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  1. 3 hours ago, GreyPoopon said:

    Send her here. I have one who needs to go out multiple times in the middle of the night, one who sometimes doesn't make it out the door before the poop drops ...

    Aside: I hate it when people take C&F posts too seriously or offer unsolicited advice, but I'm going to make both mistakes: I don't interpret Petunia's behaviour as irritation but confusion. There have been a lot of changes in her world lately. She might need to be treated as if she has mild SA.

    That's why it went into C&F.  You get it. 

    Poor girl lost Kate, then got attacked by the new broodie. Then Starz came in and is getting spoiled to try and nurse her back to health. Mom leaves for a week and then the whole usual daily routine goes out the window the same week, and it really is a more than a hundredlebbenty degrees so we can't walk. Now I have SA. :lol

  2. It was bound to happen.  After a year and a half of one or both of us being at home 24/7, the routine has changed. 

    Starz arrived a little over 4 weeks ago weighing only 45 lbs.. Starz has been getting extra meals and things like cottage cheese and satin balls to get some weight on her. Miss Petunia is KNOT pleased with this. 

    DW went out of town for a week last Saturday. Miss Petunia is KNOT pleased with this. 

    After many years of being home all the time due to a long illness, I went back to work this week, so I am at the desk for hours at a time instead of at the dog's beck and call. Miss Petunia is KNOT pleased with this 

    This morning I went to a quick medical appointment and the dogs were home alone for 45 minutes. Miss Petunia is KNOT pleased with this. 

    Apparently, broodies express their displeasure by peeing in the living room whenever something is not to their liking. Daddyman is KNOT pleased with this. 


    That is all. 

  3. We took Rocket to the Greyhound Hall of Fame on our way through Kansas once.  Got a great picture of him standing by his Grand Daddy's Hall of Fame Plaque (Gable Dodge.)  His Daddy was inducted a few years later but we never got back there to get another picture of that plaque. 

    We also took him to Winslow AZ so that we could get a picture of him "standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona."  

    Rocket wasn't a dog park kind of guy. Anytime we went to one he would just hang with the humans. Probably because people have treats. 

    GRTB is coming up in October in Rehoboth, Delaware. Jeter and Milo would be celebrities there. Just sayin'.

  4. 1 hour ago, greysmom said:


    I have no issues on my (Windows) laptop, but have to try to login repeatedly on either my (Android) phone or tablet before I can get GT synced.  I've found sometimes that restarting the device will let me login.  All devices are using Chrome for a browser.


    48 minutes ago, teri_d said:

    I’m having the same issues - won’t let me log back in either

    I'm using Chrome on Windows.  Try clicking on any thread or forum and you may be logged in anyway. For me it's only the home page where I'm not logged in and going anywhere else on the site fixes it. 

  5. Found these but it looks like the same size is cheaper on Amazon that Jan linked. 


    Edited to add - the web page for the company that makes those flat buckets has a ton of different containers used in livestock feeding.  https://www.miller-mfg.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SRCH&Store_Code=MMFG&Search_Category_Code=&catidx=&qsearch=All+Products&Search=bucket

  6. 1 hour ago, Jeff said:

    Did a forum update the other night, today is the first day using it on my phone, and I am seeing the login issue as well. Not with chrome, but with Kiwi browser. Even though we don't have ads, disabling my ad blocker allowed chrome (phone) to login, but not Kiwi. Hopefully they issue a fix soon. When I get back, I'll see if I can clear the online cache, but I'm not sure that will correct it.

    I was using Chrome and had the login issue. I have UBlock Origin already disabled for this site and it doesn't show that anything is blocked anywhere.  Don't know if that info helps or not. 

  7. Not Jeff, but assuming it's a Windows machine, check Settings, Update and Security, Windows Update.  There is an update being deployed that causes all kinds of craziness until it's actually installed.  Has nothing to do with the site, but weirds out your browser and other functions until the update is fully installed.  I've now seen it on several machines in the last 3 weeks. There will be a notification on the Windows Update screen that there's a feature update waiting. Run that, wait an hour or two after it installs for it to completely update everything, and you will probably be good if that's the issue. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, GreyPoopon said:

    Awesome gifts!

    I hope her bloodwork settles and she is able to have her dental.

    Her ears are tremendous. :beatheart They may be even more magnificent that my (long-gone) Edie's.

    ETA: I forgot to say--Congratulations on making it official. :yay 

    She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. We've been fortunate to have some real sweethearts, but everyone who meets this girl instantly falls in love with her. I would take a dozen of her. :lol

  9. This looks very similar to what Petunia had in the middle of the night one night. The first one was over a year ago.  She had what I thought was the start of another one recently but it went away quickly, so I don't know if she actually had something wrong or if i was just seeing something that wasn't there.  The diagnosis when she had the first one was a Vestibular Event. The vet also said it can be sometimes called old dog syndrome or some variation of that name.  The head tilt and excessive drooling were the main basis for Petunia's diagnosis. During the onset she also seemed to not be able to find her rear end to sit down. I sort of saw that same thing in Violet's video. 

    Violet's video looked very familiar to Petunia's incident.  That night I gave it about a half hour before making the decision to go to the E-Vet. About 2 hours after we left her there, the vet called and said she was apparently back to normal because she was complaining about everything. :lol She has been fine since except for that one time when I thought one of the events was starting. 

    Hope you can get it figured out and that Violet is feeling better soon. 

  10. I missed the original post so am just now seeing this. 

    Is it possible he's howling in response to other howling, such as coyotes? We hear coyotes howling every night, and it can be nearby or way in the distance. If the the hounds are outside it definitely gets their attention.  If this is the case, I'm thinking your only option is to close the dog door and make him sleep inside. 

    I think very few of us here have dogs that sleep outside. I've only seen it mentioned a time or two over the years. 

  11. They don't forget anything ever.  For years after we moved to Phoenix, Rocket would go bananas at the sound of the engine of a UPS or FEDEX truck.  The UPS guy in IL always had the big Milk Bones on his truck and would even stop to see us when we were out on our walks if he didn't have a package to deliver to our house. Rocket would jump into the truck to get his cookie.  The AZ UPS drivers say they aren't allowed to give out treats, but Rocket never gave up trying every time he heard those truck engines. 

  12. As a start, if you haven't already tried it, IAMS green bag will often be enough to firm up everything and most dogs do very well on it. Lots of people here use it and have for years. When Starz arrived here a few weeks ago, she had pretty nasty stools and the IAMS solved that within just a few days. We have kept her on that particular food since it works so well for her. 

    One of the other foods that we've found for consistent stools is Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Focus.  It just seems to work.  Rocket had stomach issues for years and this is one of the foods that just solved the issue and he had no problems with.  It also worked for others here who used it for similar stomach issues.  Along with the Pro Plan Focus we added Olewo carrots to each meal which really helped with those runny second and third stools that we would get on walks. The combination of the food and carrots worked well.  In later years as his stomach issues got worse, we had to give him Tylan daily, but that is more for extreme stomach issues and not something I'd give without the advice of the vet and only then for a chronic condition. 


  13. 11 hours ago, EllenEveBaz said:

    How is her appetite, magical dinner dust or not?  

    So far she's never met a food that she didn't like. :lol  She seems to have gained a little weight since she arrived but is still pretty thin and bony.  She eats canned food at meal time and has a bowl of kibble out 24/7 where she grazes when she's hungry. She is also very treat motivated so she's been getting some satin balls daily to help with the weight. 

    19 hours ago, HeyRunDog said:

    I thought you were supposed to take the treats out of the packages not lick the outsides........although on second thoughts it makes them last longer :D

    We knew there was something special in those packages when she started licking them before they could be opened. :chow

    18 hours ago, MerseyGrey said:

    Stars, this is just the start of your life being spoilt! Get used to it

    she looks a bit like Trolley in some of those photos

    She channels Trolley all the time, especially with the ears and the look she gives us at meal times when she wants more toppers on her food. :lol  Trolley used to stare at you until she was satisfied with whatever toppings you added to her food like cottage cheese, shredded cheddar, etc. Trolley only did that at our house because she knew that we would cave. :lol

  14. Starz...There's a box for you1 



    You got Noms!




    And she got a very pretty new collar. 




    Starz was scheduled for a dental yesterday but due to her bloodwork being a little out of whack the vet decided against it.  When she arrived back at the house, we signed the final piece of paperwork from the adoption group that makes her an Official Resident of Camp Broodie. So it was kind of her Official Gotcha Day .  The presents are from her Aunt Carol for her Gotcha Day.   Thank You, Aunt Carol! 



  15. I would not leave her alone overnight since she thrives on routine which means that someone is at home.  Extreme changes in the routine may not go well, but just staying somewhere else isn't a big deal since the hounds were used to being moved around to different tracks and farms while they raced. 

    Ask your adoption group if they have a boarding kennel that they recommend or a list of people who will board your hound with their own greyhounds.  In our case, we have a group of 4 greyhound owners who take each other's hounds when one of us is away.  We don't charge each other or keep a tally of the number of days for any reason. It works out well for us since everyone's dogs are used to coming and going to visit at our houses anyway, and none of us have to worry about the dogs while we are away. 

    Depending on where you are located, there may also be a greyhound specific boarding facility if you ask other owners who they use.  For example, in Indianapolis there is The Greyhound Resort . Rocket loved the resort when we lived in the Midwest and could have cared less when we dropped him off there. I think there is also a greyhound exclusive boarding kennel in Tucson AZ. I'm sure there are probably others as well.  Good luck. 

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