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  1. Aw, Ambi is so cute and doesn't look thrilled to be in these pictures....although I must say, I think he's better endowed than Uri! lol I'm a pretty handy sewer, so I think I need to add a contoured back flap onto the ones I got, or maybe try the Vet's Best one from Amazon, so something can reach back a bit more between his legs. Thank you very much for the offer though!
  2. Thanks all for the input! I tried on his sister's girl diapers but they fall/press back right on the tip of his weenie and I think that's probably not healthy. I don't mind continually washing his bedding and it's not really enough to make it like he's sleeping in a puddle. Most of the pee ends up on his belly or the inside of his thighs, depending on how he is laying. So my goal is mostly to wick the urine away from his skin so it's not irritating him (and also requiring constant bathing). That picture of the Vet's Best belly band is interesting - it looks like it reaches back behind the waist on the underside. I think that's what I need - the ones I have are a straight rectangle, but if they had a little flap that went backwards a bit on his underside, that might help. Maybe I can sew one on to help keep him covered.
  3. Uri, age 13, has started leaking urine - not full accidents, just leakage when he sleeps. We're trying to manage it with Leaks No More drops and going outdoors every 3 hours for a pee, but overnights or longer stints, he still leaks. So we got a belly band and tried it yesterday and overnight for the first time. Sadly -- and he's mortified of course that I'm sharing this publicly -- it seems that Uri's penis is not long enough to stay inside the band! I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if I'm not putting it on him properly. When I wrap it around his waist, sliding it as far back towards his rear as his legs will allow, the tip of his penis is barely enclosed, and after a bit of moving around, it pops right out. This happens no matter how I adjust the snugness on the band. Basically I feel like the band can't be slid any further backwards on him, yet it just can't hold the tip in. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. My `13-year-old male has started leaking urine when in a deep sleep. We had his urine tested, no infection, and it is likely age-related. The vet has suggested Proin. I know that many people have great success with Proin, but then I have read the few horror stories that are enough to keep me up at night. With my girl, we use DES instead, but now for my boy, that's not an option. I am curious if anyone has had success for a male with something other than Proin?
  5. "Dear Mama" A Poem by Uri, Age 13 (best read out loud) Dear Mama, you know, I have no ill intention, But last night, I fear, does deserve one more mention. You know, 'cause you love me, that as I get older My bowels have loosened and gotten much bolder. Each night before bed, as we head towards the road, I not only pee, but I lighten my load. From our former routine, this is quite a departure... But you don't seem to mind, we just go a bit farther. About my new need for a pre-slumber poop, It seems dear old Dad was not kept in the loop. Last night it was he, took me out 'stead of you. We turned 'round after 1 without doing a 2. Because my last outing was cut sadly short, That urge in the wee hours, I could not abort. And while visions of sugarplums danced in your head, I'm sorry, dear Mama, I pooped in my bed.
  6. Almost-13-year-old Uri's feet have been bleeding - after finding dots of blood everywhere for a few weeks, it took me a while to trace it to which dog and where. He has pink raw spots on his feet, on the outer toes, behind and above the pads (so not right on the pad). They open up and are bloody after he walks, then settle down, but stay raw, then repeat at the next walk. He has arthritis and is on meds, I have noticed he is limping worse but I don't know if it's a chicken or the egg thing - is he limping, and a change in gait is causing the outer toes to drag? Or is there some reason he has these wounds and the pain from them is making him limp? I'm trying to care for them - ointments, maunka honey, bandaids, socks, but not much is helping. Has anyone seen wounds like this before? Occurring symmetrically? I wish there was a way I could help them heal and not re-open without a vet visit. As he ages and gets more anxious, vet visits become more and more traumatic for him.
  7. Without her front teeth, Doris does a lot more drooling these days....
  8. Thanks! It was so fun to put side by side. Wow, that sounds like a miracle with Buck! It took weeks for Uri to learn. I thought I was going to be stuck carrying him up and down for eternity and was grateful he was a tiny boy (64 lbs).
  9. Aw, thanks! We had fun figuring out how to film it and put it together. The cat was an unexpected fluke. I do worry as they get older that they'll get hurt on the stairs. Uri (12) has stumbled a few times, but he's going slow enough that it's not a big deal. Doris (10) still seems pretty solid. We've got a baby gate on hand if we need to start policing them. Uri actually seems to have a harder time with the 3 steps to our porch - he psyches himself out and can't seem to figure them out unless he gets the correct approach.
  10. You know what else is friggin adorable? Uri often farts on his way up. I am usually walking behind him and it is the. cutest. thing. Just slow and steady, one foot in front of the other, pushes it out, I guess. Like a little burst of fuel. Love him.
  11. Uri has increasing arthritis and it has definitely changed the way he approaches stairs, combined with his general nervous-nelly personality. Our stairs are steep and narrow, and I think he's had some slip ups, so sometimes it takes him a while to get his nerve up at the bottom. He has to start with just the right foot, so if he approaches wrong or without the right momentum, I'll find him pacing at the bottom. If I walk up alongside him, it seems to help him get his rhythm back.
  12. We got a good chuckle over the kitty. She's super shy too, and now she's on YouTube forever.
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