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    Laurie, please don't blame yourself any longer. Emily had a good life with you, she was loved deeply, and none of us can see the future. I'm so sorry that you lost her, but I'm sure she's happy now.
  2. PatricksMom


    I'm terribly sorry, you two were lucky to find each other, and I know she loves and waits for you.
  3. I'm so sorry that you lost her. It hurts so much, reguardless of how long you've had her. I'm sure she's grateful to you for your love, and is waiting for you.
  4. Thank you for sharing Becka. If we all loved with the hearts of a dog, the world would be a kinder, better place. Now I'm crying.
  5. PatricksMom


    Oh Becka, I'm so sorry. We all know how much you love him, and letting him go must have been so hard for you, but what a kindness to him. Godspeed baby, wait happily at the bridge.
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. Listen to your heart, you will know when it's time to open your home to another baby, whether it's through fostering or adopting.
  7. Brian, I'm so sorry. Run freely at the bridge where life is kinder, and wait for your mom who loves you so much.
  8. PatricksMom


    what a sweet face, I'm sorry for your loss. Bear, run free and wait for your beloved family.
  9. I'm so sorry you lost her. I know she understands and thanks you for doing a hard thing so that she could be at peace. Godspeed Dove.
  10. I'm terribly sorry for your loss, but what a blessing that she found you to love her in her last months. Godspeed Bell.
  11. PatricksMom


    Godspeed Roo, you have been loved so much by your family, may you wait for them in peace at the bridge.
  12. what sweet pictures, I can tell they were precious to you. I have a piggie and a bunny, so I know that it can be hard loving creatures with shorter life spans.
  13. Pippin, my first dog ever, you still live in my heart and my dreams. My prayers and thoughts go out for those of you who have loved and lost so many.
  14. I'm very sorry, this must have been a hard Christmas for you.
  15. Godspeed Maggie, you will live on in everyone's memories.
  16. PatricksMom


    Run freely and happily Victor, and bless Sue and Andy for giving you a home at the end of your life.
  17. Thankyou for sharing this. DH and I would love to adopt a senior when we're in a position to add another dog to our family. Bless you for taking care of them.
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