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  1. Thank you! Makes perfect sense, especially to anyone who's tried clicker training or watched a newbie try it. Timing is crazy hard to get right. And now I have a faster, better answer for when people ask me why punishment "doesn't work" when obviously it does (both for mama dogs and owners who scare their dogs into "desired" behaviors).
  2. Exactly why I generally don't like using the squirt bottle. You give a better explanation than are written in most behavior papers! That said, I keep using the squirt gun to deflect bullies, because while I agree with its downsides, it's also the safest option I have for stopping a rude dog from trying to mount, body-slam, or jump on my dog. With the squirt gun, I don't get bitten by reaching for a strange dog's collar, my dog doesn't get bitten, and the clueless owner usually doesn't even realize what's happened. Do you know of a better safe option? (Not walking my dogs isn't an
  3. This is why I love GT. Great advice from Jen. I'm usually a believer that most dogs with good socialization will work things out quickly and efficiently. But Jen makes a good point about not letting him pester another dog. And I am a mama bear about my own dogs and don't tolerate crap from other dogs (or from my dogs to other dogs). FWIW, I carry a squirt gun at all off-leash areas and even leashed hikes (because most people ignore the leash laws). It's been a great way to deflect dog bullies whose owners are clueless about their dog's inappropriate behavior. Maybe try a comb
  4. I'm a sucker for the big fawn boys. He's gorgeous. Congratulations!
  5. I think that many boys need a mama dog to teach them a few manners after retirement -- the kennel staff does such a good job of stopping bad behavior from turning into fights that the buttheads don't learn NOT to be buttheads. If they're all muzzled, I'd keep doing what you're doing and wait for the day that Florida or someone else tells him to BACK OFF. He'll learn. (I've had three fosters like that; all learned after another dog finally gave them the bark-snap-growl once or twice.)
  6. Those are fabulous! Your artwork is on my wish list.
  7. Thank you! He's a solid little ball of muscle and almost looks like a bulldog instead of a greyhound -- I guess at 65 short, thick, pounds, he was tiny but mity when it came to a long racing career.
  8. Hi Dick, Thank you for de-coding all the track data for us. What is your take on our current foster, Mega Bat Boy? Thanks! V
  9. I was 27 and single when I first adopted; 11 years later I've lost my heart dog but am preparing to adopt again. I do remember thinking there weren't many 20-somethings with greys when I adopted, but then most of my 20-something friends weren't exactly responsible dog owners, so the whole leash thing and lifetime commitment might have scared them off (plus, lots of people think you need GIANT yards to own greys, and how many 20-somethings own their own houses?).
  10. San Diego, CA -- small wood privacy-fenced (6 foot high) back yard, can take the occasional greyhound boarder. I'm even here for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. No cats/small furries live here; I work from home/home all day; currently no greyhound but should be adopting before year's end (lost my 14yo in August). PM me with questions
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