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    Hilda, I am so sorry
  2. Audrey, I just saw this... I am so sorry Run Free Darius
  3. I looked for you and yes, its under 150x500 and it under 15k Nice siggy!
  4. and you had to go back 5 years to find a post that angered you? especially since he was kidding about giving up the cats Thats exactly what I was thinking....
  5. :yay :yay Aren't you glad I invented chanting??? I worked great for us :yay :yay In case you can't tell Im so excited for you
  6. Tania, So sorry I missed this I will keep him in my prayers! I hope you hubby and baby are doing well... Email me if you need anything or just a shoulder to cry,vent or whatever on Kimz1113@aol.com Kim
  7. Lizzie has kidney disease and just had a full workup and her values are in the "high normal" which the vet said is NORMAL for greyhounds because their baseline values are higher than most dogs. Lizzie is on KD because she was heading to kidney failure and as you see the vet said shes doing great. I know the greyhound values are around on the board somewhere, I hope someone can quick link it for you. Good luck
  8. StridersSis


    Nancy, Im so sorry
  9. Severe arthritis at the old break and avulsion (rupture) of the flexor tendon. Gee that does seem pretty extreme but Im not a vet either.... I hope the Ortho can give you a lot more information and better treatment options!
  10. Am I getting ahead of myself since I feel so relieved and escastic? OMG Robin!!! Please let it be true!!!!!
  11. StridersSis


    Diane I am so sorry
  12. He is pretty cute You should see him when he prances or paws at his face, at almost 90 pounds he looks like Marmaduke LOL My dad walked up to him today and told him he's lucky he's cute and that he can't have treats for 6 months I said dad you should be happy he's OK. He goes yes, I could have told you that for Free This coming from the man that didn't want the dogs and kept saying how he would work OT if he needed surgery How could we say no to this face?
  13. No problem, Pictures I can do. Those are free Im broke
  14. I'd want clarification on what they meant by that. Splenic torsion is a serious condition! :blink I'm glad that he's doing well, though! Not twisting they mean moved to a new position Like turned upside down or something, non life threatening one time thing
  15. ** Official Results** The official results indicate that his spleen is enlarged but poses no danger to his health and he may return to all normal activities and he will be just fine!!!!!!!!!! The large mass in the xray was indeed his spleen. The way it was sitting covered his liver and pancreas making it appear to be a mass/tumor. So no surgery. He wants us to finish out the Rimadyl and keep some on hand incase he cries again. He said the pain could be from arthritis or he could have pulled something. They are unsure as to the initial cause of pain and both vets are stumped. They think his spleen may have flip flopped. Which just sounds painful! Anyways.... WOOHOOO. I say chanting is a good way to get good results!!!
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