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  1. Andipants, da Flexie is da pretty burgandy cherry red with da tan leather interior. Who, it is hot tonight. Me forgets to tell you all day at 10:30 ob da night last night, it was still 90 pedigrees. Tonight more da same and tomorrow will guestimate 102 petigrees plus da humid. Me gonna melt.
  2. Frigemators, spiders, excessive heats, and thinking it ok to beat up on a cute poopie. This is just one year dat needs to go bye bye. Battle, you is too cute for any ob your kind to be mean too. Miss CA will take care ob you and keep youze safe! Hamish is a good big brother too and will protect you. Ma agrees with dem sticky traps for da spider infestation. Makes me furs crawl at da thought ob a spidy nursery inside da house. Would you like us to send you seberal ob dem green anolies to you? Dey is eberywhere now and keep trying to force der way into da house. Ma ebicts ebery one with a box to ride back outside, ober and ober. It is breedin season here and some ob dem little guys is really hard to catch. Glad da frigemator fiasco is ober. Enjoy a cold one! You deserbs it. Da heats is on here in Texas too. Yesterday we hit 100 petigrees with da humids. Dat feels like was 110 petigrees. We is stayin in da house with da curtains and doors shut. Whew, gonna be a long hot summer here. Ma always talks to herbs transporters also. She names eberyone ob dem. Eye did not see herbs kiss da houndiemotorhome mobile when it left though. She has made up herbs mind to sell da Flex soonest. Tryin to keeps 2 vehicles in order is excessibe extrabagance. Ifn anyone knows ob someone dat wants a nice comfy ride, only 14.5K miles, rigged for towing behind any RV, and super spiffy. Da only thing wrong, is it is so efficient on da road it wants to speed all da time. Dat is one reason Ma is cutting dem apron springs. Herbs has a lead foots and gonna get caught someday. Ma has taken herbs first lesson in dribin with herbs hands only. She wants 1 more lesson befor she goes and gets tested. Only ifn she passes da testes can she get da ban converted to hand controls. Assumin dat da state ob Texas will open up for testing. Sheesharoni, Ma, you is just too high maintainence. My sissie,Tiny, had a bad spell again this week. Herbs frew up blood and pooped blood again. She is back on dem drugs to calm herbs guts down, AGAIN. Ma thinks it was all dem booms and pops and whistles from da war zone that done it this time. Fanks for letting me know about how long it will take for my auction winnings to get here from Oh Canada. Ifn Ma was not so creeky and da birus was not so bad, we could habs just done a road trip. None ob us habs been to Oh Canada afore, and Ma did get herbs passport last year dat habs neber been used. Sigh, someday me gonna go somewhere. Gotta go be pesto to Ma. Will try to bark more when our libes gets somethin exciting to bark about. Oh wait, we is neber gonna be interesting. Maybe just later gators! Abby
  3. To my Oh Canada friends. If a small box was mailed from Canada to the US, about how long should I wait before panicking? It was mailed the day after Canada Day.
  4. Hello survivors. Last night was bad. Ma dosed me and sissy with da oils (fanks Miss Ducky). So we survived. Fanks Hamish for da club all refreshed. And your little brother keeps turning my ma into a puddle of goo. Yummy snacks, eye was good girl and licked all the dishes clean since eye as usual was late to da party. Charlie, you and da mam's crew looks very happy. Eye miss you all. Your lives is very busy, and me and sissy thinks ob you often. Sissy is back on a hunger strike. Ma is actually trying to cook to get herbs eating. Eye ob course sneek around behind ma's back and steel lots of da goodness out on sissies bowl. Ma yells at me but eye can't help it. Food is my passion. Molly you gots da bomb of hats. You should be a runway model. Snuggle with your humans eberybodies. Abby da thief on foods
  5. I am trying to make a list of tips and tricks to help houndie owners dealing with issues in caring for their hounds. Specifically, I am looking for a photo that I can use of greyhound wearing either shorts, or sweat type pants that have been used to prevent the pup from licking the rear areas. I know that I have seen them, but since I want a photo now, cannot locate. Can someone help me? Thanks
  6. Just runnin frew again. So much to do and so little time rite now. Before me forgets, some ob you was wanting to know what you could do here is da linky to da Tattoo Times ob our group with da stories and linkies ifn you is interested. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Healing-thoughts-for-all-affected-by-Harvey------.html?soid=1102697249127&aid=TpHjfXvwa5I Da house fix it guys is comin soon and gonna start puttin da house back together. First is to rip out da rock on da exterior walls ob my boodooior and fix da OSB sheeting dat got damaged in da flood. When dat is done, fix all da inside walls. Den we wait til da flooring company gets un-backordered to put da new floor down. Den we will need to start puttin back all da stuff that has been dissappearing into boxes so it can be mobed out ob da way for da flooring peeps. Oh yeah, momma decided to leabs me again. Herbs gott toted out da door in da middle ob da nite again. Dis has gots to stop. Dem parra-medics and sherrif guy refused to let me out ob jail when dey stole my momma. Eye was a good girl and did not hab any accidents before eye was rescued. But sheesh, momma lefted me pee pee pads for a reason, just dem emergency peeps refused to let me at em. Sheesharoni!!! Anywho, she is back home and we is back together. Just a relapse, overdoing it and stress. The cat scan showed excess inflammation at the site of the hernia repair, so got to rest more, and suck it up. Momma, you don't let me tic tic much, eye is so behind, and now you is stealin my time...Harrrumph. eye gonna go sulk Take dis momma, CLICK.........
  7. Runnin frew, cause eye gots tickles in my towsies. Did not habs ability to communicate yesterday. But we is back today. Yesterday, late, we had a few rays ob sunnyshine come out. Momma would not let me go sunbaf cause she said dat da yard was still deep muck. Last night and dis mornin we gots more rains, but it is da backside ob da storm so dey is light. More nusence dan anythin else. Harvey is strikin more habboc about ninetyleben miles to da east now. Der is houndie rescues ober der, and we is hopin dey is all gonna be safe. Dat area is called Beaumont. Ifn you gots any more good mojo to send out, start finkin ob dem folks too. Dey is gonna need da help. Momma sposed to go for herbs surgehurry cheeckup, and cannot find out if da office is open or if da feeder roads to get der is open. She did check da webbysite this morning,, and it is two days old. Foooooey! How dat spose to help. Don't get me wrong, it is berry important to concentrate on da harder hit areas, but we is needing info in our areas too. Just sayin. Oh funny story time: We is berry lucky in our kennel dat da kennelmaster Robby, libes with dem houndies. Well, weneber der was a break and hims could get some houndies outside to stretch der leggies, hims done it. One ob da girlie girl houndies took adbantage ob Robby, who is ob senior persuasion, and refused to let hims take herbs back inside. She ran, played, jumped and spun all ober one ob da yards just outside ob hims reach. She is a playful girl and me would gibs anythin to habs a video ob herbs tauntin Robby. Da visual is just too funny knowin Robby. Hims is so greyhound saavy to get bested by a houndie! Hope you can enjoy da story too! Eye cannot say how much it meant for all my friends to hold my paw and momma's hand as we faced this nasty storm. You all are da bestest. Don't want to tie up da interwebby, need to share so someone else can tell der family HI! Dottie
  8. Weatver report from Texas Last night was da worst so far. Windy blowin gusts to firtyleben mph, sheets ob rains, and a liddle funderboomers. Nothin sever, it just is not stoppin. Today, da bulls eye is concentratin on our neck ob da woods. Houston is gettin a break so dey can get dem peeps and pets out. Still gots power, but da cell coberage keeps commin and going. Our webby serbice depends on wifi. FYI--der is some folks across da country that ain't gots nuthin better to do than complain "EVACUATION" issue. Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. No one could have known that parts of town that have never flooded in the last 100 years would flood now. So get off your high horse, roll up your sleebes and volunteer, open dat wallet, or just shut up and thank your lucky stars you are not in the thick of it. Sorry for the rant, but it just rubs my furs da wrong way sometimes. Me is gettin better at pottying in da rain. Eye still don't like it, but it could be worse. Da neighbors cows up da road, is bawlin and mooing and carryin on dis morning. Guess dey is unhappy dat der salad fixins is soggy in da dressin ob wadders. Oh, funny story. Anyone wants to hear??? Last night, dem froggies has decided to hold a concert to attract some girl froggies. Da racket dey made at times was so loud dat it drowned out da rainy rain and wind noises. Who would habs thunk dat froggies can make so much noise. Sheesh, how is a girl houndie sposed to get any beauty naps. Better send dis before we is cut off da interwebs again. Bye all, Dottie
  9. Morning to all my friends. Well, it is still kind ob dark, but me thinks it is morning. Da timer thingy on da wall is pointing da big hand to 12 and da liddle hand to 9. Da rainy rains is comin down in buckets now. Eye was a determined girlie last night and refused to go out in da deluge. And eye could just not bring myownself to potty in da house eben do momma said eye could. Me finally just runned out pottied and runned back in. Momma met me with a wonderful fluffy towel. Now eye is just chilaxzin listening to da storm rage. Momma is watchin da news when eber it is on between da signal disruption. Dem folks down in Houston is really floatin. Oh, der is a neighborhood down der called Friendswood. Some ob my group hounds libs der. Parts dem folks is up on der roofs cause da wadders is so deep. Da policemans boats habs runned out ob fuel a couple times, and now Texas proud peeps are wadin frew da watters bringin fibe gallon jugs ob fuel to da policemans so dey can keep pullin folks offa dem houses. It is just so nice to see da policemans and folks ob all races gettin along in peace and helpfulness for a change. We habs had about twelbe to fifteenlebenty inces ob rainy rain so far, and dey is now talkin dat der will be maybe that much more just today. There is a possible chance dat der will be eben more dan dat. Dat is lots ob waders. We is drainin pretty good. Da highway folks must habs got da drain open at da bottom ob da hill cause da lake der is not berry high rite now. Da lights is flickerin once in a while, but mostly dey is stayin on. Momma is happy bout dat. This PM we is to be expectin funderboomers and more whirly freats ob wind. Dat is just not fun for my nerbes. Oh oh, da lights if lickerin pretty good, so better send dis before da lectricty goes out for good. Fanks for da lubs and good wishes. We is habbin da bestest ob friends in you all. Dottie trying to be brabe so JJ will be proud ob me
  10. Well it did not last, da bad stuffs is here now. Eye and momma are mobin into da indoor cabe. Whirly winds and seber funderboomers is here now. So momma says eye can hide in dignity.
  11. Checkin in from soggy souf east Texas. Der habs been no more funder boomers since dat one boom last night. But da drip drip drippity drip outside keeps comin down. Der is no urgency here yet. Eye ate my breakie and now eye is tucked in on my snuggly bed. Da tv keeps comin and goin out. Da cell coverage is going off and on. Da piccies from Rockport and Ft. Bend County areas looks so bad. But dat is a more dan hundred and fifftylebeen miles from here. We is just getting dem feeder bands as da storm rotates around so far. Bye for now Dottie so far A-OK.
  12. First feeder band is coming through right now, Just before it started, Momma tried to make me go potty but eye showed herbs. No way, no how me gonna get my furs damp. Oh da windy stuffs is blowin way down where da old kennel used to be. So glad da houndies don't libes down der anymore. Dis gonna be a long PM and ebening. Oh, da neighbor man came ober and brought another 5 gallon ob gas for da generator. he said hims would be abailable to lift da big jug when it was needed to keep da generator ready to go wheneber momma pushes da button. Me lubs my neighbors. Momma keeps watchin da weaver stuff to see da progress. Herbs is saying dat some peeps isso stupid. On one ob da barrier islands, da people is complainin dat da mayors did not order a bacuation. And now it is too late, der is no gas for dem to puts in der cars to leabes. Duh. You libs right smack in da danger zone, and you habs to be told tomake preppies or leabes? Just not da brightest bulb in dat gene pool. Oh, der is a funder boomer, gotta run and hide. Dottie da chicken
  13. Well, momma habs done eberythin she can think ob. Dis misser harvey storm is blowing up big and fast. Hims is gonna be a meany pants to dis part ob Texas. Eye will try to be brabe, but a storm dat will last for days and days and days. Dey is now talking about up to firtysixlebenty inches ob rain before it is moving on. Eye gonna need water wings me thinks. Momma called da state highway folks to report dat da wader culbert dat goes under da highway is clogged, and hopefully dey will get it unclogged so da waders will not back up too high on da south side. Da good news on dat side ob my yard is dat ifn it clog stays and da wadder backs up, den da altitude ob da highway is lower than where da house sits. So no back up to da house, but da state highway will be oberrunned with wadders and possible wash out ob da highway. Dat means no body will go wizzing past. All da moldy carpet was remobed yesterday so we is down to just da bare concrete. Ifn eye habs an accident it will be easy to clean up. Whew!!! Also momma will puts down lots ob pee pee pads, just in case. Eye is afeared ob storms so much. She has put up lots ob baby gates and hexpen pannels to keeps me out ob most ob da house. Herbs puts my sole surbibing huge bed in da big closet so ifn da whirly winds happen, we can habs a safe room dat is in da center ob da house. Momma also got herbs a weaver radio dat you got to crank for juice to keep abreast ob da storm status. And she gots a portable battery for da cell phone to plug in and get more juice. Eye sure hopes da lectricity don't die, but da last hurrycane da lectricity was out almost a week. On da house issue, more damage was uncobered . So puttin my house back together is gonna take months now. Da UnServePro peeps lefted wet insulation sit for almost a month in da walls dey refused to open up and it ruint da outside wall OhEssBee sheeting, it is just coming all unglued. Dey will habs to remobe da rocks from da outside ob da house to fix it. We are talking about maybe fortylebentyfoots worth ob rock siding. That is gonna be tough. Dey habs to fix da outside ob da house before dey will fix da inside ob da house. Momma is trying to crawl into a hole and pull it in behind herbs rite now, and eye gots my pawsies full holding herbs back. Eye may not habs a putor to talk much during da storm, but will try as long as eye can to stay in touch. All my friends are just da best in der suggestions. Fanks from da bottom ob my gynormous heart to each ob you. See you all on da other side! Dottie gonna bite dat harvey guy Eye may not habs a putor to talk, but will try as long as eye can to stay in touch. All my friends are just da best in der suggestions. Fanks from da bottom ob my gynormous heart to each ob you.
  14. Dottie momma here. Question to all the techno experts.... What should I buy to run my cell phone when the power goes out. We are expecting a tropical storm beginning Friday. I have a generator, but since the storm is expected to last up to 5 days with up to 16" of rain, I may not be able to keep it running that long. Suggestions appreciated.
  15. Runnin frew dis humid day. It is so hot and humid dat eye fink da reader ob da temmpy is on strike. It goes to 99.99 and den it went ------ Guess when it is dat hot it don't make no difference. Momma says eye am being a really pesto today. She habs yelled at me seberal times today. Snifffff. Momma lefted herbs breakie drink on da side table while she was watchin tb. Eye snuck up behind herbs and rolled my tungue into a roll and stuck it down da neck bottle top and sampled herbs liquid. Eye was goin down da bottle for another taste when she catched me, and stole my fun. She called me a thief. Harrumph! Den when she was sweepin dem lubbugs offn da back porch so eye would not bring der carcusse in as eye was runnin in and out, she told me to mob. Me, mob? Well eye just stood der and she swatted me with da broom. That was beneath eben human behavior. So eye pouted a liddle while. Eye contimplated gettin eben. Den eye tooks my chance. Momma made soop for lunch. Made it a liddle too hot, so she sat it on da side table to cool. Eye snuck around da backside again when it was da rite temmypchur and proceeded to lap lap lap it up. Oh did she come unglooded dat time. And to top off all da theivery, eye frew in seberal situations today where eye stuck my face in herbs business and demanded lots ob ear nuggies and massagge ob me own neck and face. Ahhhhh! Me lubs nuggies and massagge. Oh, eye did knock herbs papers and pen on da floor to get herbs to realize eye was serious. Dat should teach herbs to treat me in a manner dat is not how eye should be treated. Momma is tellin me to get off da putoer. Guess eye will habs to get more eben somemore. Eye finks ob you all often. Someday, will get to catch up. Bye for now, Dottie da sneeky
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