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  1. Rocket let us know when it was 8:15 PM every evening. That's when he had ice cream. Not that he was spoiled. Rocket would be proud to know that other hounds are going to get to eat things they shouldn't have in his honor.
  2. In our other house, Rocket had to walk by the washer and dryer to go out. He scared the crap out of me more than once with that wagging tail hitting the appliances at full wag. Fortunately, he never injured it, but not for lack of trying. Give that sweet girl a big hug from us.
  3. I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. Run-free, Honey.
  4. Seems like yesterday. No doubt in my mind that Seamie sent him.
  5. There are many here with no love for dog parks here due to lots of bad experiences, just like what you are dealing with. Greyhounds play rough, and it can lead to them being mis-labeled as aggressive or result in an injury that looks intentional but is simply a result of play biting. When greyhound groups get the hounds together to play, muzzles are required for this reason and due to the thin greyhound skin that can rip or tear easily. The nipping is play biting to them, but to other dog owners it looks like biting or fighting. Honestly, I would avoid the dog park at all costs before this situation escalates into something that gets blown out of proportion or ends up with your dog being labeled as aggressive. If you have other greyhound owners in the area, it may be better to get a play group together where everyone is muzzled to prevent injury. The problem with only your dog being muzzled at the park is that if a play incident escalates, your dog cannot defend itself and may end up being attacked by the other dogs that aren't muzzled. While there are a few people on GreyTalk who have positive experiences with dog parks, the majority do not, mostly due to the unique attributes of these dogs to play hard being mis-interpreted.
  6. Tricia and Burke, I am so sorry to see this. Holly was beautiful and I am so glad that I got to meet her and spend some time on the beach with her in past years. Your tribute to her was beautiful. This was another case of getting the hound that you need instead of finding the hound you are looking for. Holly was pure proof of that every single day. Run-free, sweet Holly.
  7. That was found in the window of a pet boutique while we were at GRTB. Kate uses it as a pillow. There is also a matching Vladimir doll to go with it. Those are just the ones she's in the process of reading.
  8. It was chilly this morning. We had a cold front go through a few days ago. When your body is acclimated to the dezzert, anything below 75 calls for a parka. Broodies are weird. Cute, but weird....
  9. Kate likes rolling in the leaves - the few we have. Petunia thinks the shady part of the yard is much better.
  10. Annie and Cletus have teamed up to pull Halloween pranks. Be VERY afraid.....
  11. Check his paw pads for corns. If there is a corn there or one developing it will be painful to walk on concrete or asphalt.
  12. Petunia's Hookworm Update - 10/27/19 Petunia had a negative fecal test last week. As a result of the previous diarrhea due to hooks, she at one time also had a UTI. Last week's fecal was negative and her urine test was clean and all of the urine / kidney associated numbers were good! One down, one to go. Petunia had a 6 month course of Advantage Multi and Drontal Plus with the Advantage Multi given on the 1st of each month and the Drontal Plus given 3 weeks later each time. We did not double up on the meds due to her age (11). Petunia is now going to be switched over to Interceptor so that she is on something that will hopefully be a little easier on her. We will retest her in 3 months, Basically, she was on a modified version of Dr. Ng's modified hookworm protocol that was approved by our vet. Kate is also positive for hookworms but so far hasn't had any of the stomach distress like Petunia had from them. Since she just became officially ours in the eyes of the adoption group, the only thing she has had up until now is her monthly Iverhart Max given by the group. We are going to start the same course of meds and timing that Petunia had. Both dogs will be tested in 3 months to see where we are.
  13. The problem isn't the lines running to homes, but is the high voltage lines that bring electricity to the area that were causing most of the fires. I think all home lines should be buried as we've always had way fewer outages when the lines were buried on our various homes. The high voltage lines open up a whole new set of problems for installation and maintenance due to the space required and the logistics of installation and maintenance. They are much more complex than the lines running to your home. Typically the high voltage lines are about 230,000 volts. Although this document is written by an energy company, it does give you an idea of what's involved with the high voltage lines when installed underground. In a few of the places where we've lived, the water table alone would have prohibited this, and here in AZ the caliche a few feet down in the ground would make it impossible as well. The caliche is why there are few basements here, and it costs 3-4 times the normal cost to install a pool here in many areas.
  14. Given that it's from Woot, the quality is probably not as good as the Slumber Ball, but it may be worth a try. Other beds I've purchased from Woot in the past were just okay, not high quality, but they served the purpose for a year or two in most cases. They call it the Ball Bed. There is also a "Donut Bed." Woot Pet Deals
  15. I came home from running errands on Wednesday morning and DW was also gone for about an hour that overlapped my errands. On Tuesday night we grabbed fast food at Whataburger for dinner and found the next morning that Kate apparently also loves Whataburger. Notice how Petunia sells her out by stepping backward when I ask who made the mess. Also, listen right at the end for Kate's chattering when I compliment her work. Some of you may have seen this already as DW also posted it on Facebook. The new locking trash can arrived the next day, as it wasn't Kate's first adventure with the trash. https://youtu.be/dZMBUSnLqOM
  16. You're asking in the wrong place. This bunch is nothing but enablers.....
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