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  1. My first vet always said old age isn't a disease. Since they're otherwise healthy and have good blood work, assuming your vet is using the most up-to-date anesthesia protocol, which she likely is if she's running senior panels, I'd go ahead--the possibility of dental problems causing health issues, or another health issue coming up later preventing a dental is more concerning, imo.
  2. How old? Obviously you want to figure out the cause if at all possible, but one of mine got to (I forget) maybe 6 or 7, and just started to need them expressed every 6 months or so. We went through all the usual causes and nothing. For me, it was worth the $10 to have it done at the vet's, but if this turns out to be your situation, you can ask the vet to teach you how to do it yourself if you prefer (just don't let a groomer do it, from what I understand they don't do the job properly most of the time).
  3. I live with a naughty boy, Henry (although sometimes he gets Leo in on the game). He's not lacking exercise (trust me), he's not bored (he'll drop a toy to get into things), he's not anxious or stressed (that's Leo, thank doG for prozac), he's just naughty, thinks he's constantly starving, and is in dire need of a twelve step intervention program regarding anything made of paper. My solution: I baby gate the boys in the family room. They have two couches, two beds, their toy basket, their water, etc. It's much easier to keep that room picked up and much easier to clean up when I've done something dumb like leave a box of Kleenex out. Once you've ruled out or corrected a lack of exercise, boredom, and/or SA or other mental health problems, then it's down to environmental control, whether that's muzzling, crating, shutting in a safe room, or being a perfect housekeeper.
  4. I don't know how dogs work, but I take 100-150 mg/night for sleep (so knocking me out) and that's considered a decently high dose in a person. For injuries that can wait a little bit for me to get a look at, I give extra Tramadol and then muzzle to be safe.
  5. I'd agree with finding a behavioralist, he could be playing but I also wonder if he thinks your husband is hurting you and is trying to get you away? He's got a lot going on to unpack.
  6. Yes, food allergies can make it worse. Some dogs are also prone to anal gland issues so it's hard to say.
  7. I'm so sorry you lost your boy.
  8. Henry seems to be fine today. Now if you're wondering if he learned his lesson, I guarantee my little goat has not.
  9. Henry is enjoying repeated trips to the outdoors. He seems remarkable undistressed by the situation, unlike DH and I (DH will be pulling the night shift). He (Henry) would very much like to steal our dinner, but I'm not convinced black lentils, goat cheese, and spinach will improve his system. He has attempted to eat several kleenex.
  10. Posting here because this is a rather greyhound specific rant. Last night DH accidentally let Henry eat an entire raw pie dough. I decided to come home and finish up my work, bad choice. Who knew a greyhound can cover the walls, half the family room floor, and the laundry room (including the laundry) with diarrhea? I am now having a glass of wine, grading will have to wait until tomorrow--my students do not want me grading in this mood. Henry has the lack of discerning appetite of a goat and the touchiest stomach I've ever seen, not a great combination. It's a darn good thing he's so cute.
  11. #1 My boys have always loved going to stay with other greyhounds--it's like camp for them. #2 When I had an only dog, he loved going to be with a pack, but he also loved coming home to not sharing his people anymore. #3 Do they have a crate or can you bring one if your boy is okay with being crated, or is there a room he could be left alone in as needed for relaxing? Henry is my introvert and he started getting seriously cranky at the dog sitter's last Christmas. Turned out, he wasn't getting enough alone time, I asked our dog sitter to start crating him with a blanket over the crate for a couple hours a day. She thought I was nuts, he went back to being a super happy, and the rest of the time, social dog.
  12. Poor kid, my parents use a flexi-lead, I refuse to use it when walking their dog, she's well behaved, but I just don't like them.
  13. She's still pretty new, you're doing the right things, I'd give her time. Stress does make things worse, mine tend to blow enough of a coat to make another dog while I'm at the vet.
  14. Not likely Carol and Mark, hope you find the greyhound owners. DH has seen a greyhound in the apartment across from his office, but doesn't really feel comfortable running up to a single young woman to ask about her dog.
  15. I'm so sorry you lost your baby. Thankfully my first boy, Patrick, had a non-fatal reaction, and we discontinued it immediately. But it is on our absolutely never ever list forever.
  16. I'd get her in, but not on an urgent, emergency schedule. It's likely nothing, but that way you'll know. Either way, 2 of 3 days won't make a difference, but several weeks might.
  17. Leo had a limp that wouldn't resolve. We took him to a vet that specialized in Physical Therapy. She taught us how to do specific exercises with him, massage the injured area, and he did a few rounds of laser therapy. The problem (shoulder issue) sometimes re-occurs and we start back up, but it helped a lot. If that's an option, I would try a consult and see what the vet says. I know with human stuff, I've several times had doctors misdiagnosis the source of the problem and had the PT figure it out and successfully treat it.
  18. Leo: I have survived, barely. I am sitting on the couch between my parents, but I still have my football and my ear cocked. Henry: Mommy and Daddy checked my fence, I got to play in the rain, I stole food off the counter. Life is good.
  19. We may get there if tornadoes come--the only 1st floor room w/out windows is the powder room.
  20. I haven't found two to be any more trouble than one, but it is twice the expense. As for SA, I think it depends on the dog. We adopted Leo after Henry, but he's my anxiety boy. If I have to take Henry to the vet, Leo goes so he's not alone (and because he helps Henry be less terrified of the vet). If we lose Henry first, we'll have to get a foster in ASAP. Henry was fine as an only dog, although as much as he won't admit it, I think he likes having a brother.
  21. Leo: the wind is going to come get me, I must protect myself by keeping one ear cocked and moving constantly between mommy and daddy while carrying my beloved football. No, I don't want to eat my breakfast, there's wind. Henry: what do you mean it's too windy and I can't go play in the rain anymore? I love rain, I love wind, I love storms. Fine, I'll take a nap. Can I have a cookie? Are you sure?
  22. Yes, it's a histiocyoma--a benign tumor! Apparently they crop up literally overnight, are super scary looking, but harmless.
  23. His vet removed it today--he came home with 7 stitches and some pain meds. We won't get the path report until next week, but she said she got clean margins and it was detached from the underlying tissue and only connected to a small blood vessel in the skin, so she's optimistic. Thanks for all the good wishes, I'll update next week. He is a drugged little boy right now.
  24. Our vet shaved the area and got a better look, it's not so much bleeding but is very red and irritated, she's going to remove it and we'll see what the biopsy says.
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