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  1. That's a much better look when he's not rolling his eyes at you.
  2. It would be fun to see how he would react if you let him loose in a larger house. You sure have a tiny condo. Our house is 1600 sq feet and sometimes it seems too small when the cat goes crazy and starts racing through the place.
  3. Really mom, you're disturbing my beauty sleep.
  4. You sure are a big boy Hamish. You will need to grow some more though, to grow into those paws.
  5. Hope your stew turns out to be really yummy. I understand it being a big deal. I don't make soup, but I recently heard about a recipe for stuffed green pepper soup and since we like stuffed peppers I decided to give it a try. It turned out so good that I made it two weeks in a row.
  6. Yeah, but at least she's awake now, lol! Poor Grace, what a way to wake up.
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. How devastating to have Honey gone so quickly.
  8. I have a school teacher friend who got hit in the head by a soccer ball. It was 7 months before she could finally go back to work full time. She spent a lot of time resting and wasn't even allowed to use the computer or watch tv at first. Concussions are a very dangerous thing and need to be treated properly. Hope your dh is taking it easy while he heals.
  9. Gosh Hamish, sounds like you've got it ruff at home. A hound has to chew and dig. I'm pretty sure it's in the houndie rule book.
  10. It's hard to look like a fierce pirate when your so darned cute Sid.
  11. Congratulations! They are both so sweet.
  12. Wow, that's one stressed out looking bunch of dogs. Hope you were able to get them to relax later.
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