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  1. I've heard of people in restaurants leaving stingy tips just to show what they thought of the service. Maybe Kate is trying to tell you something. Time to step up your game or risk being fired.
  2. I need to get one of those cones for myself. Never realized how much I touch my face until I started paying attention to it.
  3. I bought cans of Fancy Feast cat food this morning at the grocery store. I know the cashier, so I joked that at least dh and I would have some gourmet food to eat while we were self quarantining.
  4. Congratulations! Tiger is a very handsome boy.
  5. Lexi


    I'm so sorry for your Loss. Run free sweet boy.
  6. My condolences on the passing of Ambi. Love the picture, such beautiful eyes.
  7. Great story! Sounds like the pups had a fun walk.
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