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  1. I gotta say Susan did a great job of getting it to me, I just couldn't put it out earlier.
  2. Here is Carl's boulder! Better late than never, it may move a bit, but I want it where I can see it. I can't believe it's been almost a year, thank you all so much. now to speed read and see what's been goin' on!! Hmmm ... never had a problem posting from Facebook before, but it's telling me I can't use that file extension.
  3. Thank you, leaking eyes here.
  4. Thank you, the only other thing I might have added is that he was loved and will be missed. Again thank you!
  5. Oh Ducky ... thank you through tears ... I feel silly crying at odd things, like picking up poo or vacuuming up dog hair, or this.
  6. I'm hoping one of you can help me. My sweet old man Carl, aka Bella Monsoon, passed away Monday 9/19/2016. I tried to update his info on Greyhound Data like I did for Gracie , Cee Bar Xtreme, but I can't without being a financial member. I would really appreciate it if one of you could do that for me.
  7. Sorry, I was nappin' most ob da day, see yoo in da noo club in a few minnits! Carl
  8. Thanks for remindin' me Ivy, he just turned 12 a cupple ob months ago. He's a reely nice boy and lubs to dig in da garden wiff his Daddyman and liddle sister, ride dirt bikes, read, and do stuff wiff da Boy Scouts. Momma says he gives reely good hugs too. My Momma habs known his Momma since afore she was borned. Carl
  9. Dis is Nathan, he is just 12, and he started his second round ob chemo yesterday, he was feelin' pretty crummy and pukey when he had sum visitors from Rim Ob Da Whirled Comfort Pets! He was so happy to se dem cuz he misses his dog Rooby and da kitteh. Momma and I ask yoo to please send good thots and maybe sum cards too. Nathan Felix 12738 Sanburg Way Grand Terrace, California 92313 USA dat's his home address, he'll be in da hospiddle another cupple ob days.
  10. Hello dere everybuddy Momma and I are habbin' a very lazy day today, da windows are open and we're enjoyin' hearin' da waterfall in da pond and KNOT habbin' da AC on. She worked a hole 8 hours yesterday and hasta work again on Fryed Day. When things are all settled she'll prolly only work about 1 day a week. Soot's me! Happy Birfday Miss Bandana Carol! Carl
  11. Momma's picture is dere on da da website, it's in da Gallery row 4 wearin' a red shawl and also a bit further down holdin her sock. Dere will be pictuures ob da noo partners later. Carl
  12. Good mornin' everbuddy! Cool and clowdy here dis morning , what a nice releef from all da heat we hab ben habbin'! Yup Buck, Momma is now a part owner ob da nit shop, along wiff a few others. One ob da original 3 owners retired to take care ob her sick hubby and aging parents, Momma and sum others took ober her part ob da shop. It's reely busy rite now cuz dey are makin' sum changes. One thing is a POS ... Momma says dat means point ob sail ... much easier den just a cash drawer and dey are plannin' to go online. She's berry excited 'bout dat. If yoo want to see da place and two ob da owners go to http://www.handsonknittingcenter.com Dey hab to update da site wiff noo owners pictures. Oops, she's gettin' dressed and goin' and she's takin' MY tablet wiff her! Carl
  13. Welcome back Joi Hanna sounds like a good old fashioned qwiet name, I like it. Momma habs ben busy meetin' wiff yarn reps at da crack ob dawn, she was up and outta here by 7:30 dis mornin', at least I got an early brefest! Later everybuddy, Carl
  14. Nice lookin' hats dere Merc, I bet dere will be lots ob biddin' on dem. Miss Bandana Carol , I hope yoo caught dat kitteh! Hi dere Molliegh Oh dat Promise looks sad dat yoo left her! I bet yoo'l hab her all cleaned up and lookin' beeyootiful rightaway qwick Mam No rain anywhere near her, no clowds either just hot and dry ... sigh. Da winds are gonna start blowin' soon and dere will be more fires, yoo wood think dere is nuthin left to burn, but sadly dere is. Carl
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