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  1. She hasn't figured out the new trash can although she watches intently every time we put something in it. So far we haven't had to use the lid lock on it.
  2. Kate washes the dishes of every dog here when we have guests. If we have no guests, she tries to clean Petunia's dish while Petunia is still using it. She's a great little helper.
  3. It's a tough decision, but ultimately you need to do what is right for you and for Luna. If you decide to return her, your best course of action will be to return her to your adoption group or another local greyhound adoption group if you your group isn't around any longer. They will do what's best for her and properly screen a new owner to make sure that they can care properly for her. Most groups are happy to work with you if your hound needs to be re-homed. We routinely see hounds here whose owners have to do what's best for them due to health issues or a death in the family that makes them unable to care properly for the dog any longer. Greyhounds are very resilient and moving to a new home is ultimately harder on us than it is on them. Any decision about visiting Luna would be up to a new owner, but you could ask the group to give your info to her new owners and ask them to let you know occasionally how she is doing. Best wishes to you and Luna.
  4. Not sure how I missed this when you posted. I am so sorry for your loss. Mumbo was a very handsome dude. Run-free, Mumbo.
  5. Happy Birthday Cletus! You look fantastic. I think Camp agrees with you. Petunia and Kate are happy to see that you got lots of fries!
  6. We have the Chuckit bed. Rocket was a big, 85 lb brindle boy and loved that bed. He had no issue fitting on it.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving. The pic of Seamie is one of my favorites. Enjoy your "chikkin" and give each of the campers some extra ear rubs from us.
  8. Wasn't sure whether to post this in Food or elsewhere, so posting it here for maximum visibility. Chewy.com is having a one day flash sale on Purina Pro Plan Food at 30% off. I saw the sale prices late yesterday and the banner that showed up today said it was one day only - so you might want to order ASAP in case it goes away. I ordered extra food since the sale price was almost 10 bucks a bag cheaper for the version of Pro Plan Focus we have on subscription with them. https://www.chewy.com/brands/purina-pro-plan-7434
  9. Rocket would declare "Spoil Your Hound Day" a success! I know he would be really happy to know of all of the goodies that everyone had on his birthday.
  10. 2 words that never in my life, did I think I would see together.
  11. Cletus KLTO seems to excel at the French Fry game. We still miss Rocket every day. Even with the girls here, there is just not the same level of chaos as having a big, goofy boy in the house. PeeS - Happy Birthday, Punkin!
  12. Way to go, Calvin! Sounds like Buddy is celebrating Rocket's Birthday in style! Sounds like a perfect plan. Trolley is here hanging out with the girls today, so a little later we will make a run for french fries. There may also be some ice cream served a little later too.
  13. We couldn't find them for months and then all of a sudden they showed up in our local COSTCO last January or February. I'm not sure what their timeframe is on certain seasonal products, but it seems like these only show up once or twice a year, and when they are gone, they are gone. Also, you need to continually check each store in the area, as one may have them when the others do not. They never show up on the website.
  14. We have had a number of hounds stay with us at different times. Some owned by other people, and some fosters when the Foster Mom needs a sitter. We usually try to have the hound come and spend a few hours during the day, maybe a week or so before they are going to stay with us. This usually works well since it gives all of the hounds time to get comfortable with each other and learn where the door is to go outside. The next time when they come to stay, there is little to no anxiety since they've been here before, and the most we have to do in the way of a new routine is get them into our bedroom and on to a dog bed for the night.
  15. We actually modified Dr Ng's protocol further due to Petunia's age and alternated between Advantage Multi and Drontal Plus 3 weeks apart. Basically we did Advantage Multi on the 1st of the month and Drontal Plus 3 weeks later, repeat monthly. Petunia's last fecal was negative after 6 months of this routine. I used PetSupplyExpress.com from he UK for both products. Prices were way cheaper than anything locally even after paying for expedited shipping.
  16. Just now seeing this. I'm with the others on trying a Gas-X tablet. If you are hearing any little high pitched squeals from the gut then there could well be some trapped gas. You want regular Gas-X, nothing added to it. You can give one tablet, and if gas persists you can give a second one. but any time I've given a hound Gas-X, they've usually let out a huge belch within 30 minutes. Here's a checklist for Bloat Symptoms that you can reference quickly when you suspect a problem. We keep a print out of this chart on our refrigerator for quick access. http://www.bmd.org/bmdcr/bloat_chart.pdf Be sure to write your Vet's phone number in the space provided as well as that of your local E-Vet.
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