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  1. Our Toby wears a Whistle 2 GPS on his tag collar and we absolutely love it. He’s the shyest grey we’ve ever had and will never go to another person when he’s outside so it brings me a huge amount of peace of mind. I love the app that we use with it and it allows me to see exactly where he is at all times which was great when we were using a dog walker. I can’t imagine not having a GPS going forward. I’ve been on too many lost hound searches and can imagine all of the heartache this may have prevented during those times. If we were to get a new one, I would opt for the Whistle Go Explore that has a longer battery life and a light. Our battery lasts a long time but it begins to decrease if we’re running the app continuously while tracking him on a walk. https://shop.whistle.com
  2. Have you searched on Etsy? My friend has found so many gorgeous martingales there and I just ordered a Paris-themed one yesterday.
  3. I absolutely love the collar with the hearts but think you should pull the trigger on the sheep one that you've been coveting. We have both the green and the red for Lima and Bixby and I really love them. I also love Annie's collar with the raccoons! ETA: We also have the pink crab and the green alligator ones. Love them all!
  4. I'm so very sorry. Whether it's 6 months or 6 years, it hurts just as much.
  5. I'm just so incredibly sorry. More has the sweetest face and cutest foldy ears. Love all of the pics you're both posting here. He was such a lucky boy to be so loved.
  6. This is a no brainer. You've only been together for 5 months. Time to walk away now before it becomes more difficult for you. None of us is telling you anything you don't already know since you're not new to this forum. Be STRONG! You'll find a guy who loves you and your dogs and let him go now so he can find someone as cold as himself. You and your dogs deserve better.
  7. Why not focus more on other ways of preventing your dog from escaping? There are many ways of doing this: baby gates, various types of Xpens, etc.
  8. The way to keep from falling apart is to keep actively searching and the best way to do this is to have many eyes out there helping you. Although you're in a rural area, you and your neighbors need to go grocery shopping. I've helped on many lost greyhound searches and we've had success by going to local stores and posting flyers (with a picture) on cars. Also, go to church parking lots on Sunday and do the same thing. Keep your search area spiraling outward because a frightened greyhound can cover a lot of distance. Post flyers a every intersection. Someone has seen your boy! Go to the Amber Alert thread and look at the advice. You're not alone! going out and driving around without posting flyers could be wasting valuable time. I'm so very sorry you're going through this. Many folks here have been in your shoes so please don't give up. Please keep coming back here to give us updates and consider posting a thread in Amber Alert since we have other members who live in Australia and you never know who may have a connection near you.
  9. OMG, Jen! Rally and I are sitting in a wine bar (you woukd love it!) and he told me about this so I'm reading it and fighting tears. I can't even imagine how horrible you must have felt. So glad that due to your incredible diligence everything turned out well for you and Violet. We've all done something where we've unintentionally hurt our babies so please do try to forgive yourself. You are an amazing dog and cat mom and, as you stated, this could've happened to anyone! :
  10. I'm so very, very sorry that you lost Trooper. I can't even fathom how heart broken and upset you must be. But as others have already said, please don't blame yourself. You did a very good thing by fostering another dog and none of this is anybody's fault. Please don't go on second guessing yourself and letting this be the memory you carry for Trooper. Your relationship with him deserves much happier memories than the last one. Hoping that happy memories will help you through your grief.
  11. This is exactly what could go wrong. I'm horrified that you went through this, Beth. Sadly, I've read all too often on GT that dogs who come running up to GTer's greyhounds are automatically seen as a threat. People on other threads have actually been proud to say that they have or would not hesitate to kick even a small dog in the head if they run up to their greyhound. This is normal dog behavior. Is it sometimes scary? Absolutely! There are a lot of off leash dogs in our neighborhood and not having a yard in the city requires us to leash walk the dogs several times daily. I've had dogs come charging at Bixby from across the street and I was lucky that it turned out well although they were barking their heads off. We've witnessed Lima Bean being attacked by two pit bulls (who live upstairs) on my back patio. I totally understand the concern now more than ever. But if Bixby ever got loose and someone harmed him because he ran up to them and their dog, I would be devastated. It's sometimes very difficult to gauge another dog's intentions until the last moment. I understand that folks don't want to take that risk but there simply has to be a better answer than seeing every off leash dog as a moving target for guns, knives and tasers.
  12. Omg, Barbara! I am so incredibly sorry. This is every greyhound owner's nightmare and I'm just so sorry that you are living it. Sending lots of hugs and love your way.
  13. I'm so very sorry that your heart is hurting and that you didn't have more time together with Buffy. You have such a huge heart, Diane, and Buffy was so lucky to have you love her.
  14. So glad that you were able to resolve the mystery and I hope the wound is healing nicely. I also wanted to add that I've noticed on this forum that many dogs seem to sleep better through the night if they have a bedtime snack, especially if meals are very far apart. Bixby usually eats breakfast around 8 am and dinner between 5-6 pm so I give him a cookie around 10 pm and he sleeps soundly through the night.
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