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  1. 1 hour ago, BlissfulSandy said:

    Oh you ain't kidding, the Hook and the GI issues are tough ones to crack.  It would be a blessing to get rid the Larval leak NOW! I haven't tried Hypoallergenic/Hydrolyzed yet since my researched showed me it either has soy, chickpeas, or split pea products...not digestible for my little girl with so many issues.Yes....No switching things around at all, but I am wondering if she has a Turkey allergy now..(or n=may have had one) since she is getting sore pink spots with a black center on all her hocks and Carpus...front leg/back ankles.  I wish I had a ll the answers, this is so overwhelming.  I will keep onwards for the love!

    Cooking lots of Turkey Breast these days.  Do you use a vitamin mineral supplement?  I was recommenced Mypetgroce.com and ordered it, but there aren't are specific details of what is in it.  I mentioned to the Dr. about the chickpeas...he said it has helped many canines. 

    Your Grey's are so pretty!💕 Thank you for your help TIme4ANap!. 


    With everything your hound has going on, you might want to think about doing a consult with Dr. Cuoto or having your vet consult with him if you are reaching a point of figuring out next steps.  He ran the greyhound medical program at Ohio State for many years and may be able to add some insight or give you some more logical next steps. He has worked extensively with greys with various cancers, but also greys with just about any unique medical issue. He does his consults remotely and will work with any vet as well. There is a fee for his time but we found it very reasonable when we ran into things our vet couldn't explain or resolve. Cuoto Veterinary Consultants.  Dr. C has worked with thousands if not tens of thousands of greyhounds.  If you are okay for now, keep his info in mind if you need him at any point down the road. 

    As far as vitamins, we've always used Springtime products based on the experience of many others here.  We use their Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables.  I'm not sure if everything in them is listed on the container, but if you call the people at Springtime and clue them in to the allergies and restrictions, they will get you the answer regarding any of their products and your dog's ability to use it safely or not. They are great to deal with. 

    Good luck and hang in there! Give some ear rubs to your girl from us. 

  2. Given all of the issues surrounding pond water, lakes etc, I'd stick with a kiddie pool. It seems like every summer we get yet another type of seriously bad algae, parasite or skin condition that no one has ever heard of before from standing water, not to mention the mosquitoes and associated parasites. At least with a kiddie pool you can put clean water in it, and dump it when you're done to keep the mosquitoes away. 

    My brother who is in a rural area north of Baltimore has a small pond in his back yard with Koi in it.  The fish and the pond plants require little treatment or maintenance,  but he is constantly having hawks and an occasional eagle try to get the Koi.  He has some large chicken wire type fencing over it to deter the birds.  He said there's nothing that make you sweat more than having to pick a hawk out of the chicken wire without getting torn apart by them. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, MerseyGrey said:

    Are you sure Tulip is on the wrong side of the pole? Maybe it’s you...

    This is what I was thinking too.  the right side of the pole is the one where the smells are better. :lol

    Seriously though, each of our dogs has learned the command "this way" and will usually follow our lead if they are heading the wrong way around a tree or sign post. 

  4. 1 hour ago, BlissfulSandy said:

    Thank you for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it.  Vesa's Diest is changed extremely slow and 1 item at a time, whether it is a veggie, starch, organ, or protein, or kibble.  Nothing is ever hard and quick, we go slow and easy for any food changes even if it is a slight increase and measure in grams. It really is a trail and error or a crapshoot to say the least.  Some dogs do great with low fiber...others not so well.  So do great with Lamb, or other heavy red meat..others not so great.  ayes Hookworms are little intestinal sap suckers that come back to haunt.  Her test show negative, but we keep treating them since we know that hookworms hibernate inside the intestinal walls. Florida dog track greyhounds are loaded with them.  That is why I won't Foster. I do use Diatomaceous Earth, and Vesa won't eliminate in our yard...have to carry a sprayer with me. Drontal Plus gives her rapid heart beat, illuminations, extreme stress and sleeplessness, but we used it, but I will not do it again to her.  I googles RX Vitamins Nutritional Support and it contains Salmon Meal and  Flaxseed Meal which isn't workable for my little girl, but thank you, I did  recognize the brand as I was searching this morning..it is used by many Holistic vets.  Very good Source, thank you.RX Zyme may work..I have to explore more and locate the enzyme percentages.

    Thank you for all your help, much appreciation,


    Naples, FL


    I figured you were going slow with the changes given her sensitivities, but we often get people here who are throwing 3 and 4 things at a time at a dog's stomach so I always make sure to mention it.  Every new greyhound seems to be  loaded with hooks, no matter where they came from.  Our broodies came straight from the farm and one of them was so loaded that I'm surprised she was alive. She is a tough girl though and got through it. 

    Good luck. Tummy issues are never easy with these guys, and with allergies compounding it you have your hands full. 

  5. Making constant changes to the diet/food will often result in continued diarrhea. We had a boy who had stress colitis and went through this kind of thing often, so know that it is frustrating and can make you feel helpless. Be sure to only make one change at a time and to give that change a couple of weeks before making another or adding something new.  The hookworms are most likely a major part of the stomach/diarrhea issue, so getting them under control is the big priority to fully understand just how significant the rest of the issues are. 

    Check the hookworm thread in Health and Medical and talk to your vet about using the protocol mentioned, or possibly modifying using Dr. Ng's modified protocol by stretching out the intervals between doses since she does have some underlying medical issues. 

     Both of our new hounds had wicked hooks, and both have responded well to modifying the protocol since they are 11 year old seniors and I didn't want to throw high doses of the drugs in them like the original protocol called for. We basically give each dog a Drontal Plus on the first of the month, followed by using Advantage Multi on the 15th and repeat this cycle monthly.  So, far, it has eradicated the hookworms in Petunia over about a 6 month period, and Kate currently has tested to have no hookworm eggs but is still positive for the titre after her 6 month check. It can take 6 months to a year to eradicate the current breed of hookworms that are prevalent. 

    You might look into the RX Brand of Products to help the stomach issues, but I am not familiar with what's in them, so you will have to do that research.  We use both RxZyme and RxBiotic on their food at each meal. It rapidly calmed the diarrhea we were having from the hookworms. They make several other products also, but these two were suggested by our vet.  They can be bought on Amazon, and even though they have Rx in the name, they do not require a prescription.  

    Soneone else will have to chime in on the food, as you've tried many of the foods we would have tried, and I;m not sure there's a prescription food out there that will meet the allergy needs.   Good luck. 

  6. Many of us here had the Tagg tracker when it came out and were relatively happy with it even though it had some limitations.  Tagg was responsive to problems and requests, and even replaced one of ours when something broke on it outside of the warranty period.  After Whsitle bought the Tagg company, numerous problems started and then our 1st generation trackers were phased out, causing us to have to buy new equipment.  The new ones never worked properly, and the services that were promised were never delivered.  I think many of us gave up on the idea of GPS tracking after that because there was nothing on the market that came close to what we had with the Tagg product.  I've still not seen any new product years later that is a must buy in the way of a tracker. 

    If I had a young hound or hound fresh off the track, I would want some kind of tracking device. We first bought the Tagg when we had Rocket and were moving from IL to AZ. I wanted it to have on him during the road trip and because he would be in a totally new neighborhood that he didn't know if he somehow got away. The Tagg worked well until the problems started after the Whistle acquisition.   With our current household of senior broodies, I never have to look further away than a bed or the food bowl to find them and the tracker would never leave the house if we had one. :lol

  7. 31 minutes ago, Jerilyn said:

    How does everyone clean their car windows?  That stuff is impossible to remove!

    A wet microfiber cloth usually takes it right off.

    I still have some of Rocket's art work inside my van windows and he left us in 2018.  I am in no hurry to clean it off. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Houndtime said:

    Two things unrelated to food.  Congratulations, Sara and family, on the new adoption.  Don, Chris and greys, stay in, stay away and be safe with the rise of new COVID cases in your area.

    Thanks Irene.  We are pretty much back on lockdown here although we were only doing necessary trips for groceries anyway. We went back to grocery delivery this week to avoid being out and about at all. 

  9. Chewy stock comes and goes rapidly.  The easiest thing to do with Chewy is to setup auto-delivery.  During the lockdown, I switched ours to every 3 weeks instead of once a month just to ensure we would get it because the shipping times were excruciatingly long. I just this week switched it back as we ended up with one more bag on hand than usual so I was able to slow the deliveries back to the normal cycle.  If your order is on auto-delivery they will reserve inventory for your order first when it comes in or when it is due in if there's a backorder. 

    Rocket had a lot of stomach issues from stress colitis. The Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed worked well for him but is chicken based.  Kate and Petunia are on it also and they do well on it. Kate is still hookworm positive but has had literally no stomach issues during treatment on this food. We do also give her the RX Zyme and Rx Biotic supplements on her food to ease any potential stomach distress from the hooks, but the food really works well for her. She is soft and shiny and maintaining her girlish figure just fine on it. 

  10. 2 hours ago, EllenEveBaz said:

    Nice to see a brindle in your home again.  :)  

    I thought Kate was one of the few dogs Petunia really got along with.  Is Tiger another, or was the social interaction from Petunia more on the assertive end of the spectrum?

     Bet she takes Bailey's Irish Cream in her coffee.

    Sending cool thoughts to all you desert folks.  

    I wasn't sure how I was going to react to a brindle who looked a lot like Rocket but it was fine. It's been a long time since we've had a red brindle here.  

    Petunia gets along fine with everyone,  but she is all broodie.  As soon as any hound comes in she tries to herd them, and follows them everywhere, basically riding herd on their every move.  it's strictly her being a broodie and wanting to be in charge - aka the fun police.   Once they are out in the yard she tries to get them all to run and play like she did with her puppies.  In Tiger's case, Petunia kept doing the typical greyhound butt sniff which Tiger did not like and she let Petunia know that she wasn't having any of it.  Everyone got along fine though and I had to just keep an eye on Petunia because she was getting in Tiger's space a little too much the whole time Tiger was here. Tiger stood her ground and gave a couple of warning growls when she had enough, and Petunia definitely had those coming. 

    On the other hand, when Snickers is here they start playing bitey face with each other, and Kate and Petunia will both groom Snickers like she's one of their puppies. 

  11. Petunia and Kate had a visit yesterday from Snickers and Tiger, who was staying with Snickers this weekend. Tiger has ancestry on both sides very similar to Rocket, so there were lots of similarities between Tiger and my boy. It was great to have a new visitor for a few hours, and Tiger was adorable! Also, she's a rooer and rooed at me while I was making my coffee. I guess she hadn't had her morning cup yet either. :coffee

    Petunia was KNOT great about maintaining her social distance, but Tiger took it in stride and gave her a warning. :lol

    The morning consisted primarily of watching hounds sleep and telling Petunia to behave. 

    Here's Tiger


    Snickers in the back yard pretending that she can't hear me calling her to come inside


    Petunia posing for the camera


    and of course, Kate doing what Kate does


  12. 27 minutes ago, sarabz said:

    Thanks! I was looking at other options but have no idea of the quantity of additional polyfill or foam - 10 lbs? 5 lbs? 

    I can't remember the size of the bag we bought but it was rather large and has lasted for years.  If you overfill them the hounds don't seem to like it, they still want to be able to nest the bed into various shapes.  I'd start with 5 if you are getting free shipping and order a larger size or multiple bags if you have to pay for shipping. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Remolacha said:

    Val had to miss the Golden Girls party last year :( She was hoping to go this year, but, pandemic :angry:

    Yeah - even if we could get the girls to wear their masks, social distancing goes out the window with the traditional greyhound greeting. (The butt sniff for those wondering.) :lol  

    We may all have to quarantine for two weeks prior and then only go to the party....

  14. Foster and Smith used to sell bags of the actual shredded foam they were made with, but you can really use just about any shredded foam or shredded memory foam. The inside liner of the bed has a zipper so it's super easy to refill as much or as little as you need.  

    Amazon and Etsy have boxes and bags of various types of shredded foam, as do places like Joanne's, Michaels or Wal-Mart. 

    You can also re-stuff them with just about anything else like other dog beds, comforters etc. 

    We still have a little bit of the Foster and Smith foam for ours, so haven't had to buy another brand or type yet. 

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