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  1. I know what your mum means AndiPants! Dat's why ours house is juss a mess eben doh she feels like she is constantly tidying up. It's eggsausting watching her go back and forf! Plus also dareare too peepuls libbing heer BUTT won ob dem is a slob hoo duzn't no how to adult and hoo will lidrally take da lass cookie and leeb da empty tray on da counter insted ob taking free steps to put it in da recycling. Witch brings me to how enbiuss (in a gud way) she is ob Miss Susan! Furst, sheeze bery glad fur yoo, Miss Susan! Fur menny yeers yoo toiled in a boring job dat wuz way below yur skill lebbel, and den yoo habbed all dem awful yeers watching yur dad shrivel to a pale image ob wut he used to be, and yur mudder suffer wiff her Lewy's palsy, and all da rest. Plus it takes bravery to up and moob won's hole life sumwhere noo and so diffrint! So as faaah as weeze concerned, yoo'be erned it!! Mummy wood gib annyfing KNOT to hab to werk, or at leest KNOT full time, and still be able to hab her own house sumware green and priddy ware she can lib on her own. Sigh. Insted da finances is such dat she habs to lib wiff unkle Nick and sum days she's fine wiff it - at leest he's a nown quantity and she duzn't hab to open da refridgemarator and see ded corpses or animamal secreeshins, and dey generally get along apart from da slob fing, mossly by eech doing dare own fing), BUTT sum daze she juss witches moor dan anyfing dat she habbed her own place fur juss me and her, and cood be finanshuly independent. Da only way it's going to happen, she finks, is iffen she moobs back to Europe, so it is sumfink she may reconsider siriussly after I hab left her... it's juss too eggspensive to lib heer, yes eeben in Maine, where jobs don't pay much, plus it's cultrally isolated. She can deel wiff da cold (doh she duzn't like it, obviussly), BUTT KNOT da heet, so she culdn't moob to da souff ware it's moor affordable, plus eben doh sheeze herd it's bewtimuss, she doesn't fink she wood fit in. Plus SNAKES! And Spy dahs!! And mozzies yeer round!! It's all da same to me. I yam tode dat I yam kewt wherebber I go! Speeking ob witch! It's all been bery boring around heer lately, butt Mummy did take me fur a caaah ride in me Hounda erleir! She tooked me to won ob me faybritt places, da pet stoor. I like it dare because I get LODES ob pets and lubbins, and admirayshin, and complimints, and FREE BISKIES, and attenshin frum all da hoomans, boff da wons hoo werk dare and da wons hoo bizit to buy fings. Mummy didn't reely need anyfink frum da stoor BUTT she nos I like it dare so she tooked me dare fur a treet. Well, I made da most ob it, lemme tell yoo! I wagged me tale, I walked up to peepuls, and made beeg eyes at dem, and leened on dem, and gabe dem kisses on dare hands wedder dey wanted dem or KNOT, and generally enjoyed me slutty self (as mummy put it) trememdussly. Charlie and Zorro and Cap'n Jack! Wut a horrible traummatikal eggsperience!! Yoo wuz so brave! I wooda prolly rushed to hide sumware! And Ms Cynthia sabed yoo! Mam, glad da ice storm is ober. I feel yoo about da weerd temprachurs an' stuff. I don't remember da lass time our sump pump shubbed out so much water in Janooary! It's 45 petigrees faaahtinheit tooday...bery warm fur Maine in Janooary. Happy belated gotcha day to Chancey! Pippin
  2. Mornin'!! Merc, it muss be nice to hab da choice ob staying home and snoozing or going to skool and be petted all day. MUSS. BE. REELY. NICE. Pippin, jellis
  3. I hab misst lodes and lodes, butt I yam so happy to be tic-ticcing! Ooooh, lookit, it's quite a releef, I see Cap'n Jack is biziting (hi dood!!), and mebbe iffen I yam bery quiet and tic reely slowly me mummy will KNOT notiss da pikchurs oh Cap'n Jack (hoom she habs always had an annoying crush on ) and she still about hims to me sumtimes.... when she is KNOT about Charlie, dat is Do KNOT look mummy, do KNOT look mummy, do KNOT look no no no Nei So sweet. Oh me gudniss! Lookit Miss Susan and Miss Carol Ann!! How poifeklee splendiferuss, a club meetup! And wee Hamish.... HOO IS HUUUUUGE!! Mummy wuz all, like, Yooze a beeg lad, dood! Plus also hampsum... Grrrr... I need moor ugly frends in me life... Mummy's faybrit neffew, Clem, also a deerhound, is anudder houndie she is constantly blabbering at me about. I will gib her dis, she tooked me to da feelds tooday and dare wuz white snow eberywhere as faaah as da eyeball cud see and it wuz bery priddy. I trotted and jumped in da air and ran and twirled and sniffed LODES. Miss FancyPants, yoor posties make me laff and laff Yoo gots a reel bad attitood, gurlfrend I lub it! KNOT much nooze frum us. Same ode same ode to be honnist. Da stoodints is back frum da holly daze, mummy is running around like an eedjit at her werkjob, and dare is da usual drama, butt fings is gud wiff her boss and wiff da werk, so it's all gud as faaah as she is concerned. She habs been taking a brake frum soshul meedia and mossly reeding, sheeze on her sebbenf book alreddy dis munf, so sheeze happy and stimulated - bery impotent in code munfs like janooary fur her to keep dat pesky deep presshur at bay! She habbed two bad, bery bery KNOT gud daze sobbing ober her wizard (it wuz his gotcha day on da nineteemf), BUTT she is feeling moor beddah dis week. I halped. Witch is prolly why she puts up wiff me dispite me stinky faaahts! Wags, Pippin
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    From the album: Animated Smileys

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    From the album: Animated Smileys

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    From the album: Animated Smileys

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    From the album: Animated Smileys

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    From the album: Animated Smileys

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    From the album: Animated Smileys

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