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  1. Marc, she'll be there for you too....they have unlimited love in those big hearts...
  2. linda


    What a lovely tribute! Take care. Doubles you are very missed. Linda
  3. linda

    Daisy Magoo

    What a touching story. Run free Daisy!
  4. linda


    I'm so very sorry.
  5. There used to be a group that used the fenced in area in Norwood park for an hour on Sundays but I do t know if they still do. You could try GINA's website too. I think they are slightly west of the city....
  6. What a lovely boy and a lovely home you gave him, you were both very lucky Run free sweetie
  7. What a lovely boy! Run free sweetheart...
  8. I'm very very sorry ... run free....
  9. Lovely girl, run free sweetheart...
  10. I'm so sorry, what a lovely girl. Run free sweetie!
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