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  1. This is the best information.
  2. We have 3 tags for our dogs. I dare Columbia MO to tell us what to do in our house. We take their collars off in the house. When they are outside they have their coats on and you can’t see their tags anyway. We put the collars and tags when we walk them.
  3. Should we leave the collar and tags in our house and in our yard? We will have them with the tags when we walk them.
  4. Monica, Be sure to put yourself on the lists. Is my stuff there?
  5. Do you pick up your greyhound's water at night? We want to give ours a chance to not pee in the living room at night.
  6. Ducky, I always look for my boys on your thread. Gus still brings tears to my eyes.
  7. CathyI8205


    Goodbye to Gus. He had liver failure. He got to the point where he didn't eat at all.
  8. Ducky, thanks. I'm tearing up again. (per Social in April)
  9. Is it too soon to be thinking about another hound?
  10. I thought I was handling Social well until I read this. Now I'm crying.
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