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  3. I'm so sorry...such a Good Boy.
  4. Great to read...Homer is a truly lazy and sedentary dog. Didn't appreciate how bad it was until we had an overnight visitor who looked almost just like him/same age and was CLEARLY a more fit boy. Now we have Susie who is younger and more active. Homer is getting more exercise keeping up with her a bit, but she loves walking. Homer has always hated them (and has corns it turns out), so it's a challenge. Will probably have to start doing thins type of thing. I'm sure he'll go nuts for a lure pole type thing.
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  10. Old thread, but I will pile on. We used the 'martingale harness' which is how I think of it for my very spooky galgo when we first got her. Nearly backed out of the martingale collar numerous times. Later as she got more comfortable (like years later) we kept using it just in case, and also she seemed to appreciate the extra hug on her. We have a brand new girl (paperwork will hopefully be final on Saturday once we are sure the dogs get along) and my husband called me halfway into her first walk to bring Xena's old harness. This one is so high prey/squirrel crazy he wanted the extra control. Still highly recommend the Freedom/no pull aka the waggles whatever that gets sold commercially one...it's the martingale-at-the-withers type. https://www.2houndsdesign.com/product-category/shop-now/freedom-no-pull-harness/ The WWW above in the old posts is the same.
  11. I read the title and burst out laughing. There are two shedding seasons. Night and Day. And, to top it off, we suddenly find a black and white furred creature in our house, as if the fawn fur all over didn't get all over everything. Now there is a color to show on EVERYTHING. That said, my galgo barely lost fur. I'd take Homer out for a regular brushing (furminator is my my friend). He lined up for it, then she would come over and present herself for her turn with the furminator. Only hardly anything came off. It was basically a prolonged scratching and rubbing session, but she was not about to let herself be left out of the evolution. Silly girl. But if it had only been her there would have been a lot less fur decorating...everything.
  12. When we got our galgo girl we fed separately, she would growl if Jackie (the most inoccuous dog ever) was anywhere near her slow-eating self. She graduated to dining in her crate leisurely and lying down (weirdo). But even after the desperate growls subsided and she realized no one was they still ate apart. Kept it up with Homer as she seemed happy going to her crate for meals. In any case, there may just be some history of posturing around food without any real ill intent...and time can easily overcome. Just my personal experience and observation. And even by galgo standards Xena was a bit of a head case.
  13. How sweet looking! Maybe instead of an eight it was a misaligned 'infinity' sign . Bertie sounds like a great name!
  14. Awww, I have a Xena too . I have no specific advice to give, but welcome. They do learn, adapt, settle, but some do need more help than others. My Xena (who's baseline is 'basket case' for many reasons) was at a big loss when our old Jackie passed away even though I didn't think they were all that bonded. Getting Homer has settled her a bit, but I'm not suggesting another dog as a solution. Of course there's nothing WRONG with another dog...and perhaps an older fellow who has lost a home for some reason and already has manners/adapted would help her settle too....
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  16. I was going to edit, but it doesn't work on my tablet. After I woke up I realized I did remember the Greytalk connection . I'd forgotten, oops. Even so, glad you are back. How far are you from Roanoke? I think I knew that at one point but can't remember that either.
  17. Well hello! I had no idea of the Greytalk connection! I mostly am a lurker here but it's nice to see you here . Now that I see your name/siggy I remember you from when I lurked here more actively. For those who don't know...Xena and Reyna are sisters. Solid/strong greyhound boys seem to help these two. Cathy
  18. I can't do the Greytalk emojis on my tablet, so hugs and flowers....and in words, I'm sorry for your loss.
  19. My husband is he one who is bothered by the noises (though once he's asleep he is out cold...he doesn't believe me on that one) and right now we use a fan as a noise machine. That has been a big help and might be worth a try. With all our sighthound types I have noticed they are much more restless when it gets cool. Jammie's and/or blankets helped with the middle of the night restless activities.
  20. Well, someone just linked this thread...still funny!!!! And worth a bump. Thanks to this thread I didn't have to worry about Homer. After years of girl dogs it was a surprise at how the. olives put in an appearance--but at least it I knew not to worry! I was also prepared when the skin kid asked about it. And, where I come from, a hoo-hoo refers to the boy bits and a hoo-ha is for the girl bits...
  21. Add me to the fan list of the Freedom harness http://www.2houndsdesign.com/1-Freedom-No-Pull-Harness-Medium-and-Large-Breeds.html from 2hounds. One of my dogs, Xena, is a Spanish Greyhound (aka Galgo, which is a bit smaller of a sighthound breed but has the pointy head/big chest thing going). She is not quite a true spook, but is capable of getting quite alarmed/bolting with an amazing leap-three-feet-in-the-air-spinning-180-while-springing-backwards thing that she fortunately does only rarely. She can easily slip a normal martingale collar when that happens. The martingale feature on the Freedom harness has been a lifesaver. Plus it has the very nice velvet type lining and has never chafed her--and now she gets super excited when she sees it coming out of the closet. Walks are tons of fun now, but I would never risk this particular dog in just a martingale. Oh, and it saves me money...I only have one (in a gorgeous purple) vs. the closet stuffed with martingales. Martingales are addictive, the harnesses, not so much (sorry 2Hounds ). Cathy
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