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  1. no changes in WBC is AM 3rd day of steroids ( 5-7 days normal for response.) . His rear right leg has swollen more . He took some boiled chicken. When returning to kennel a few fresh spots of blood were on the floor. Only holding on because of the spark in his eyes and vet said yesterday he has 85% chance recovery
  2. yes platelets at 1,000 I so tired, I just put my coffee cup in the fridge
  3. out of intensive and off IV, WBC is 1,000. on steroids and wanting counts to be over 50,000 before attempting to go home, maybe Fri Xrays and sonograms clear. only coming up with immune issue. Vet gives 85% recovery. ruled out TBD, recent vaccinations, environmental, poisoning. doing blood work again later today
  4. green bag, proactive health. 2 choices small or large kibble.
  5. 7yo is in ER on IV very low WBC (for a grey) blotchy red spotting on belly and had red eyes. BP elevated Tested for TBD-neg can't figure out what's happening. Eating and doing same as the sister.
  6. The Memorial Service info is posted on the GoldCoast FaceBook page.. Well behaved hounds are welcome,also
  7. Yup Iams X4 2 Greys, 1 Dalmatian and 1 Stand Poo
  8. So sorry for your Harry. My good friend has Atascocita Dodd (same Mom & Dad) but 2006 litter has C and opted for left rear amp and just completed 3 rounds of Chemo and doing well.
  9. If the rescue group had blood tests done at time of adoption in Jan 2014, you should be able to pickup heartworm meds from him IF no lapse in time. Our group sends out reminders to at least all foster homes and recent adoptions. Our group issues liquid Ivermectin for foster home to administer (very clear instruction on dosage) monthly.
  10. I get the blood test 1 time a year and purchase with out a script from Petshed.com
  11. I do home visits and find the fenced yards a big issue. Locking gates is very important,especially if they are not used daily. Meter readers, lawn service and others enter yards ,take equipment out and leave the gates swinging in the wind. If I have people over for dinner parties or holidays, I lock doors and put a large sign on the inside and outside that owner must be present if door opens. ( I have the key!) I have failed myself by leaving the gate loose when taking a ladder to the front yard. I looked across the street and saw my foster sitting on their porch licking their Jack O Lantern. Also loading/unloading in vehicles is a top priority . Side door is better to control access to the collar. Open a tailgate and of course it's off to the races.
  12. Holy cow. 5ml bottle of prednesolone acetate ophthalmic suspension just went from $16 to $90
  13. I almost think you are on to something. All the inbreeding ,when a dog is known to have credit to 10,000 kids! My springer lived a good life up to 17, my Dalmatian lived to 15 and my cat went to 26! I don't think my AKC show English Springer has a vial in a freezer somewhere . My sister ,who never owned a dog shakes her head and said what atracks you to that "hot house" breed. All I say is love and soul full eyes.
  14. Awe Venus. A fellow board member has the sister Mira and the daddy Leroy ( a stately black gentleman) as pets
  15. Not for a grey (yet) but my 8yo Standard Poodle has been spotting during a long sleep or bouncing off the sofa. She is on 1mg Stibesterol and in the test dosage period. She is 50 #.She went for 5 days and then she leaked, 3 or 4 days may be the number. She was checked for UTI twice, 1st test came back bacteria and white cells. after antibiotics she still spotted. Vet says older female who may had puppies can have bladder leaking. This was also the case with our 14yo female Dalmatian years ago. Dalmatian was taking PPA (phenylpropanal?) stuff that was in Sudafed!
  16. Stormy ran through the house and caught his front toes in the binding of the area rug. The rug sliced through the web and I did not see a lot of blood. I sprayed antibiotic and let it go. 2 weeks passed and time for vaccines and checkup.Dr looked at toes and found a nice puss infection. He washed ,put something like a yellow salve and wrapped the foot. Antibiotics ordered It did take a couple weeks to heal, but no stitches
  17. My experience with dogs parks . I did muzzle the aggressive guy but never returned after the first fight. I then bought insurance.
  18. I use Adams, but wash my hands after rubbing it dogs.
  19. Here in West Coast Florida we spray legs and feet when going in parks or shell/sand alleyways. Most of the year we are on Comfortis but once in a while Advantix comes out if ticks pop up
  20. In your dirty laundry. Hope you hear them in the dryer! Been there ,done it
  21. I do, I do. Well Kevin and I turn 60 in December. lol, Dr suggests limiting beer at night. No help here, I'd check UTI
  22. Well I didn't dodge that bullet this week . My foster thought that dropped sock from the laundry was HIS. After $500.00 and counting most of an ear will be saved on my senior boy. Leather treats have not been here for years, when they get( soggy and GOOD)they can lodge in the throat and be a real scare.
  23. Put the toysm away! My last foster , who returned to the kennels today (sad Day)could not share toys bones, sox, or anything he took ownership. My longest foster now for 7 months did not work out. He ripped the ear on my Dalmatian several months ago and the attack for no reason to the neck was uncalled for. He then punctured my hand while grabbing an ice cube. He was always kenneled at night and days if we left for errands. The last straw was this week when he started a fight with my senior grey and bit a large chunk out the ear. He was a Velcro boy to top it off and showed teeth if any of the others needed my attention. It was a sad ride back to the kennels where he had stayed for over a year due to "EXUBERANCE" is how he was labeled. I fear if the right person won't take him on he may be destroyed. I'm not a newbie after 20 fosters by now, but this one was my Waterloo. So odd he never messed with my female Standard Poodle
  24. Stormy went first thing and His vet opened up gauze and gagged. He cleaned up and redressed and vet wrapped and asked us to come back Fri at 7 for the surgeon to clean up rip and have teeth done at the same time. I feel bad that the foster will be going back to kennel life after having him 7 months. He is just 4 and beautiful but I know he never raced and lived in kennel life for 1 year and now goes back. Trying not to put human emotions on the picture. He ripped the ears on my Dalmatian and now chewed a chunk off my Stormy's ear. He has been foster number 18. Yes, I am gun shy now.
  25. My 10yo was having a nice birthday party until the foster got jealous over toys and attacked the old guy. He bit dine size off the tip of the ear and I had a blood bath. I pressed with towels and when he shook his head, everything broke loose so off to the ER. Dr remembers him from another time stitches were needed on a late Sunday from another foster bite. Records showed he did not do well on gas so she wants to give propafal and repair jagged laceration. I did not feel good about being there,so she cleaned, gave ampicillin and Buprenex for pain and I went home to see our Dr in AM. He has not laid down for 4 hours and is hyper, drooling and can't get comfortable. It's going to be a long night
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