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  1. Does anyone have any experience? Our 10yr old Jessie was dx'ed Monday with osteo, we did amputation on Tuesday. She has since developed vasculitis in two of her remaining legs. She is not eating so they put in a feeding tube (just in her nose). I have not seen her yet today however they said she is up and brighter today, I just do not know if we are doing her an injustice.
  2. I think we have met a Shannon. We love the vet techs there. The vets im okay with. The vet we used in Staten Island I loved!! I mean I wanted to cry when we moved. This place seems okay but not the same as what I was used to. Jack had a pinched nerve and was screaming I called for a Saturday app (it started on a Friday night late) and they didnt really have time to fit us in. I pushed until they got us in.. However at Staten Island Vet they would have said yes come in and we will figure out when to squeeze you in. I never mind waiting. I was just taken back we chose that group because they are open on weekends and not a head to the evet practice. They made me feel like I was calling to get his nails clipped on a crazy Saturday...
  3. The vet I wanted to use his hours do not work for us (close at 5pm, sub vet on Saturdays). I am in Newburgh.. I dont like Flannery's.. Since we moved we have been going to Hudson Highlands, so far so good. I find them very expensive (please keep in mind we came from Staten Island, so I was just shocked how much more it was)..
  4. Which vet practice do you use?
  5. Do you have a fenced in yard? If not you can always use our yard. Not huge but fenced!!
  6. If you guys do a weekend walk let me know we would come over and walk. Also do you do Meet and Greets? We still head back to NJ to do them.
  7. Would love to do a get together.. We still head down to NJ to see our other grey friends..
  8. I live in Middlehope off of 9W (closer to the NB Bridge).. )
  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dutchess County. We're in Dutchess County but I went to college in Geneseo! My old roommate is from Caledonia. Im in Orange.. Right across the river.. Kim
  10. Hugs Kris!!!!!!!!!! Kim
  11. I have read that too. My husband wanted to take him to our chiro... I feel rotten that he hurst and I can not make it go away.
  12. One of the docs in the practice does chiro and accupuncture, I will see how Jack is tonight with a full day of complete rest (my Dh and I are back to work) if not we will take him tomorrow. I just hate that he is in pain.
  13. The vet said we could try accupuncture too, they do that at her office too. However she wanted to see if rest and Rimadyl worked.
  14. It all started Friday night. I was making dinner and Jack was on the couch when he started to scream!! I ran to him and could tell he was in pain. We took him to the vet on Saturday and she said it is a pinched nerve/disc issue. She gave him a shot of pain medication and sent us home with Rimadyl 100mg once a day. He is doing better but still in pain and still yelling. Not like he as on Friday. Is there anything else we can do??? Mornings seem to be the worst time for him, he has a stiff neck after sleeping all night. I just hate to see him in pain.. thanks!
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