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  1. My son and I have gone along with Tom on one of the trips. We also met Manuel. You can tell Manuel really loves and takes care of the dogs in the retirement kennel. "Retirement Day" with Fast Friends was a really rewarding experience for us.
  2. We were lucky, ours was immediately housebroken. The first time he spotted our couch, he tried to claim it. We said "no" and took him outside. He never tried to mark again. When he has to go out, he goes to the door and gives a little whine, or if we don't hear him, he will bark at the door to the back yard. In the three years he has lived with us, Jake has had a total of 1 accident in the house when someone shut the door to the gameroom and forgot he was there.
  3. Our Jake seems to hyperventilate when he sees the high value treats. It sounds like a little wheeze as he huffs and puffs until he gets it.
  4. It looks like the south end of a north-bound white tail deer to me. Maybe someone got a mouthful of tail during a chase?
  5. Friends of mine have a greyhound named Dennis Eckersley. He also goes by the name Dennis the Menace.
  6. My grey, Jake, stretches every time he gets up. He then follows that with a full body shake. If you are too close, you get ear-whipped. The ear flapping sound is what usually signals me in the morning that it is time to go out.
  7. Merry Christmas to you, too. I have just recently joined and I mostly lurk, but I have gotten great information regarding our new grey. Thank you so much for all that you do.
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