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  1. It could be bursitis or some arthritis in her shoulder. Keep us posted.
  2. Welcome from PA and congratulations. Cooper sounds like a greyt addition to your household.
  3. I'm so sorry, Nancy. I'm sure this isn't easy. Polly would understand what you are doing.
  4. I'm with Irene on this one. NEVER let them out without being there to watch what is going on and to be the police and stop any excessive running or aggressive play. I too know who made what and how often. (We're anal Irene ). I always say better safe than sorry. When these guys get started, they don't know how or when to stop. Also agree that they should be muzzled when they go out.
  5. Just seeing this. So sorry for your loss. RIP George.
  6. I switched all of mine over to Iams in the Green Bag and my BIG BOY Dodge finally has smaller, solid poops. All he could eat before was Natural Balance L/D and the other ate Verus. Very happy with the Iams - especially the price. I can get a 50 Lb bag at BJs for 47.99. Beats $60 for a 30 Lb bag.
  7. Congratulations. She is gorgeous and I'm so happy so gets along with the kids. Important that kids learn to respect having a pet.
  8. My Buddy was treated for LS for four years and he was fine until he really couldn't feel his back end and would go outside to potty and then poop as soon as he came back into the house and then he was mortified. This is a dog that NEVER did anything in the house since we adopted him at 3 years of age. Sometimes he needed help when he had to get up, but did manage pretty well. He knew he couldn't do the steps to the second floor and slept downstairs with no problem. The day came that he could NOT do anything other than a regular dog sit. He had trouble getting up and he couldn't lay down. He was 13 years, 2 months exactly that day and he went to The Bridge peacefully. He was my gentle giant. You will know when it's time. Quality of life is most important.
  9. I had a needle biopsy done once on one of my greys to determine what KIND of cancer she had; osteo or chondrosarcoma. I will NEVER ever do it again to any of my dogs. It definitely compromised the bone from that point on. Cancer is cancer and what difference does it make what kind it is. :-(
  10. Welcome from Pennsylvania. Congratulations.
  11. Exactly what is Iams in the Green Bag? Is there only ONE green bag if I look at it in store?
  12. So sorry, Pam. I love your story about how he became YOUR Poodle. I had a poodle before I got involved with greyhounds. Poodles are the smartest dogs around, but I love my greys. RIP Poodle.
  13. Beautiful!!!! I got one of his at GRTB last October.
  14. Bitter apple GEL is the only thing that save my furniture when I got my first greyhound and she decided that she liked to chew on the corners of my furniture. I just slathered it on practically every day for two weeks and she never touched it after that. Other stuff like books, newpapers, magazines, shoes and glasses - that was another story and she had to outgrow that problem. If she likes her crate, use it when you have to so she gets time out.
  15. She is adorable. It's nice to be a foster flunker, having become one myself several weeks ago.
  16. Chica did her maiden race and her owner said she was just born to be a couch potato - and she fills that role very well.
  17. Wonderful pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  18. That was really good. Thanks for posting it.
  19. What a beautiful boy. So glad you came around in your thinking.
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