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  1. When we first had Darby, he would whimper in his sleep. It worried me. What happened to this dog to make him do this. He doesn't whimper anymore but he does dream.
  2. Bella has shown Kirby the rules of the house. We adopted again when our first one died. We had one and got another one. Well our second dog has died. Then we adopted Chad. We still have 2 dogs.
  3. Did you count your fingers afterwards?
  4. Do you pick up your greyhound's water at night? We want to give ours a chance to not pee in the living room at night.
  5. DH and I have fallen over our first 2 greys. We don't move at night without a flashlight. Chad sleeps on my side of the bed. He has sleep aggression.
  6. I would have to pull my spook off of the ceiling if I tried this.
  7. Greys shed, bark, sit. They do all the things that a "regular" dog does, in spite of what "they" say.
  8. We have a new boy, His name is Chad. He looks just like Darby. I have to look at their collar to tell them apart. Darby loves him. Chad is on the left and Darby is on the right.
  9. Jilly was an honorary greyhound. I bet Angel is one too.
  10. This sounds like an individual thing instead of breed specific.
  11. Does anyone have any idea what breeds go well with a greyhound?
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