loss.
  9. Lovely tributes to your sweet girl. Sorry for you loss.
  10. Such a personality he had! So sorry for your loss.
  11. gryhnd2


    So sorry for your loss. He was absolutely stunning. I've enjoyed your pictures over the years. The beach photo with Jabari and Puzzle is one of my favorites. Run free Riley.
  12. And actually, the pictures look worse than it looked in person. I think it's healing nicely, and he's being such a good boy ignoring the bandage.
  13. from Winnipeg. You'll find lots of good information here when you need it. As for posting pictures here's a start: http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/121707-how-to-post-a-picture/ We love pictures here so I hope you can post them soon.
  14. Sorry for the loss of your sweet polka dotty ears boy. He'll be missed.
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