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  1. Looking for design and wording ideas for adoption or event banners & flyers that work. There are many of the sayings we all use about fast friends, couch potatoes, and you can't buy love but you can adopt it. What works in your experience? What wording or visuals have you found effective or do you personally find yourself drawn to? Thanks!!
  2. Congratulations! She's gorgeous. And the look on her face....something tells me she'll have plenty of personality when she adjusts to pet life. Have fun!
  3. Thank you! Makes perfect sense, especially to anyone who's tried clicker training or watched a newbie try it. Timing is crazy hard to get right. And now I have a faster, better answer for when people ask me why punishment "doesn't work" when obviously it does (both for mama dogs and owners who scare their dogs into "desired" behaviors).
  4. Exactly why I generally don't like using the squirt bottle. You give a better explanation than are written in most behavior papers! That said, I keep using the squirt gun to deflect bullies, because while I agree with its downsides, it's also the safest option I have for stopping a rude dog from trying to mount, body-slam, or jump on my dog. With the squirt gun, I don't get bitten by reaching for a strange dog's collar, my dog doesn't get bitten, and the clueless owner usually doesn't even realize what's happened. Do you know of a better safe option? (Not walking my dogs isn't an option; off-leash rude dogs are very common in my neighborhood.) At the risk of hijacking the OP's thread, I'm also curious as to how the mother dog's education of the puppies works...she definitely uses punishment to stop bad behavior IME (same with mama sheep, horses, cows, and rabbits on our farm). It seems like that's what happens also with some dog-dog behavioral communication, one dog telling another to back off. Most dogs try to avoid the bully but will eventually growl/snap or even worse. Is their own use of punishment more effective simply because it's coming from their own kind, and thus they associate it with the behavior rather than something around them in the environment?
  5. This is why I love GT. Great advice from Jen. I'm usually a believer that most dogs with good socialization will work things out quickly and efficiently. But Jen makes a good point about not letting him pester another dog. And I am a mama bear about my own dogs and don't tolerate crap from other dogs (or from my dogs to other dogs). FWIW, I carry a squirt gun at all off-leash areas and even leashed hikes (because most people ignore the leash laws). It's been a great way to deflect dog bullies whose owners are clueless about their dog's inappropriate behavior. Maybe try a combo of the squirt gun plus leashing him up and leaving the moment he starts the behavior? PS -- I generally try to avoid negatives like a squirt bottle, but for some dogs, it's the fastest and safest way to stop what could get them hurt. It depends on how you think he will react; I've had two very "soft" hounds who would've been traumatized by a squirt of water and two who wouldn't have noticed a fire hose....
  6. I'm a sucker for the big fawn boys. He's gorgeous. Congratulations!
  7. May have to steal this collar idea for Vixen. Another gorgeous teal collar that looks amazing on the little black kraken is this one by Nancy B: https://nancybscollars.smugmug.com/Pets/New-Collars/i-ZLGKwC2 ETA: if the link is for the whole page, it's the teal chipmunks!
  8. She's gorgeous! That smile... So lucky to have a great summer adventure and access to cows, horses, and stock tanks. I grew up "swimming" in stock tanks on the farm...still sort of miss them (now we go "tanking"--floating down the river in an 8-foot diameter stock tank with a cooler and lawn chairs; so redneck and so fun!). Hope she has many adventures with you to come.
  9. I think that many boys need a mama dog to teach them a few manners after retirement -- the kennel staff does such a good job of stopping bad behavior from turning into fights that the buttheads don't learn NOT to be buttheads. If they're all muzzled, I'd keep doing what you're doing and wait for the day that Florida or someone else tells him to BACK OFF. He'll learn. (I've had three fosters like that; all learned after another dog finally gave them the bark-snap-growl once or twice.)
  10. Great news! We will keep sending thoughts for everyone in the storm path. We are lucky it has weakened and is less dangerous, but still rough. Stay safe if you're in the path, even now that it's no longer a hurricane.
  11. Thanks for the update! I respect anyone who stays with their animals through a storm. That's not an easy decision when you can't safely evacuate on time. Please tell them we are sending good karma and thoughts.
  12. This just warmed my heart. Sometimes, I think they DO send the next one; exactly the one we need. Congratulations!!! She's got big collars to fill, but from those pics, she'll do it. Can't wait to meet her!
  13. Dick, any update on kennels in the path now that it appears the west coast will get the brunt of Irma? Friends in Bonita Springs are hunkered down but worried about the Derby Lane kennels, given the projected storm surge. (And are there any dogs in the Bonita Springs kennels? Anyone know? They don't start racing until November so I assumed not, but...?)
  14. What Trudy said. My first greyhound was an only dog and I worked 9-hour days plus 30 minutes commute each way. I'm grateful my group let a single woman with a job and an apartment adopt. LOTS of people have dogs and jobs away from home. Would the dogs prefer to have humans home all day? Probably. They'd also prefer to eat steak and chicken in unlimited amounts. As long as your group knows your lifestyle and matches you with a confident, easygoing hound, you'll be fine. I have always traveled for work. Find dog sitting that works for you and your dog--dog boarding kennel or day care, other greyhound owners, a nearby rescue group (mine boards greyhounds), a trustworthy friend who likes dog sitting for a bit extra spending money...I've used all options over the years, depending on the dog I had at the time. You don't have to spend $80/day for in-home overnights plus 3 walks (the going rate here). My first was a confident, bouncy, easygoing boy, and after a 3-day weekend of alone training and learning my apartment stairs, he was fine all day. Try to come home mid-day the first week or so, to be sure, if you're not confident about housebreaking or that your new pup is "empty" before you leave (morning long walks are key). You'll find you make friends on those walks--we walked to a local park that was usually full of dogs every day before and after work, and some of the other dog owners I met there are still friends today, despite my moving to five other cities since then. So if you think you're ready, and only you know the answer to that, then...go for it. Greyhounds are awesome dogs.
  15. That is great news on the cats and adjustment she's making! Isn't it fun to watch them discover the world off the track? You'll find she comes more out of her shell every day for weeks or months. Thanks for posting. You reminded me of why I foster--because some adopters really are great homes, but just can't/don't want to deal with the off-track adjustment. Good for you for taking the leap and helping Pachi adjust!
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