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  1. Myth and Spirit, I truly thought about getting a dishlikker instead of a dishwasher ... much better for cuddling! It's installed, but the fellow was an idiot! He was going to put the new electrical connection behind the dishwasher!!
  2. Ducky, there was a LOT of rain, hail, and a few brief flurries of snow around me, but it was so wet that it didn't stick. The foothills around me are covred as well as the mountains, the High Desert got a lot of unexpected snow. A few of you may know Roger Deeringer from Face book, he's up in the High Desert and got walloped; he was complaining that he didn't have a snow shovel, but I imagine 9 greyhounds will take care of paths! LOL!! I wrote this the other day and apparently didn't hit Submit Reply! Still very chilly in the high 40's. I'm waitng for the guy to come install my new dishwasher ... sigh loong story. Home Depot was here three times, electrical cord not long enough, Bosch doesnt make one longer, hoses not long enough, I bought the extra long. One guy even said return it all, buy a GE , here's my number I'll install it for ypou off the books! HD installed my old dishwasher 9 years ago with no problem! The electrician/ install guy was supposed to be here yesterday, but was snowed in up in Crestline. He said he's be here at 10:00 am this morning. Maybe he thiought he said 11:00 ... sigh.
  3. Yes, I had quite the laugh about my gift . She also gave me some beautiful pear shaped freshwater pearl earrings. It's very chilly here today and rainerd off and on most of the day, the sun broke through for a few moments while it was raining and we had a Christmas rainbow for a few seconds. One of the feral cats has been sleeping on my patio lounge chair, he/she is a big long haired black, there is another thinner, younger black, and a scraggly looking old beat up ginger. Now that I don't have resident cat zappers they seem to prefer my yard and cross between me and my immediate backyard neighbor that has cats, the side neighbors both have big dogs. My back neighbor feeds, my pond provides water, and I don't seem to have as many lizards, which is a shame because I enjoy watching them.
  4. I majorly slept in after some early morning awake time then spoke with my long distance daughter. I took my local daughter and hubby out for an early dinner then back to th house for gifts last night. I opend my gift last night, a 6 inch styrofoam ball! She had ordered a lovely wood yarn bowl and received the styrofoam ball so she wrapped it up and we had a laugh I'll get the yarn bowl in a few days. I have been enjoying all of the cards I received, they reminded me that I need to stop by here more often! Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a Joyus Yule, or Festivus ... although that just passed. Charla
  5. Merry Christmas everybody! I thought I posted something , but I guess it was the old club and disappeared ... or I dreamed that I did it. Miss Charla
  6. I gotta say Susan did a great job of getting it to me, I just couldn't put it out earlier.
  7. Here is Carl's boulder! Better late than never, it may move a bit, but I want it where I can see it. I can't believe it's been almost a year, thank you all so much. now to speed read and see what's been goin' on!! Hmmm ... never had a problem posting from Facebook before, but it's telling me I can't use that file extension.
  8. Thank you, leaking eyes here.
  9. Thank you, the only other thing I might have added is that he was loved and will be missed. Again thank you!
  10. Oh Ducky ... thank you through tears ... I feel silly crying at odd things, like picking up poo or vacuuming up dog hair, or this.
  11. I'm hoping one of you can help me. My sweet old man Carl, aka Bella Monsoon, passed away Monday 9/19/2016. I tried to update his info on Greyhound Data like I did for Gracie , Cee Bar Xtreme, but I can't without being a financial member. I would really appreciate it if one of you could do that for me.
  12. Sorry, I was nappin' most ob da day, see yoo in da noo club in a few minnits! Carl
  13. Thanks for remindin' me Ivy, he just turned 12 a cupple ob months ago. He's a reely nice boy and lubs to dig in da garden wiff his Daddyman and liddle sister, ride dirt bikes, read, and do stuff wiff da Boy Scouts. Momma says he gives reely good hugs too. My Momma habs known his Momma since afore she was borned. Carl
  14. Dis is Nathan, he is just 12, and he started his second round ob chemo yesterday, he was feelin' pretty crummy and pukey when he had sum visitors from Rim Ob Da Whirled Comfort Pets! He was so happy to se dem cuz he misses his dog Rooby and da kitteh. Momma and I ask yoo to please send good thots and maybe sum cards too. Nathan Felix 12738 Sanburg Way Grand Terrace, California 92313 USA dat's his home address, he'll be in da hospiddle another cupple ob days.
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