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  1. Patsy, you should move to SC. We have blooming flowers, trees are leafing, the sun is shining, and I already have a tan. And the people are so nice!!
  2. Lila, your a grand old lady and you should dig as much as you want!
  3. Goob borning. I got rivers of snot comin outta my beeg snooter and it's yucky. Hamish, hopin for a hot toddy
  4. Hello! This is Wee Hamish, KNOT a greyhound, but a Deerhound! Dis is a chat club for everyone including baby Deerhounds, katz, stuffies, hedges, gimme pigs, dunkeys, and even hoomans. Its pretty simple--we are all friends and we chit chat about this and that, and learn whot makes peeple tick, and whot food is gud and what yu shud spit out, and such important things as that. The whirled is in tops turvy right now. Peeple are askeered, but some are KNOT askeered enuff! We all got to do our part and be smart and stay in yur yard!! Wash yur paws, don't lick strangers, and remember to keep a hole leash atween yur hooman and another hooman that might want to pet yu! Uhm, also, katz are friends, KNOT fud. Imma gonna skip da part about doin' yur dooty cause no one seems to habs dat problem!
  5. OK, I have ONE DVD! All the rest are Blu Ray. And, uhm, this was never ever used!
  6. Lila is sweet Snow looks like sugar Merc is a Dude Striped like a tigger It that was a glacier I think It’d Be Bigger A Poem by Nikita
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