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  1. Zuni was particularly bad with statuing when she first arrived. I seem to remember the only consistent thing was it was something different each time to break her out of it (other than just waiting it out). Once it was a toy. then that didn't work again. Then it was a treat. Only worked once. Next it was a person... Sorry, that's not much help. When she did break out it she never reverted back.
  2. Thanks. I mean it when I say she loved her second family.
  3. Still don't know what to say about this. I let my girl go last month. Not much of an outward sign of any issues until that Monday when she stopped eating. Everything she attempted to eat after that (chicken, canned food) seemed to cause distress and really she didn't want those after Wendesday. I took her to the vet where something showed something on the X-rays. We had planned on an ultrasound the next day after getting fluids and meds but overnight she really got worse and I felt it was time. She had a roller coaster of a life, with issues during training. Eventually she wound up at Sanford-Orlando where she won early, much to our surprise (as a one-time FTH pup I was following her career by then). Then she stopped winning for a while and moved up to the Marathon. She took to the distance and managed to set a track record and win some 20 races over the year and a half. I also managed to go down and see her and her sister Flower race whirl they were still active. When her sister Flower retired I was already heading north so I gave her a ride from North Carolina to Minnesota, where it was a balmy 8 degrees when we crossed the border. A few short months later it was Kali's turn to retire and I went down to pick her up at the NC/Virginia border. Single digits are much more rare in this parts. She pretty smoothly fit in the house with Zuni and, in a weird turn of events, with Wiki--who I took in a as a senior almost immediately after bringing Kali home. Wiki passed just a year later at around 10 1/2. That's going to be a tough age for me going forward. She tolerated the extensive walks Zuni took us on and didn't go after the resident cats (non resident ones were a different story). The two of them became quite close. She made a few trips to Minnesota to visit her sister (and at least once to visit mama). Also had quite a few Deweys and GIGs. Otherwise we had our routine of three walks a day and the occasional trip to the park. She also got to visit her 'second family' a lot and enjoy their yard. She didn't much care for the kids around my house (always seemed to rush up to us). But the second family kids she liked a lot. Zuni passed in 2016 and I initially worried about Kali as she having been an only dog. But she was happy to sleep the day away on the bed. When she controlled the walks they became quicker affairs. At one point I brought in another hound who I thought was going to stay. But, unlike Kali, she was quite interested in all cats so we stayed with the status quo. And that was how it went until last month. At nearly seven years we had a lot of time, but at 10 1/2 there could have been at least a little more.
  4. im so sorry. Feels like we're losing all the pups at once.
  5. Pepperjack


  6. No roo-ing at my house. Actually my houseguest roo-ed the other day. Kali barked at him and Zuni did nothing. 6 1/2 years in, pretty sure she's never going to 'learn.'
  7. aw crap. sorry you guys are going through this.
  8. Oh dear. I met your boy on his trip north. So sorry to hear this. He was very sweet.
  9. open umbrellas. ceiling fans. and once when it was particularly windy--a flag that was flapping across the street.
  10. technically if you've been trader joe's you've been to Aldi since it's the same company.
  11. In my cases, it was definitely the fly. The trembling and carrying on starts before I even notice the fly flitting around. Seeing Flower shut down is usually my first indication that there's even a fly in the house at all. And we have a control group, as I have her litter mate, who just happened to race in the same exact same kennel. And confusingly there is no fly issue at all for her. Flower's reaction is clearly to the fly itself, and the previous year I was killing flies without any swatter. And yes, she was eating them after they were dispatched.
  12. my female has marked inside the house . shes a huge marker overall and i realized when i gave the cats a treat she was marking in that specific spot. so now i give the cats treats in their bowls and shes been good.
  13. Funny story, he used to grab the stuffy before we'd go for our walks. I started out taking off his collar when he was in the house but I would have to take the stuffy away in order to put the collar over his head. I decided to just leave the collar on, but he still looked at me suspiciously when I reached towards him to put on his leash. He loved this rubber fish...
  14. so much sadness lately. So sorry.
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