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  1. Some dogs (Henry) do seem always hungry, others not--Leo is currently back on a semi-starvation strike. Cooked frozen green beans have worked well here when Henry needed to be on a diet, I just cook 3 days or so at once and put them in the fridge, assuming medical issues have been ruled out and the amount of calories offered is appropriate, she might try that.
  2. You're not a pest at all, we love helping new parents. If she's getting real sardines, I'd stick with just those, they're a great source of calcium and good oils. Or if you want to, add human grade fish oil instead of the cod liver oil.
  3. If she gets fussy about the portable water ball, try a plastic cup--mine have all preferred those for some reason.
  4. Under these circumstances, muzzle or crate. But some dogs can get into an amazing amount of trouble even muzzled. If she does get something hard/sharp and non-poisoners, give her some bread to cushion it. Henry is bad about getting into things (although not quite this bad), since keeping the entire house picked up perfectly just wasn't happening, we now baby gate them in the family room. It's much easier to keep one room spotless, and they're hardly suffering with furniture to lounge on and I have two of their dog beds, their toys, and their water in there. Could this help? Maybe you'll have to find a room where you can lock the door (with a indoor lock the fire department can easily open)?
  5. Thanks, I've fed Diamond in the past (different dog) and I think I stopped over a food contamination issue, but really what food hasn't had that in the last 15 years.
  6. I've had better luck with a large plastic cup. Like you'd buy for summer picnicking. I don't fuss too much about the amounts, throw some in and stir a lot.
  7. That sounds lovely! Seriously, it's your wedding, as long as you're not hurting anyone, do what you want. If you've picked wedding colors, maybe collars in those colors? Sort of like bridesmaids/groomsmen.
  8. All good today, not even any tummy upset from the antibiotics
  9. No, he's been eating Costco Lamb and Rice for the last four years, good to know about the fish oil, I'll ask the vet about whether we should stop that.
  10. What are the pain meds? Is she taking an antibiotic? I'd have her rechecked today if at all possible. You might also try some broth in her water, sometimes that will get them to drink, or even just broth if she'll take it.
  11. Heard from the vet, blood work is all basically fine, except his pancreas levels are up and it's a bit inflamed, so he's going on anti-nausea meds and a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Hopefully this will all resolve itself.
  12. Leo's at the vet, his vet will see him in between surgeries. He still seems fine, just hungry.
  13. Gums, completely normal. Skin tenting, completely normal. Temperature is fine. He would eat, but I don't feel comfortable letting him. I think unless things go south, the plan is vet first thing in the morning, just to be sure.
  14. Thanks, to be fair, MY vet, is not the one on call, it's the owner of the practice tonight. He'll see my vet tomorrow.
  15. So my vet who allegedly has after hours service is flaking out, and last time I took Leo to the evet it was a disaster, so I'm reluctant to take him in if it's not necessary, but what do you think? • Dh and I finally got home tonight and realized between us Leo has been throwing up on and off all day • No distended abdomen, no pain when palpated • Pooping and urinating • Acting normally • Throwing up on occasion isn't abnormal for him • It's not likely he ate something he shouldn't have, but it's not impossible either. Do you think it's okay to wait until tomorrow for an X-ray / barium study or should I try my luck with the e-vet tonight, assuming nothing changes? If we don't take him in tonight, I'm definitely withholding food, thoughts on withholding small amounts of water? He currently can handle a small amount of water, free access causes throwing up. Thank you eta: otherwise a healthy, 6 year old.
  16. I'm so sorry, you're such a good mom to help him through the end of his journey.
  17. Follow-up, does anyone know if Sam's Club has a lamb and rice food of comparable quality? They're offering a free membership to Costco members this week.
  18. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm not hugely picky but Henry's got a slightly finicky stomach on foods that aren't lamb based.
  19. I'm about to breakup with Costco (thanks to the credit card debacle), the only thing keeping me there is that's where I get the boy's food. They do well on it, any recommendations for something similar, in a similar price range?
  20. Good to hear the updates, will have to check in with the vet next time about this.
  21. Please let us know how it goes--10 mg of Valium only calms Leo down for about 1/2 hour, poor baby.
  22. Both of my vets, no food after midnight, water all the way through drop-off. The staff at the new vet tells us no water after midnight, but the vet says keep giving it. I do the blood-work a week in advance, I've never been told to withhold food/water for that.
  23. I don't know what's typical, but when I used to split up Patrick's, I wasn't charged for the second visit. But I only split them by a week.
  24. Be honest with yourself about the likelihood of forgetting to come back in later. If you won't, spreading them out is fine, if you might, I'd do them together. I would prefer to separate Frontline and Heartworm, but realistically, that substantially increases our risk of forgetting one so we do them on the same day. I only do Bordatella in dogs I feel are in high exposure situations--so previous dog sitter, with just their two dogs, nope. Current situation, where there are sometimes up to 10 dogs (still in a wonderful home environment) from different families, yes.
  25. I'm so sorry, gentle hugs and good thoughts for both of you.
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