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  1. And last, but not least, Squiggy. He has been with us just over a year. He was a prolific racer, but thoroughly enjoys the retired life. Amazing to watch is transformation over the last year- standoffish to love me now! He and Sadie love to play together- but Hamilton has to put an end to all fun.
  2. It’s been a long while- meet Hamilton and Sadie. They are littermates. Hamilton is actually our son’s- but is staying with us until he moves out in April. Hamilton has been part of the family for just over two years- joining us about a month after losing Benny and Fran. We adopted Sadie about a month later. They were just shy of turning two when we adopted. Hamilton is the enforcer- he is the “no-fun” police. Sadie is a lover and a leaner. She raced (36 races and one win)- he did not.
  3. Long time (and new pack) since my last post- will go to other forum and introduce them... but have a question. We’ve never seen bumps on our pups like this- any clue? Doesn’t seem to bother her. There is a smaller patch on her other rump. We’ve changed nothing... same foods, treats, walks, laundry detergents...
  4. She is on Deramaxx 75mg and Tramadol 50mg. I will call tomorrow if she continues to show as much pain as today. Her eating is off schedule as well- she JUST ate dinner.
  5. Thank you all for your insight! Dr. Couto has not mentioned the thoracic xrays, but I will discuss this with the vet Thursday morning. I stayed home today, and will tomorrow, which is good for both of us. She is only going about six hours before she is literally begging for pain meds. She wanted to be outside today and was going up to anyone that she happened to see (who knew our neighborhood was so busy during the day). I spoke with my next door neighbor, who I haven't even seen in months, only to discover their dog was just diagnosed with bone cancer. What is the likelihood? She is putting absolutely no weight on the leg, but was able to run/walk across the back yard on three legs.
  6. This was a very long day for me. I heard from Dr. Couto before I left for work and he confirmed what we were afraid of. He did suggest the aspiration and said he would chat with our vet regarding the procedure. It is scheduled for Thursday morning. I asked Dr. Couto a follow up question and he responded almost immediately. Very impressed. I sat at work (I am a teacher) and pretty much disregarded my students all day, as I read all the osteo threads. I worried about what was happening at home- I just wanted to go home. So many of the feelings I was having were part of the posts I was reading. So I know my feelings are normal, but I am scared, distraught, frustrated, confused and honestly wondering where all these tears keep coming from. I will be staying home the next two days. I can't stay at school concerned that Vicky is going to get up on a couch or the bed and then shatter her leg as she tries to get down. I can't imagine the suffering she would go through then. I will go to work Thursday, once I leave her in the care of the vet. Daddy man will be home Friday, so she doesn't have to be home without human companionship. As for how she is doing today- no appetite whatsoever. She finally ate a little breakfast after I opened the peanut butter jar. Other than cheese with her pain meds she has had no interest this evening. She was very loving and pushy for attention when I got home, but now she seems agitated and uncomfortable. She has stood at the couch a couple times, wanting to get up, but then settles onto the floor.
  7. Ok- I finally got the go ahead to contact Dr. Couto and I have. NO BIOPSY at this time. How long does Dr. Couto normally take to reply/contact?
  8. Benny IS telling us something! Normally that it's time to go O-U-T or it's time to EAT!!!!
  9. Thank you, everyone. Still in shock and we are moving forward tomorrow morning with getting an appt for the biopsy.
  10. It's been a long time since I last posted, but I do lurk now and again. Vicky started limping about two weeks ago- we couldn't find a source of pain or injury, so we limited her time outside and eliminated the daily walks. The limp only got worse. We took her to the vet yesterday and he took xrays. He said there could be a variety of issues, but he felt strongly we are dealing with osteo. We have a referral to a local oncologist, but I am just sitting here thinking of the worst and crying. The more xrays I see and stories I read, I think he's right. Those of you who have dealt with this before, what do you think? On top of the limp, Vicky has lost weight- she's down from a high of 55 to a low of 50lbs. Her personality has changed- she is much sweeter and seeking attention. The other two rarely leave her side, which is also a new occurrence. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Despite everything going on... she is still roaching. Left side images are of the "good" leg and the right side images are the "bad" leg.
  11. She seems to be back to her normal self today. Still has charcoal poo- but it's better than the alternative. Leftover chocolate? No... thought to put all THAT away. This was a bag of semi-sweet chunks I had used to make pancakes for DD that didn't find it's way back to the pantry.
  12. She's home! Haven't been there myself- on my way soon. Hubby says she is very tired but doing much better. She is on a very bland diet. So far, only rice. Thank you for the prayers.
  13. Vicky... the vicious... who never gets into anything, ate at least 11 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate yesterday. We have been very good about putting all the chocolate away (Benny had a pound of it a while back) to prevent such a disaster, but we missed the one bag of chunks. Like I said, Benny did this a while back and it was two days of H3LL, but we knew what to expect and we got through it on our own and Benny was ok. Difference between Benny and Vicky is 45 pounds- and the symptoms were different. Like Benny, she began to spew from both ends- without warning. Unlike Benny, she was very restless and agressive. Her eye were bloodshot and you could see the misery. I called the vet- he said we could sit it out, but with the agressiveness and restlessness (she was pacing from one end of the house to the other- laying down only for a minute on each end) he would take her in. We did- as we sat there her agressiveness turned to patheticness... head buried in my lap... but her heart was pounding. Not a typical reaction for her at the vet. They immediately took her back and hooked her up to an IV for fluid and started the activated charcoal treatment. They let us go back to see her before leaving, where she was finally laying down and gave me kisses. Hubby had been out of town and missed the whole incident... but he insisted on stopping at the hospital to see her before coming home. He said she sat up and wagged her tail (not the butt shaking wag, but a gentle "I love You" wag), but even he could see the misery and said I did the right thing taking her in. He is there now to get her and either bring her home or take her to our normal vet, so I don't know what is going on now- but they said the IV and charcoal should speed the process. Please say a few prayers for her today... and I believe we are going to BAN CHOCOLATE from this point forward.
  14. This is the one we have as well. DH said it took about a week to receive our reimbursement. He looked at all of the plans after Fran's jaw incident, and this was the best he could find.
  15. We are all sending you and Cricket our thoughts and prayers.
  16. Have to agree on the overcrowding in Reston. We first moved there in 1980 and it has changed so much since. The paths are great and it is beautiful. I actually got lost the day we moved back in 1997 as all my landmarks had changed!
  17. We are suffering through this right now. Vicky gets worse with each storm. We have been using benadryl when we have advanced warning. She did fairly well with the fireworks, and actually it was Dip who I thought was going to lose it completely (the cat?!?). During storms, Vicky paces the house, panting, heart racing. I've tried covering the crate, putting a t-shirt on her, playing the music. She digs for China behind the couch, in the closet, behind the toilet. During today's storm it appeared Shadow was standing at the closet door laughing at her. If she can ever get comfortable on the boxes and under the clothes she will stay in my closet throughout the storm. It is getting her in there... We are in Florida Vicky! It storms daily!
  18. No advice... but I share your frustrations concerning incompetent e-vets. We will keep you all in our prayers and thoughts, hoping for smooth recovery.
  19. Hi Beverly and Mandy, and welcome from FL (I used to live in Reston, DD is actually there right now and DS goes tomorrow!!!). Mandy is beautiful.
  20. You didn't by chance do flea and tick treatments Monday, did you?
  21. 545- Here's hoping for a safe and uneventful trip.
  22. iWelcome from Tampa! I just recently became hooked on Heroes myself- Hiro is one of my favorite characters.
  23. My prezzie box came tooday! Mommy sez I hab too wayt beefor I openz da box cuz herz TRIYING to pootz awl ar stufz in da car. Weez gowin to ar udder grandmals houz toonite. Herz sez grandmal (I neber met grandmal beefor) libs in vergennea- an dat herz wantz me an Vicky and da skin kids to sweep awl da waa dere . Thank roo bery much santy pawz! I cant wayt too openz da box! Wubs, Fran
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