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  1. Panacur isn't strong enough for the current breed of hookworms that are running through greyhounds that come off the tracks and farms in the US.  

    Petunia had symptoms very similar to your hound including very bloody stools once we started hookworm treatment. . Because of her age (11) we did Dr. Ng's modified protocol and modified it a little more, but using the drugs in the protocol.  After 6 months she was clean.  That was about 4 months ago, but we've since adopted Kate (11) who also came from one of the greyhound farms. Kate was positive for hookworms, and now Petunia has tested positive again for the antigen but not eggs. We will probably be revisiting the protocol, I am just waiting for final instructions from our vet on how she wants to handle it this time. 

    As a side note, we started Petunia on Interceptor monthly once she had several clean fecal tests, however with her now being positive I;m thinking it may not be sufficient either. 

  2. No words can begin to express our heartbreak for Trolley's Mom and the loss we feel for Trolley.  Trolley was a regular (I can't even use the word visitor) part of the household here. She would come in the door, greet the others and work her way pretty quickly to the guest bed with the thick memory foam topper.  If you wanted to see her, you could go visit her there, or just say loudly, "Wanna Cookie?" to bring her running into the living room. 

    Trolley was one of Rocket's best friends and I'm pretty sure they were almost bonded except that they lived in different houses. Since Rocket went to the bridge, Trolley has come into the house and the first thing she did every time was sniff his slumber ball to see if maybe he was back.  Talk about heart-wrenching.... She was also always happy to see Petunia and Kate once she got used to them being here. She was KNOT amused that there was another girl here the first few times she visited Petunia, but they became fast friends anyway. 

    Fortunately, I got to be the recipient of some of her "dirty dances" over the years and I loved having her spend time here when her Mom was traveling. She cracked me up every day. I fell in love with Trolley the first time her Mom posted her picture on GT.  A few years later, we flew to AZ for the GPA picnic and got to meet her in person. Eventually we moved here and she quickly became part of the family. 

    I hope by now she has found Rocket and he has taken her back under his wing.  We love you and will miss you little girl. You can now have unlimited "patio time." Be sure to send your Mom a sign. :brokenheart

    Here are a few pics from her visits here: 



    And of course - holding court on the guest bed. 



  3. 1 hour ago, FiveRoooooers said:

    Oh and the campers also enjoy the tomato sauce variety of sardines. The pantry is good to go lol. 

    Burke and Tricia's Murray liked the ones with hot sauce. The hotter the better.   We had a yearly ritual at Dewey where I would bring him stinky fish.  I miss that boy. 

  4. 2 hours ago, DaveS said:

    I can't comment about the quality of GPS collars but I meant that SOME type of tracking system would be a great asset for locating lost dogs.  As for for fence height, I don't know what is needed.  Our two greys have never shone any inclination to go over our four-foot fence, even when going after a squirrel that eludes them by going through or over it.  I've been involved with the local greyhound group for a year or more and haven't heard of any grey going over a fence of four feet.  But I guess it's possible.

    We have a bunch more hounds coming in from Ireland next week.  This time they are flying directly to Raleigh so the added five hour car ride won't be necessary.  You can bet that extra care will be taken to prevent another Molly chronicle.:D

    As far as the GPS collars, we initially purchased ours when we moved from IL to AZ.  We wanted it on Rocket during the move.  One of the things we learned at the time was that there were lots of dead zones with no service because they are essentially Cellular collars with GPS, especially the farther north and west you went in the US. I haven't kept up with the tech changes in them as we no longer use one, but for any newly adopted hound as you said, SOME type of tracker is a plus. Which one will depend on how good the chosen collar works in your area and which technology it is using to track the signal. The experience of many here is why I wanted to make sure that anyone considering a particular model  knows to do extensive research before buying, and extensive testing in the areas where you will be using it before it gives you a false sense of security. 

    Good luck with the incoming new hounds. 

  5. Glad to hear that Molly found her way back home. Awesome that she found her way to the same back yard. 

    Just a note of caution to check reviews thoroughly before buying a GPS collar.  Many of us here had TAGG when it first came out and although it had it's limitations, the company was responsive and responded to issues with constant updates and fixes.  They were then acquired by Whistle who not only ruined Tagg, but continued to flood the market with their inferior products, making promises of features that they never delivered. Many of us were burned by Whistle, some with multiple dogs who owned multiple collars amounting toa fair amount of money at the time. So - really check reviews and test the heck out of it before the return period expires to make sure the collar works and you have the features that you paid for. 

  6. One more thing you might want to consider to give Max a safe space is to setup a large crate with a comfy bed in it as his safe space.  Leave the door open so he is free to come and go as he wants, but it needs to be his space and only his, so the child can not play in or around it.  I'm not suggesting that Max be crated at all, just that he has the crate as his safe space.  Rocket had a crate in our other house for years and we would often find him in it because the sun beams came in through that window. The pic in my signature is from one of his sunbathing sessions. 

  7. What Ducky said.  Max is giving all the warning signals possible that he is not comfortable with the situation.  If you take away that warning by correcting him when he growls, he will escalate to a bite with no warning simply because he has no other way to let you know that.  The child needs to learn that Max's space is off limits - especially his bed and the area surrounding it.  All interaction between the two need to be supervised right now. You might also have to take away the couch as a privilege for Max, but I am going to let others who have dealt with the whole sofa thing answer that. We've never had a hound who got on the furniture, but have dealt with plenty of other space issues. 

  8. 1 hour ago, rsieg said:

    I'm back at work today (Monday), so he gets his rest the next five days. He did go out this morning, I think he would have gone longer but it was slight rain (barely a drizzle) so he turned around after about a half-mile. Got two piles out though, so that's the important thing :-)

    Yup - there are walks and then there are poopwalks. :lol

  9. 9 minutes ago, Kestrel said:

    Did they stay up all night for their "slumber" party? I always felt about how they look after slumber parties. :lol

    Everyone slept last night including me.  Someone wanted out at midnight and they all went out as a result.  After I went back to bed, the next thing I heard was Kate talking to me while standing beside the bed at 6:20 AM - that's much more uninterrupted sleep than usual since it seems that everyone usually wants out at a different time during the night. 

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