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  1. At the instruction of our vet, we added both Rx-Biotic and Rx-Zyme to the food of both hounds when we started the hookworm protocol. Petunia had a horrendous case of hookworms and had bloody, nasty stools for a couple of months until one day they just stopped. We've continued both supplements as regular add-ins and the stools of both dogs could not be better. The Rx-Zyme/Boiotic products are available on Amazon and Chewy without a prescription. They also make the Rx-Clay which many people here swear by for stomach issues
  2. Check to see if there is a Veterinary Medical School with a Clinic anywhere near you if you aren't getting anywhere with your vet. Most schools that train veterinarians have a clinic. If you post your location, someone here may be able to refer you to a specific clinic or specialist somewhere near you. You could also try a consult with Dr. Cuoto who may well have dealt with this issue previously in other Greyhounds. http://www.coutovetconsultants.com/ Dr. Cuoto's consultations are reasonably priced and he answers email quickly, even when he's out of the office or traveling. He will also work with your vet. Hope you get to the bottom of this quickly and that your pup is feeling better soon.
  3. Super Bowl Sunday so responses may be a little slow here today. I'm sorry you have to deal with this like so many others here have. There is a series of Osteosarcoma threads that will let you see what others have dealt with and the decisions they've made. Here is the most recent one, and it is a running post although it seems to have slowed down recently. There are 8 other related posts of 50 pages each - so probably close to 1000 individual posts in each one with lots of good info. Also be sure to read the posts from Beachbum1 about Taylor. Taylor had an amputation and was one of the longest living hounds with osteo that we know of. He did well for a very long time before succumbing to this disease. There is no right or wrong decision here. Only the decision that is right for you and your hound.
  4. Pumpkin has made diarrhea worse when we've tried it. The carrots never failed us. We used to just make a small bowlful of the carrots (enough for 2 meals) each night. Half went on breakfast and half went into dinner. If you are going to make a larger batch in advance you will need to refrigerate them to keep them from starting to mold. When I made them daily I could just let them sit on the counter, covered. We also never bothered adding oil to it as it wasn't really needed.
  5. Check her pads just to be sure there's nothing interfering or a corn developing. Petunia actually had an extra nail growing through one of her pads that was affecting her on walks.
  6. That's one handsome dude! Welcome home, Ned.
  7. When we've used it in the past for Rocket, the dosage has been 1mg per pound of body weight. We usually gave it for ragweed allergies which required it to be given 2-3 times a day at that dosage. OTC tablets are usually 25mg if I'm remembering correctly. For anxiety with Petunia and Kate we've had better luck with CBD oil than we did with Benadryl. Dosage will depend on the strength of the CBD oil, but usually we start with a dropper full squirted down the hatch and go from there until we determine if the storms are going to be long lasting or intense. Our vet has actually prescribed Xanax for the bad storms, but we usually start with calming treats and CBD first before resorting to the Xanax. We've also seen some calming results from Vetriscience Calming Treats when given prior to storms rolling in if you need some other options.
  8. Time4ANap


    I'm so sorry. Sounds like Leo had a great forever family. Run-free, Leo.
  9. What a handsome dude. I am so sorry for your loss. Run-free, Ambi.
  10. This was my first question also. Many vets have no one onsite overnight even when they do boarding. Assuming you decide to use them for boarding, I would start with a short stay of a daytime period and then maybe an overnight so that you can see how he handles it. Many will go back into a crate like it's no big deal, and some want nothing to do with it. You don't want him injuring himself trying to get out of the crate if he absolutely despises it. Also note that it is not at all unusual for a hound to stop eating for a day or two when boarded or staying somewhere unfamiliar. We've seen it many times. We have a small group of other owners now who watch each other's hounds now, so the hounds are always staying in a familiar place with other hounds. You may want to check with your adoption group and see if anyone in the group board other hounds, either for payment or maybe in exchange for watching their hound when they go away. If you are anywhere near Indianapolis, I can highly recommend The Greyhound Resort. They board only greyhounds and your hound will not care that you are gone since he will have other hounds to play with at his favorite resort. We boarded Rocket there for years when we lived in IL, and he could have cared less when we left the building after dropping him off. He loved it there. Good Luck
  11. We have one hound back on Interceptor now and there have been no side effects from it. The other hound is currently going through the hookworm protocol using Advantage Multi but will be switched to Interceptor once we are clear of the hooks.
  12. This is also the one we use for Petunia. She likes to statue on walks and the only way I can get her moving again is to move her whole body using the harness. We are really happy with the harness. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the double leash I bought with it to use the 2 attachment points of the harness. The hardware on the double leash is way too heavy, but we have been able to just use a regular 6 foot leash and only needed one attachment point for the most part.
  13. And we still can't get her to wear a coat. You'd think we were trying to murder her..... For those who don't know - Petunia received one of Miss Irene's house coats as a welcome present from a wonderful person here on GT. We have never been able to get it on her without a fight and having her run far away from us. She is just KNOT a fashionista. We couldn't even get a picture of it on her for Irene's website. Kate now wears the coat when it gets chilly here. The same thing happened when we tried a Thunder Coat on her during a bad storm. She and Kate are both very Thunderphobic. Makes for an interesting time during long storms.
  14. We don't know a lot about her other than she came from one of the farms where the owners are either retiring or cutting back the number of hounds on the farm. She had 21 pups that got registered and we don't know how many others she may have had that weren't registered. We're pretty sure that she and Kate were on the same farm together even though they came in at different times. One of her pups, MW's T-Rex has been quite the racer for the last year or so.
  15. No. That was Bella, the girl we watched when her Mom broke a hip. She and Kate look very much alike and would be hard to tell apart at first glance.
  16. I was waiting for one of them to walk up and flip it over. Thought it was sure to happen when that pup put his foot on the rim of the dish.
  17. One year ago today Petunia came to visit us while her Foster Mom "went to a meeting" (yeah, right...) She was here less than an hour when I told DW to "just write the check." This little old lady girl pulled both of us out of the funk of losing Rocket months earlier. We weren't ready for another dog. Petunia thought otherwise. Happy one year Gotcha Day to our bossy, foot-stomping, whining, talking broodie.
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