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  1. Well I’m oddly glad to know I am not the only one to have been assaulted with soap. All it taught me was Gerry was a dangerous nut job. I spent all day yesterday with Laze, Robin, Fletcher, and Diana. There were only four deerhounds at the show, and Fletcher won best of breed! Diana, the only female, won best of opposite sex and best owner/exhibitor. They behave pretty well, but man oh man can that Diana pull! She is ridiculously strong! The AKC greyhounds were amazing. The winner was a stunning brindle at least twice George’s size. There was only one English Setter there, but he was a beauty. It was indoors, or we would prolly all be bed ridden cause it was boiling hot yesterday. I had a good time and Robin had someone to talk to while Laze was busy. Let’s just say Spanx is an underused garment in the dog show world!
  2. All I know about Dial soap is my mother shoved a bar of it down my throat when I was a little girl. I still can’t stand the smell of it.
  3. Am I the only one who does not consider Maryland to be Southern at all? I admit to a general ignorance about geography despite having having been to most of the interesting places in the US. I didn’t even realize how close to Florida I was moving! I’m thinking it might be fun to house sit for Carol Ann for one of her cruises! Pool? Big TV? Silly dog to play with? What’s not to love!
  4. Must be a generational thing Patsy, if Carol Ann’s daughter in law does the same thing. I wonder where they learn this stuff? Pinterest? There is obviously a lot of wasted water going down the drain washing things that aren’t dirty. Of course half the kids go out and about IN their pajamas... So the haircut theory is bizarre, but not as bizarre as “But it’s his baby hair,” like my friend did to her son, until enough people told her what a pretty little girl she had. Why does anyone think a toddler has any concept of personal grooming? Maybe when enough kids tease them, or they get the same questions they’ll make the decision for them? Oh wait. You probably get sued if you make a comment like that. Might trigger the child... And we were all potty trained in my house long before we were old enough to walk around talking about our toilet habits. The reward for using the toilet was not having wet pants! No candy for performing a bodily function. Patsy you are the best Mom ever! I am sure your daughters appreciate it SO much!
  5. Yeah, Miss Patsy, it is KNOT a southern thing to wear clean pajamas every night. Specially little kids who don’t hardly sweat and if they do it doesn’t stink. Maybe they have just decided it’s easier to just throw everything into a big pile and call it dirty laundry? I know my nephews were raised up using their basement as a giant disgusting laundry basket—they just threw everything down the basement stairs until the day their mom or dad decided it was too nasty and actually washed stuff. I had roommates for a very brief time. Three girls who each used a new bath towel every day. Also a gal at the former office couldn’t understand why the rest of us thought it was funny she sent her kid off to college with 12 brand new towels. My mother gave me 2 from her “these aren’t very nice anymore” pile and that was that. One set of sheets. One comforter got me through high school and college! As I recall, my college dorm had four small drawers and a small closet. I have no idea where I would have kept all the crap that is considered essential by today’s young folks!
  6. Tin, yes, Yankia belongs to either Marian or her mother. I did not know they had a galgo.
  7. Tin, who is the white dog in the muzzle? Because he clearly thinks the sun rises with Micheal! So cute. i am up early washing all my bedding. No, I didn’t wet the bed. Mister Bigglesworth did some projectile kibble expulsion at about 3 AM and managed to get m freshly washed cotton blankie, my freshly washed down blankie, a lampshade,, and the wall before I shoved his barfin’ butt off my bed. I won’t be serving that flavor of canned food again!
  8. P.S. Clearly Miss Patsy lies about her age. She seems to get younger at each annual visit. There is something very strange about a world in which having vast years of experience doing the exact job you are applying for does not score you even a telephone interview. Although I did just read an article saying that recent college grads are taking jobs “beneath them (not requiring a degree)“ because the competition for jobs is so strong. That does not bode well, and honestly I am sorely tempted to just give up. Could one of you lovely folks who doesn’t use their iPad to read GT please post Nikita in his tease shirt from George’s FB page? Thank you!
  9. Thank goodness Myka is ok. Continued good wishes for an easy recovery. I applied for a job at an investment firm as an office administrator, which really means “the gal in the office who does all the paperwork and such.” They just notified me that it is a hard pass, I don’t even make it to the interview stage. Seriously??? Lowe’s is also not interested in me for their administrative employee position. No response from the vets office or Bank of America (simple secretary opening). In better news, there is a cardinal in my birdbath right now! oh, the girls night outing is now inside a pub, not outside. Robin doesn’t like listening to live music, so she isn’t going, but Laze and I will go anyway.
  10. Oh dear, I am so sorry about Pap’s brother. Had a fun afternoon having Mexican with Laze and Robin and Marian Glynn. Then we went to look at Lake Robinson, and then Paris Mt. park. Then I found out my new glasses are ready! Yeah, I can see again!!! Tomorrow night I have been invited to “girls night.” We are going to drive to an outdoor concert in Anderson, SC. It should be fun. Did I just say that? Normally I would say no thanks, but I vowed to stop saying no and start saying why not, so I shall go listen to Celtic music whilst sitting outside. i got Nikita a Captain America t-shirt. Poor little man has been spending all his time in his heated bed because the air conditioning is chilly to him. Pictures later if I can get a cute one!
  11. Oh, I forgot to tell my animal saving adventure today! I was coming out of Home Depot and saw a beautiful, huge butterfly acting weird. Then I notice a very big dragonfly was trying to kill it! They were locked in mortal combat. I thought “WWJD”? (What Would Jennie Do). I reached out and grabbed the dragonfly body, and sure enough, it let go and the butterfly flew away to complete his mission in life.
  12. Johnny, your doody as a big brother is to explain to Gino that Nan and Mom will be back. Or maybe you like being the only goodboywhoseagoodboy? Ivy, I think you're right. And lots of those resale houses cost less than the itty bitty houses with no yards. I hope we hear from Pippin soon. He must be having adventures! Miss England Carol? When Chauncey says a bat broke it’s arm, does she mean wing? Or it’s bitty bat back legs?
  13. Whiskey, I didn’t say I wanted NO yard. I said I might reconsider a big yard. I would rent forever before buying into another condo. Ponder this: in my 10 years at ChooChoo Estates, I paid $42,000 in condo fees. People forget you pay every month, forever, and have little to no say I what happens to your money. The houses were just perfect at the place today, but living in a construction zone for the next year and a half while everything gets built sounds unfun. Also, the yards are ridiculously small. I asked why, and at least the gal was honest—to maximize their profits. Not because people want itty bitty yards. It people are OBSESSED with “new” and if that’s all you can FIND, I guess that is what you buy if you make Pinterest decisions. I think I will start off looking at resale houses with some elbow room.
  14. I think the ending was hilarious, and feel sorry for,the thousands of little girls stuck with the name Khallesi forever! Just goes to show naming a child after a mythical queen of a imaginary people with a made up language might not be a good long term move!!!!
  15. Oh, I watch Game of Thrones and have done so since the first episode. Tin, you do not need a computer to control a Google home devices. All you need is your Smart phone. The app is called Google Home and there is also Google Assistant. The Nest thing would also have an app. First fast easy thing to try is to power cycle your router. (Pull out the power cord, wait 30 seconds or so, plug it back in, sit back and hope) If anyone want to find ME at Mt. Hounds, just look for Ducky. I will be following her around Some chucklehead painted the inside of the kitchen cabinets in this apartment. My unopened gallon of iced tea was leaking, so I pulled it out to clean. The cabinet seemed stained, which I thought was odd, so I blasted the tea with a bleach-based cleaner and DAYYUM but all the paint came up I huge sheets! Oy. Oh my. They are talking record breaking heat this weekend. Lucky me, I get to experience record breaking heat! Today I am going to tour the cutest new construction neighborhood. The houses are pretty close together, but the more I think of being on my own, and a big yard, the crazier it seems. I just have to go inside one of those houses and see how cramped (or not) it feels. The sales gal was explaining the things they do to minimize the cramped feeling, like high up on the wall windows and varying elevations. Remember our good friend Gustopher P. Jones, The Pimpmaster? His human sister, Marian, is visiting here this week. I have not met her yet but I did say she could stay with me if she starts to feel like old fish at her hostess’s house. I hope Myka had a good night!
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