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  1. Zuni was particularly bad with statuing when she first arrived. I seem to remember the only consistent thing was it was something different each time to break her out of it (other than just waiting it out). Once it was a toy. then that didn't work again. Then it was a treat. Only worked once. Next it was a person... Sorry, that's not much help. When she did break out it she never reverted back.
  2. Thanks. I mean it when I say she loved her second family.
  3. Still don't know what to say about this. I let my girl go last month. Not much of an outward sign of any issues until that Monday when she stopped eating. Everything she attempted to eat after that (chicken, canned food) seemed to cause distress and really she didn't want those after Wendesday. I took her to the vet where something showed something on the X-rays. We had planned on an ultrasound the next day after getting fluids and meds but overnight she really got worse and I felt it was time. She had a roller coaster of a life, with issues during training. Eventually she wound up
  4. im so sorry. Feels like we're losing all the pups at once.
  5. Pepperjack


  6. No roo-ing at my house. Actually my houseguest roo-ed the other day. Kali barked at him and Zuni did nothing. 6 1/2 years in, pretty sure she's never going to 'learn.'
  7. aw crap. sorry you guys are going through this.
  8. Oh dear. I met your boy on his trip north. So sorry to hear this. He was very sweet.
  9. open umbrellas. ceiling fans. and once when it was particularly windy--a flag that was flapping across the street.
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