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  1. Insanely jealous. I've flown through one airport with friendly dogs--the SPCA brought in dogs you could pet and they could get socialized (unlike the bomb dogs who also seem friendly but you're not allowed to pet). I'm a nervous flyer and it would be even better to have greyhound friends to be able to hang out with before flights.
  2. Our group in SC hauls up from FL and we seem to have a lot of dogs right now, more than 6 months ago or so, although we also seem to take whoever needs a home, or at least I haven't seen any preference for cat-safe or female in terms of who's listed on the website. So it may indeed be a transportation challenge. Not sure what will happen as the tracks close.
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    Oh no, I'm so very sorry.
  4. Interesting, it's a terrible disease, it would be wonderful to see an effective treatment.
  5. Thank you all for caring, I've pulled together something in the remembrance forum.
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    Oh, Leo. I met you at the farmer's market M&G. I sat on the ground, you crawled in my lap, gave me a kiss that was practically pornographic, and I was in love. We couldn't bring you home then, Murphy was near the end and needed our attention, but when we were ready I called the adoption group about you. Kim said you were her favorite, your foster family was only willing to let you go because they couldn't handle another dog because they loved you so much, and then you joined our family. I picked you up, and your foster dad said here, you need to take this purple bone with you--it's his favorite, I don't know why. Later I bought you an identical blue bone, and another purple kong toy (football). You ignored the blue bone, it had to be purple. Football went everywhere--it helped your anxiety--and now it's gone to the bridge with you. A few months ago I bought you a purple octopus. He was a fast friend, I'm keeping him to remember you. Everything had to be purple. Your anxiety was so severe. Thank you to Jennifer for explaining what fear aggression was, that helped us help you. Prozac helped, but so did the move to the house. You didn't live a large life--you mostly stayed home and enjoyed your house, your yard, and your beloved back porch where you napped in the sun, trash talked squirrels, and hung out with us and your brother. You loved that porch and your sunny spots. And you spent an entire spring arguing with a hawk about who would eat the squirrels. You were your daddy's shadow during the day. You adored him, spent all your time with him, and followed him everywhere. At night, you cuddled with me in bed. Your anxiety was so real to you, and you helped me with mine at night. I just can't begin to believe you're gone, so suddenly, when you weren't sick. I wish you had enjoyed more trips to the ice cream parlor, more movie nights, more days in the sun. But your last day was good, a Leo kind of day. We were all home together and you spent most of the day chilling on the couch with your daddy. You enjoyed your porch and your sun, had a fancy dinner with chicken, and cuddled up with me in bed. I'm glad your passing was peaceful for you--no anxiety in the end. We miss you friend. Godspeed, you were very loved. May you find many purple things at the rainbow bridge and find your brothers Patrick and Murphy.
  7. We dog sat for a boy that was nearly that big just off the track. He was built like a tank, could knock me over just leaning on me, and is the sweetest, goofiest, love ball I've ever met. Unusual yes, but not unheard of, and I really have a soft spot for the big boys.
  8. I strongly prefer in home boarding with a greyhound parent, which is what we do for long trips, and we have a dog sitter who drops in for the occasional overnight. But if you're going to do actual boarding, I agree about an overnight first, and I would also ask about and ask to see fire suppression systems, particularly if they're not staffed 24/7. I boarded my first dog for a while at his vet, and even though he knew them, and was pretty laid back and bomb proof, and it was a good veterinary practice, he got much better care and was happier "boarding" with a GT family.
  9. Thank you all, and I'm sorry for everyone else who's lost a dog this way. His checkup was scheduled for next week, but I'm trying to tell myself I doubt that getting it done earlier would have helped, he'd last been seen only a few months ago. Thank you for adding his name to the bridge kids list, I'll post something about him there when I'm ready.
  10. This works with Henry, my constantly starving food thief: https://www.petsmart.com/dog/bowls-and-feeders/storage-and-scoops/top-paw-pet-food-storage-and-dispenser-5176776.html?utm_id=500|pg138585|437846352441&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2ryqqcan5wIVibWzCh0bNgdcEAQYASABEgJr3vD_BwE&lsft=utm_source%3Agoogle%2Cutm_term%3A5176776%2Cutm_medium%3APLA%2Cutm_content%3AGSC - Medium - Hardgoods - Dog - Weak SS - LIA Only | Bowls &utm_medium=PLA&utm_source=google
  11. Monday morning, we lost Leo. He woke up, staggered across the room, fell down, and then we lost him a few minutes later. The only leading symptoms were about two minutes of coughing for the previous two nights. Our vet thinks it was almost certainly a cardiac event. I'm not sure what I'm asking--does this seem plausible? Suggestions for coping? I've lost dogs under very difficult circumstances before, but I've always been able to make the decision to euthanize, even if I had to make it quickly. I feel like he didn't really get a proper goodbye, because we were caught up trying to call an evet, although we were both there at the end. It didn't help that I spent dinner Monday and the day today with a job candidate who was trying to bond over our being dog people. Henry got a full check-up with bloodwork right after it happened, to be on the safe side, and he's getting a chest xray at his dental on Tuesday. He's being a good boy, he doesn't usually get in bed with me, hasn't in years, but he let DH put him up last night since Leo always fell asleep with me.
  12. Regardless of what you decide, I'd encourage joining the facebook group. People may have solutions you haven't tried or vets to recommend, whatever route you choose. We're fighting the corn fight at our home, so my sympathies and I know it's hard to see them in pain.
  13. Godspeed Tavarish, you are so very loved by so very many.
  14. My dogs would probably like me to shut up sometimes Embarrassingly, I was holding a friend's baby the other day and realized I was baby talking him the way I do Henry. "Oh, what a sweet little facey facey..." I don't think they realized. ETA: Also, "make better life choices" can be heard frequently at our house.
  15. I don't have experience with hookworms, hopefully someone else will weigh in, but I have done annual sedation cleanings on all four of my greyhounds over the 17 years I've had them in my life, with absolutely no problems at all. It's usually it's only one or two teeth, or the back couple that need cleaning, but by doing it proactively I've had maybe one extraction over all that time. I do all the bloodwork just to be sure it's safe every time. That said, being nervous is normal, the first five years with my first dog, I sat in the waiting room, just in case.
  16. Thank you, Home Depot treads installed and the problem seems to be solved!
  17. Prozac has helped Leo a lot, he's still on the high side of anxious and I think will always be a neurotic dog, but the pacing, peeing in the house, constantly stressed, fear aggression with other dogs stopped. If a thyroid panel doesn't show anything, you might give it a shot.
  18. The only dog I didn't rename had been in a "home" for 5 years post-adoption, that seemed too confusing on top of the horrible treatment he'd received by his adopters and then the change from living outside to foster home to us. Those just off the race-track I've renamed without any trouble. I never knew their kennel names anyway and it didn't seem to confuse them at all.
  19. What have people done with hardwood stairs that are becoming a slipping hazard? Leo won't slow down, he scrambles up at the speed of light, and he's had a couple of injuries as a result of falling. Any suggestions, ideally ones that won't wreck resale value?
  20. Please check even familiar products, Henry got xylitol poisoning and would have died if we hadn't taken him to the evet because the pudding I had been buying for a while switched artificial sweetners. I know some companies were putting it in peanut butter so far.
  21. I would take her in in the am, but not rush in to the evet if she seems basically okay. Leo had a break and beneath where we could see there was another break that had to be cleaned up under sedation (he was fine by the way).
  22. I wouldn't, unless I was on a cross-country move alone or something, just to paranoid. I like the cell-phone idea, if you absolutely need to.
  23. Sorry I didn't see this in time, but yes, lidocaine is fine, good choice. I have had difficulty getting a deep webbing cut to heal (even with extensive stitching), but it eventually "healed" with a permanent split in the webbing and the dog retained full function and no pain, so even if it doesn't heal up in a pretty way, try not to worry. And yes, keep a really careful lookout for sores in between the toes.
  24. X-ray shows mostly soft tissue swelling with some bone "growth"--it had a technical term I'm forgetting--suggesting arthritis, we're going to try Meloxicam and re-xray in a month, just to be on the safe side that we're not missing anything.
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