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  1. Thank you TBhounds. You are now the 2nd person in about an hour who recommended budsonide. I will check on that ASAP. Morrie is getting B-12 injections weekly (that just started_. I'm freaking out because his Albumin level has dropped. It was 2.3 about 3 weeks ago and as of Saturday it was down to 1.9. I just also did some research and found out about eggs and feed 2 hard boiled eggs to Morrie tonight. You are so wonderful. This gives me something to moves towards. I do not have an internist yet. I will need one. Tha t too is my next step when the upping the prednisone to
  2. is very very cold right now - brrrrr

  3. http://i7photobucket.com/album/y269/GiJenn...ggies/Garth.jpg
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