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  1. BeBe is gorgeous! I love the black hounds.
  2. We were there yesterday too! We may have seen you. My girls were the tiny black one with the pink birthday girl collar and my now mostly gray almost-10-year-old who leaned on everyone. We adopted Hannah from Fast Friends in December. This was our 3rd greyhound from the 3rd adoption agency. I have nothing against any of the agencies we went though before, but Fast Friends was by far the best experience. The facility is clean, staff is super friendly and they genuinely care about each animal. I will go back to them next time we are looking for another hound.
  3. My experience is with a spooky, tiny greyhound, but I wouldn't hesitate to do the same with a smallish mutt. We have used a Freedom Harness from 2houndsdesign with a Martingale collar. We connected the two with a caribiner and extra leash buckle. Here are some pics of her red collar/harness for reference.
  4. Here's what I have tried: -Double sided dog brush: found it too hard to use -long handle dog brush with bent handle: actually found the bent handle awkward to use. -finger brush: I love and trust my girls but still don't want my finger in their mouth. Also I don't feel like this cleans as well as a regular brush. -Human kids toothbrush: too small for their mouths -Human adult toothbrush: my favorite, even for my small 50lb girl What features would I like to have: human adult toothbrush with a thicker handle for easier holding But.. I will be honest and say I wouldn't spend much money on a toothbrush. I use the giveaway ones from my dentist, so I don't see myself as spending the money on one even if it was an amazing design. My money tends to go toward toys, cold weather gear (jackets, jammies) beds and treats.
  5. I brush my girls' teeth every day. I haven't found a dog toothbrush that I actually like. My 2 greyhounds each get a new toothbrush every 6 months when we go to the dentist. My husband and I use electric toothbrushes on ourselves, so we give the new soft bristle toothbrushes from the dentist to the dogs. Each dog has their own toothbrush for hygiene reasons. The adult size, soft bristle human toothbrushes work for me. Good luck with your search!
  6. I think it depends on the individual dog. Here are a couple of black greyhounds in my life. My Betty in 2010 (3-years-old) and last fall (9-years-old). Betty is now almost all white on her face and head. The rest of her is very gray, to the point where people ask if she is a blue. My friend's Jack, who is 4 days older than Betty. He has some gray around his face, but the rest of him is still black. (he looks concerned in the new pic becuase the kitty was drinking his water ) And because I'm posting pictures. Two pics of my current girls taken in the past month. Betty (9-years-old) and my newest gh Hannah (2-years-old) In their No Nude Hounds winter coats First ride Daddy's new truck I agree with this 100%. They just get more beautiful with age.
  7. Thank you for your help with these. RJ Have I Told U http://greyhound-data.com/d?d=RJ+Have+i+told+u&x=0&y=0 Adopted owner: Christine and Jeromy Washington RJ Have I Told U was adopted on 12/6/16 and renamed Hannah. Hannah loves car rides, napping, walking on the beach, and being with her people. Nitro Ugly Betty http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=jziOZH&d=nitro+ugly+betty&x=37&y=10 Adopted owner: Christine and Jeromy Washington Betty was adopted on 12/19/10. Betty loves car rides, walking on the beach, cookies, and being with her people. Sendahl Eve http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=Sendahl+Eve&x=28&y=8 Adopted owner: Christine and Jeromy Washington Sendahl Eve was adopted on 12/20/08 and renamed Heidi. Heidi loved cookies, car rides, digging holes, and being with her people. Heidi passed away 6/19/13 due to Lymphangiectasia.
  8. My newest girl is "RJ Have I Told U." Could you give me any info on her career? Thank you! Her ear was tattooed incorrectly. It should be 64619, but it shows as 6461. Other ear is 84E DOB 8/6/14 Side note: She's missing part of her ear and has some big scars that appear to be bite marks. My guess would be she got into a dog fight at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if she was. She's tiny, but bumps and pushes other greyhounds in the yard. She plays extremely rough.
  9. Betty is very independent and doesn't really interact with most dogs. She gets excited to see a greyhound, but once the introduction sniffies are over she goes off to do her own thing. At playgroups you can find her off on the side just stiffing or prancing alone. As we expected, Betty is treating Hannah much the same way. Betty has play bowed Hannah a couple of times, but mostly just ignores her. Hannah follows Betty around and Betty tolerates that very well. They are doing great together. Hannah is already keeping things lively. She decided to chew on our TV stand while we were at work on Tuesday. We weren't mad. We know it was our fault for giving her too much freedom too soon. Both Heidi and Betty did better with the more freedom they got. Hannah is proving that isn't true for her. So, she is back into the crate while we are at work. We have a webcam on her so I know she is fine with being in the crate. She just sleeps all day with some quick bursts of playing with a stuffy in her crate. Hannah is so cute and is just trying to figure out the rules of the house. She's stealing our hearts (and underwear!) more everyday Here they are during this morning walkies yesterday.
  10. I will admit to being partially at fault for kissing off the color on her head. In my defense it is a really good kissy spot
  11. Betty was black when she came to us in 2010, not so much 6 year later There is no black on her when she is roaching She knows she's beautiful And one of our new black dog Hannah (today is her 1 week gotcha day). Thanks for looking
  12. I made the polka dot martingale. The black buckle collar holds her Whistle GPS tracker. Thanks everyone She is settling in better than we could have imagined. We love our bookends (you can see the size difference here)
  13. We have been toying with the idea of getting a second greyhound for a while. We haven't had two since we lost our first greyhound, Heidi, in June 2013. I loved Heidi with all my heart and still miss her every day, but she was not an easy dog to live with. She was our first greyhound and was a borderline spook. Her fears ruled her world and we never found anything, other than time, to calm her when she went into a panic attack. Betty became an only dog when we lost Heidi and Betty did just fine as an only. She loved life and didn't appear to miss having a sibling. It was us humans who started to think a second greyhound would be nice. After having Heidi, we realized we are actually a good home for a shy/fearful dog. We have the patience to deal with them and realize that sometimes it can take a long time to gain their trust and love. On 11/21 DH emailed Fast Friends Adoption in NH. Within an hour I had a phone call from them and talked through the kind of dog we were interested in. We were looking for cat safe (our hound sitter has cats) and were ok with shy and/or somewhat fearful. They had a few who matched our request. On 11/26 DH, Betty and I took the 2.5 hour ride to the kennel. We met a very tiny, black beauty named Skittles (racing name: Rj Have I Told U). She was a shy hound who shook when she entered the greeting room, but stopped shaking within a few minutes and was curious about the room and a toy in it. We fell in love and put her on hold. On 12/6, Fast Friends brought Skittles to our house. She came in with her tail tucked, but quickly grabbed a toy to squeak. We renamed her Hannah. Through the past 4 days we have watched Hannah's fears quickly subside. She still backs away if we walk toward her too quickly, but she will come to us if we call her, asks to go out for potty, follows Betty around, eats all her meals, and plays with toys until she is too tired to squeak them anymore. She is going to be a handful as her personality comes out. She has already climbed over our couch and into the bay window, tried to eat the plants (which have been moved to an inaccessible room), and stolen a slipper and laundry. She makes us laugh. We couldn't be happier to see her become a little mischief maker. She will certainly keep us on our toes! It is cold in our house at night, so I made the girls matching jammies. They look thrilled Hannah is 55lbs and Betty is 68lbs. Day 3, she discovered the sofa and learned to snuggle with Dad
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