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  1. One year ago today (about two hours from now), on my husband's 50th birthday, we lost our amazing little spitfire, Amaya. I still miss her every day. Here's a little more about our Wee One: http://divahound.com/the-diva-behind-divahound-amaya-the-greyhound/ I know she's ruling on high, just waiting to see us again!
  2. Oh no! Sweet, goofy Spud was such a wonderful fixture here on GT and I remember when (several years ago) our pack was lucky enough to be the recipients of Spud's Secret Santa gifts! I still have the adorable card with the pic of Spud on the front Godspeed, sweet boy - please give Sadie extra hugs.
  3. Sending hugs until you and Rainey meet again
  4. Thank you. We lost two girls this year and I don't know how we've gotten through it but we've managed.
  5. Sheldon just recovered from an injury and same thing, he kept licking and wouldn't leave it alone. A muzzle with stool guard did the trick.
  6. I am so sorry for your loss - run free, Champ!
  7. Such a gorgeous boy - I am so sorry for your loss.
  8. Such a handsome smile ~ I am so sorry.
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