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  1. Not to sound like a weirdo, but I try all the dog's first aid products on me or DH, partially so we know if they hurt, partially because we never bother with first aid supplies for anyone but our boys.
  2. Hi, found a sort of flatish lump on Henry (no feeling of attachment) but with mild bleeding last night. We see his vet tomorrow at 11 am. Mommy's worrying about cancer Henry's getting special treats because Mommy's worrying about cancer. He's only 8.
  3. Not an inappropriate reaction, we've all been there. Glad you got good news.
  4. Leo takes 20 mg/day for general anxiety and thunderstorm issues.
  5. I'm so sorry. It's such a horrid, hard part of being a greyhound parent. You did the right thing, and I'm sending you gentle hugs. Thank you for sharing her with us.
  6. Better too soon I think than too late. Don't forget, they're not human, they're not worrying about what happens next, they're experiencing life in the moment.
  7. Baby sunscreen is safe and won't hurt. It could be skin adjusting though, either the stress of a change in environment or changing diet.
  8. Welcome to GT, not to be an echo chamber, but run a full panel, have it sent to an outside lab, and treat if you see symptoms (and not a bald butt, lots of greyhounds are slow to regrow hair, particularly in that area, and have normal thyroid values). And hugs on the worrying, I know when you lose a dog, it makes you (or at least me) paranoid about stuff for a while.
  9. Yep, he's just like his mom, enjoys being around people, but we also need our alone time. I had to tell our dog sitter when she had a house full of dogs and he was getting growly to put him in his crate with a blanket over it for a couple hours a day, he was happy as a clam.
  10. All I can say is don't adopt too soon. I did, and while it's worked out in the long run, it wasn't good for Henry or I. I can't say I'm exactly a good model here, but try to figure out what helps you deal--shopping, yoga, a book club, working obsessively, there's no judgement. Just find something that brings you some measure of peace and wait until you're ready, really read, to consider another friend.
  11. My new colleague and her four year old are staying with us until their furniture arrived. Apparently, Leo invited himself to story time and is now napping with them while he (the four year old) reads bedtime stories (they don't think this is weird, I checked). He's lying in our guest room quite happy with his life. Henry, my little introvert, meanwhile, is chilling in our room by himself.
  12. You're trying to figure out your mistake in installing the new dishwasher, that's causing sewer gas to come out, and then realize it's Leo.
  13. This just doesn't seem to be a good match, both in terms of your family and you and the group. Are you in an area where there are multiple groups and trying to adopt through another group is a possibility? It's better to return a hound than keep them in a home that won't work for him and you, as hard as that is.
  14. I adopted a two year old. I love him dearly, but never, ever again. I adopted a nine year old. We lost him four months later (not to a common cancer in greyhounds), if I had to do it over again, I would in a heartbeat.
  15. Head's up, I discovered the hard way when I moved that Frontline Plus does not work for fleas in SC, at least not my part, I still use it for ticks paired with Trifexis for fleas and heart worm, five years, no problem.
  16. Yes, these things are death traps. It's what we have (a rigid cover isn't an option and we don't have kids so can't really justify a safety cover with the 6' exterior privacy fence), but you really have to have a interior pool fence for the dogs. If you're anything like us, make sure you put automatic closers on the the gate(s) too so you don't accidentally leave one open. We built a simple rail fence for ours, it cost ~$750, but we built fancier gates than we needed for aesthetic reasons and used all pressure treated lumber. I think the estimate to have it done with basic gates and concrete set posts was about $1500.
  17. We fenced ours (fear of them falling in and terror of them wandering onto the winter cover and getting trapped). Until we could build the fence, we got temporary fencing from Home Depot--ugly, but it kept them safe.
  18. Have you tried some soothing sounds--white noise, I dog sat for dogs that like NPR, or some music? That will also help cover over any whimpering if she's still doing it when you move.
  19. I'm so sorry, Godspeed Rocky, you were very loved.
  20. Twenty years ago, anesthesia protocols used by many vets were also very different (and much less safe) than they are today
  21. We use Valium with Leo, it's not perfect, but it does take the edge off, it should in theory last longer than Xanax. I'm not sure if this is a Leo think or a greyhound thing, but he burns through it very rapidly (10 mg = 1 hour of relief), he's already on prozac for long-term anxiety issues and our vet's not comfortable with Trazadone (I actually think it's a good choice for long-term issues, I've never heard of it for short-term, but she's never used it before so....)
  22. Outdoor rugs (if aesthetics don't matter, Costco has some really cheap), and these rug pads: https://www.amazon.com/Gorilla-Grip-4x6-Feet-Non-Slip-Floors/dp/B00MEZ7M14/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495761544&sr=8-1&keywords=gorilla+rug
  23. What is it with the weight restrictions--I can't figure out why apartments care about that? Every annoying, yappy dog I've ever lived near has been a small dog.
  24. This, plus lots of us with dogs travel. DH and I are particularly horrible dog parents and travel recreationally as well as for work I would recommend the home boarding with the greyhound people option (my boys seem to consider it camp with their buddies) and considering that as your dog ages, it's possible that the longer day without a break may no longer work on a regular basis, but it sounds like you can handle that. Also, you're talking about a greyhound, not a lab or border collie. Both DH and I work from home some days at this point in our lives. And you know what, the boys mostly sleep. Yes, they are happy to go in and out every five minutes if we let them for a while, but mostly they sleep. Or lie there solving world hunger, or whatever they're thinking about. I think they're fine the days we're gone 10 hours too. Caveat: if you get a severely thunder-storm phobic dog to the point that you need medicine (like Leo), it will be ideal if you can pop home when you're getting storms to administer it. But that's not terribly likely and you can always ask your group about that concern.
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