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  1. Thanks everyone. Sorry I have not been on here since we moved out West. We have just been busy here. Garon opened a lock shop, and I have just been taking care of Selena and Elvira(who we got here) Most all my pictures are on FB under Darlene Ralston Young Hug your pups
  2. Our Selena went to the Bridge yesterday at 9:15 AM, SMT. in Kingman,Arizona. She came from JCKC in Tallahassee, Fl- raced 21 races and came in first 8 times. She was taken to GPA- Richmond (now known as James River Greyhounds) Her foster Mom was in Tallahassee where she nursed her with a broken hock. Then she went to Richmond and Katrina Strumpf,and Gil, fostered her until we adopted her in 2007. She was a shy girl her whole life, did not care much for men, plastic bags, and kitties. We will miss her. Her last greyhound event was Las Vegas Greyhound picnic, where they gave all the seniors Quilts. She also was in attendance in Kanab, UT. last year and many greyhound events on the East coast.
  3. My girl Selena had that issue for a few years. They had put her on Proin and it really helped her. She will now be twelve in May, and is no longer on it. I hope this helps.
  4. About 6 months ago I took Selena in for a checkup because she was losing weight. ( I thought maybe age) They came back with her labs telling us Creatnine was high. After going throughout this years ago with Duchess (some of you remember). Well, long story short. They put her on a supplement called Renavast. She takes twice a day. It has been wonderful. She is gaining weight and her creating levels are back to normal. Wish I knew about this years ago for Duchess. Just to let you all know, if you have kidney issues with your grey.
  5. The weather here is 10 degrees cooler then Phoenix. Jeannine- I do hope to get to Kanab. I just missed it this year. I see you are going to Sante Fe. I have heard about the balloonfest already. Have fun:) What I do like about where we are it is not far from everything. We are 35 miles west of the Grand Canyon West Rim. I have been to Vegas already and met some really sweet greyhound people. (Tricia I thought of you:) Laughlin and Bullhead- 30 min. I may head over to Flagstaff next weekend for a rescue event. Hugs to all. Let me see if I can post a pic of our backyard. We are 11/2 mile from 2 wineries and 6 miles from the distillery. Sorry, only know how to post pics on FB.
  6. Some of you may know. At the beginning of June we moved to KIngman ,AZ. in Valle Vista- "south of heaven and north of Kingman. I have already met 3 greyhound people from Vegas:) We are really enjoying it here so far. Things are not on the fast track like in Va. We really have to get use to that. Hugs to all, Darlene and Selena
  7. Thanks. The licking is actually something seperate from the urine iissues. She is going in her crate off and on.
  8. We found out last week Selena may have this. Acral lick dermatitis They did a urinalysis. That came back fine. She has also been peering in her crate off and on but mot in her bed at night. The vet will start her on a antibiotics (forgot)name of it tomorrow. In two weeks we will try accupunture if mess do not work.
  9. Joanne Such a beautiful picture of Tucker. Run free sweet boy. Until we meet again...... Hugs
  10. Cindy, I just saw this.... so sorry. Run free sweetie. until we meet again.... Hugs
  11. I heard that you should boil them. You may want to Google it. My pups love the deer antlers. Hugs
  12. Hello from Northern VA. We have a greyhound named Selena-7 who came from( GPA Richmond) now Starcity Greyhounds, I think. We also have a two year old pitbull named Mosa from Ringdog Rescue. Our Santannah (fawn brindle) just went to the bridge, she came from Georgia. Are you going to Dewey Beach in Delaware? Hugs,
  13. We miss you sweet Bee.. Happy Birthday. Give my Santannah a kiss. Big Hugs
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