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  1. It's their instinct, not all of them, but many. I get what you're feeling, I was horrified when Leo got a baby squirrel, but he's not a bad dog, it's just in his nature. If she didn't eat it, I wouldn't worry. If she did, I'd worry (but probably for no good reason) and check with my vet. She's not a killer, she's a dog. I don't personally have bird feeders, because Leo is very high prey drive, it doesn't make him dangerous or bad, it just means his instincts out doors, with wild prey, are a bit stronger than some dogs.
  2. For what it's worth, mine have done well on Costco's Lamb and Rice, even with Henry's finicky stomach. Leo does hunger strike now and then (like right now), but I've stopped worrying about it since he always goes back to eating okay eventually.
  3. I'm so sorry, my boy had been very ill, but he had recovered, and then I had a similar experience--sudden, unexplained crisis and a rush to the vet. I'm so sorry, I know it's very hard, try to be gentle with yourself and find some special stuff to do with Scooter, it may help you both. When you're ready, we have a remembrance section here, and we would love to hear more about your beloved friend.
  4. Welcome and hugs all around, how hard. I'm not sure what the barrier is to adoption, but if it's finances or the ability to commit long-term or if it's emotionally too soon, could you foster?
  5. Our vet is one of the "expensive" vets in town, I say that because having moved here from the Philly area, I can't believe how much people complain about these prices. I pay roughly $125-150ish for senior panel, full exam, fecal test, and vaccinations (1x/year) and then about $250-300ish for a full anesthesia dental and nail dremeling. But I'm in a very low cost of living area. I paid roughly twice that before I moved. But in a non-emergency year (I'll get one of those someday, right?) I pay for a full exam, senior panel (I do these on the younger dogs too, it's what they call the more complete panel), fecal, required vaccinations plus bordatella (multi-year vaccines when it's an option), and a dental (unless the vet says it's not needed / ill advised). They call all my scripts into the local human pharmacy, unless it's something temporary like an antibiotic, those I get at the vet's office. I think the minimum they could safely/legally allow would be exam, fecal, and legally required vaccinations if they're going to prescribe heart worm medications.
  6. I agree with Neylasmom, something's up and even if it's physical, you want to get it under control before it becomes a habit. I wouldn't rule out a food allergy, if she was fostered for only a month and was already chewing, the allergy could still be getting worse.
  7. If it keeps up, is adopting a second an option? Or maybe a cat?
  8. All good advice, but I'll add, what my first (and beloved) vet always said, old age is not a disease. Sure, our seniors can develop complications that make a dental unwise, but so can a younger dog. If her blood values / urine tests / physical exam are all fine, try not to worry. If they're not, and your vet is advising against anesthesia, than look at some of her other options.
  9. I had a dog that needed this done a few times a year, best money I ever spent; I think it cost me ~$10 to have it done.. Also, it's my understanding that groomers (usually) don't do it properly and that can cause problems, so make sure you're learning the best technique if you do it yourself or have a vet's office take care of it.
  10. A dog that kills cockroaches. Leo does, and I'd love another, I refuse to poison our lives because we get a few a year, but gross. even better if he'll take the disgusting dead ones outside. ETA: Ever since (10+ years ago) I read about the lady complaining about her dog pooping in her yard, DH has wanted the poop free model.
  11. Too late for this year, but if you have a very nervous hound, leash even within your fenced yard during fire works if they need to go out. Also, not my idea (I don't remember who first came up with this), but my boys' tags say on the reverse side, "If I'm loose, I'm lost, please call mom" since so many people in my town let their dogs run around loose.
  12. I wouldn't bath her before her appointment so your vet can actually smell her, not just get a description. And on this forum, there's no need to be delicate, you wouldn't believe what gets discussed Also, did you add any new supplements, medicines, or change food?
  13. As far back as you can possibly reach, hold his snout closed, rub the throat gently until he swallows.
  14. This is very controversial here, warning, but if your dog is in the ballpark of 75 pounds, one option is to use 7.5mg generic human metacam and half the pill, and then it's very affordable. I've done it with two dogs with no problems. Regardless of the source, with any NSAID you should do bloodwork before starting and then routinely if using daily.
  15. It shouldn't have any impact on mental health at all, it's an anti-inflamatory. That said, sometimes pain can cause the dog to be unsettled, they have trouble getting comfortable, etc. so you may see a reduction in pacing, getting up and down constantly, etc. if it works.
  16. Patrick took metacam (well, human meloxicam) periodically for years and then daily for about three, when the Tramadol alone stopped working it made a huge difference in his quality of life (arthritis). Never had a single issue, not symptom wise or in terms of bloodwork. Not terribly relevant, but I had a rabbit on Metacam for about five years, never had a single issue either. Rimadyl is banned in our house due to a bad experience.
  17. Yes, Henry's got a liver value that can be funky sometimes, but no health problems at all.
  18. Are you letting him outside / walking him after dinner. Around here, that's a sign they need to poop, which eating seems to trigger.
  19. I'm so sorry, I'm hoping you are able to have some more time with him.
  20. I don't know if it's what's happening here, but territory marking can absolutely happen in neutered males, and in large quantities. While you try other things, make sure you've throughly cleaned where he's peed with an enzyme based cleaner, in case that's what's going on.
  21. I would pick up a very light fleece coat, and something waterproof--both should last a long time wear you live. Even if you're doing yard turnouts, in the heavy rain you may not want a soaking wet dog coming back inside. For fleece, my boys wear: http://www.greyhoundfleecejackets.com(the single fleece for NC) For rain: http://www.chrisanthemums.com/chrisanthemums/raincoat/windbreaker/178-raincoat/windbreaker.html Get it a little big and she can wear the fleece under it if needed. Both have held up well to washing-I've had the rain coats for 3 years, and my oldest fleece from Carol is at least 8 years old (it got a lot more use in DE).
  22. I've paid, I've not had to pay, both good vets. $140 seems really excessive though.
  23. I'm so sorry, so sorry, it really does sound like it's time to let Speed go, but I think you know that. I'm sorry that your BF can't be supportive.
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