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  1. Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you Mister Jeff and Trudy and all of your creatures great and small! I feel Trudy's pain, an Argentinean ant got me yesterday!!
  2. Lucy, thinking about you and Spirit today, so glad he's more relaxed and comfy. Sending you both ((((hugs))))
  3. Thank you, leaking eyes here.
  4. Thank you, the only other thing I might have added is that he was loved and will be missed. Again thank you!
  5. Oh Ducky ... thank you through tears ... I feel silly crying at odd things, like picking up poo or vacuuming up dog hair, or this.
  6. I'm hoping one of you can help me. My sweet old man Carl, aka Bella Monsoon, passed away Monday 9/19/2016. I tried to update his info on Greyhound Data like I did for Gracie , Cee Bar Xtreme, but I can't without being a financial member. I would really appreciate it if one of you could do that for me.
  7. Carol Ann and Dan, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how empty the house can feel without one of the "personalities" in it. We get used to stepping over them in their spot, seeing them when we walk in, getting that special snuffle in the morning ... no two hounds are the same and we miss them terribly. Run free sweet Riley Roo, you are in our hearts now.
  8. My old man Carl age 14 years and 4 months does a lot better on three smaller meals a day. Near the end of her life Gracie Rose ate a little every 4 hours or so, she was still my silly happy girl , but she was just uncomfortable with 2 larger meals.
  9. I'm so sorry Cindy, both you and Fancy must feel so lost without Mav. :bighugto you all.
  10. Lori I'm so sorry for your loss :group hug Ginny was such a favorite of mine.
  11. My big guy just leans a bit forward, his sister occasionally lifted her leg!
  12. Ditto what Chris just said about trying a spoonful in the dish at a time, sometimes it just takes a bite of food and a bit of time to pass for any nausea to pass and they will start to feel hungry.
  13. My Gracie did that and as has been suggested above she did better with several smaller meals a day. I had to keep a variety on hand as what was eaten one day often wasn't the next. Wet foods mixed in with kibble, smelly foods ... sardines, Jack Mackerel, tuna, wet cat food either alone or mixed with a bit of kibble. Vanilla Insure, cottage cheese, crock pot rice and chicken thighs cooked until gloopy. She loved store bought rotisserie chicken ... breast only! and would often eat that with smashed potato or rice. In other words I fed her whatever she would eat, some days it was just Milkbo
  14. Barb I'm so sorry, Mac was such a sweet girl.
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