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  1. BeBe is gorgeous! I love the black hounds.
  2. Here's what I have tried: -Double sided dog brush: found it too hard to use -long handle dog brush with bent handle: actually found the bent handle awkward to use. -finger brush: I love and trust my girls but still don't want my finger in their mouth. Also I don't feel like this cleans as well as a regular brush. -Human kids toothbrush: too small for their mouths -Human adult toothbrush: my favorite, even for my small 50lb girl What features would I like to have: human adult toothbrush with a thicker handle for easier holding But.. I will be honest and say I wouldn't spend much
  3. I brush my girls' teeth every day. I haven't found a dog toothbrush that I actually like. My 2 greyhounds each get a new toothbrush every 6 months when we go to the dentist. My husband and I use electric toothbrushes on ourselves, so we give the new soft bristle toothbrushes from the dentist to the dogs. Each dog has their own toothbrush for hygiene reasons. The adult size, soft bristle human toothbrushes work for me. Good luck with your search!
  4. My newest girl is "RJ Have I Told U." Could you give me any info on her career? Thank you! Her ear was tattooed incorrectly. It should be 64619, but it shows as 6461. Other ear is 84E DOB 8/6/14 Side note: She's missing part of her ear and has some big scars that appear to be bite marks. My guess would be she got into a dog fight at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if she was. She's tiny, but bumps and pushes other greyhounds in the yard. She plays extremely rough.
  5. Betty is very independent and doesn't really interact with most dogs. She gets excited to see a greyhound, but once the introduction sniffies are over she goes off to do her own thing. At playgroups you can find her off on the side just stiffing or prancing alone. As we expected, Betty is treating Hannah much the same way. Betty has play bowed Hannah a couple of times, but mostly just ignores her. Hannah follows Betty around and Betty tolerates that very well. They are doing great together. Hannah is already keeping things lively. She decided to chew on our TV stand while we were
  6. I made the polka dot martingale. The black buckle collar holds her Whistle GPS tracker. Thanks everyone She is settling in better than we could have imagined. We love our bookends (you can see the size difference here)
  7. We have been toying with the idea of getting a second greyhound for a while. We haven't had two since we lost our first greyhound, Heidi, in June 2013. I loved Heidi with all my heart and still miss her every day, but she was not an easy dog to live with. She was our first greyhound and was a borderline spook. Her fears ruled her world and we never found anything, other than time, to calm her when she went into a panic attack. Betty became an only dog when we lost Heidi and Betty did just fine as an only. She loved life and didn't appear to miss having a sibling. It was us humans who st
  8. Yes Betty had very loose poops while infected. She didn't have solid poops until she was clear for a month or so. Thankfully, once clear, she has had the most amazing poops (5+ years)!
  9. It took us a year to finally get a negative test. We finally cured hooks by doing Strongid-T 5 days in a row, wait 3 weeks, another 5 days, wait 3 weeks, another 5 days, retest after 3 weeks (so 3 rounds of 5 days). Then we retested monthly for 3 months and and then at 6 months. Thankfully our other greyhound was on a heartworm that also prevented hooks so she never got then. We also scooped poop immediately. I think scooping immediately and winter finally coming helped keep her from being reinfected. They are persistent little buggers!
  10. My first greyhound had reactions to the Lepto shot. She was lathargic and acted like she wasn't feeling well. It lasted 48 hours or so. I hope your pup is feeling better soon.
  11. Betty has been on Bravecto for a year. She gets Sentinel for heartworm prevention. I could have switched to heartguard, but the Sentinel works for her and she has been on it for years so I don't really want to switch. I do give Bravecto a week or two separate from the Sentinel. She's never had a reaction to Bravecto and I know for sure it works. She got a tick on her last year and we found it on her hours later (after I picked her up from the sitter). It had bitten her, but was flat and dead. It didn't have a chance to suck anything out of her or put anything into her. It was just t
  12. I'm happy she peed! My Heidi held get bladder for over 30 hours because it was raining and she didn't like the rain. We went to the vet thinking she had another UTI. All was fine and they laughed when she peed on their dry lawn while I was writing a check. We try not to let them go that long, but you can't force them to go if they don't want to.
  13. Poultry is the favorite here. Betty backs away from beef flavor and just tolerates vanilla mint. She comes running for the poultry flavor.
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