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  1. Sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you at this time of sadness. At least Missy is not suffering now and playing with all the other bridgekids.
  2. I will miss taking care of you snickers. I loved it when you would take food from my hand. I know you were the little one of the 3 and had to fight for your food, but I always gave you extra. I hope you are in heaven now running around with other GP's. I will miss you.
  3. Dad2Paisley


    Sorry for your loss. Run free Logan
  4. Trish and I would like to send prayers to the Nancy and Dick. We met them and Suzi our first year in Gettysburg. We also saw them in Dewey last year. We will miss you sweet Suzi. You sure lived a happy and long life full of love. We are glad we were able to met you and pet and hug you. Run free now sweet girl. Trish and I will never forget you.
  5. I'll make a donation after tax season. It's seems all the big bills are coming now. I too haved learned a lot on here and will gladly donate.
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    We lost our Caspter, the guinnea pig on Monday night. He was almost 5. He could have been alittle older since we got him from a friend. His buddy Tanner is now alone. We are now down to 4. Casper I hope you are at the Rainbow Bridge playing with the other GP's.
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    A beautiful tribute to Casino. Casino is now running with all the other greys, having fun and waiting for you.
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    Vale Aussie

    I am sorry for your loss. Aussie is at the bridge playing with other greys waiting for you. Aussie is free of all pain and is running free.
  9. Same here Suzzette Vinnie Caesar We will never forget you.
  10. I know what you are going through. It seems like our animals pass on around the holidays. We lost Suzzette the other day
  11. Thanks for all your good wishes and thoughts.
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    I know this is a grey only site but we are going to have to put our cat Suzzette to sleep tonight. She is 16 yrs. old, blind,deaf, has kidney disease. She hasn't been eating for 2wks, we've been giving her fluids, hand feeding her but no success. It is a hard decision for us, but we know she will not be suffering anymore. This is the part of pet ownership we hate. But we would get more pets again in a heartbeat.
  13. My thoughts are with you and your family of the loss of sweet Maggie.
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    I echo everyone's comments.
  15. Dad2Paisley

    Max & Candy

    They are truly beautiful. I feel your loss and sadness but you will all meet again.
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    I feel sorry for your loss. Buddy is sure handsome. He is nowplaying with others at the bridge probably having a lot of girl greys around him.
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