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  1. My boy is on 0.6 mg twice a day. He is WHITE and he sheds something awful twice a year. His coat is very thick and very soft. All of my light colored greyhounds shed. My black one and the brindles did not.
  2. It was always nice to hear of Reba's antics in your home. Despite her disabilities, she was a hoot. RIP, Reba.
  3. I too used the Springtime Joint Health chewables. ORIGINAL FORMULA. The Advanced has Boswillia in it and none of my dogs would touch it. Springtime was very good about sending me the originals and I donated the advanced to a rescue group in my area.
  4. Clicker training never worked for any of my greyhounds, but using s squawker id the trick.
  5. I thought the exact same thing when I saw "dungaree". LOL
  6. My first four greyhounds came from NGAP. My next three came from Greyt Expectations in Lower Maryland. Long story, but I still do adoption applications for Greyt Expectations. I used to take supplies to Greyhound Angels Adoption (before they moved further away) and I still do what I can to support Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. I have friends who have adopted from all of the groups, including Linda Ann, and have been happy. I do feel that you get more support from the groups other than NGAP.
  7. Two very handsome boys. Congratulations.
  8. My big boy has arthritis and some disk issues on his neck. He used to sleep on large, plush beds but now prefers the orthopedic hard, foam bed or the carpeted floor where it is very flat.
  9. Try giving her a probiotic to help with the diarrhea.
  10. Congratulations and welcome to the forum and into the "greyhound cult".
  11. My 10 year old boy pants a lot also. I KNOW I can't walk him in the heat but he does it frequently when nothing else is going on. He is on pain meds for arthritis and all tests come back fine, including his heart, chest, lungs, etc. I just chalk it up to old age at this point.
  12. I personally think this dog is lucky that he is being returned and can find his forever home with the RIGHT adopter.
  13. Dodge has become very finicky with his food over the last two weeks (Iams in the green bag), but I attributed that to the Tramadol that he had started as I know it can affect their appetites. Sometimes he eats right away and other times he's not ready to eat until 2 hours later. He has been eating regularly over the last couple of days.
  14. I keep my bedroom door closed so that none of the dogs can wander at night. I know that they move around from bed to bed but that never bothers me. IF they have to go out, which is very rare, they let me know.
  15. I had that happen with my boy several years ago. NGA always finds the right date and in his case, it was only a difference of two months.
  16. You did what was right for your girl, under the circumstances. There will be others available to you when the time is right.
  17. My first four had never been in anyone's home before I adopted them. They are smart dogs and it's fun to watch them acclimate to something that a puppy learns from a young age. They are easy to train about what NOT to do in a house. My next three were fostered, but not for long. I can't recommend one way or the other. All of mine were/are wonderful pets.
  18. My guys get a Bordetella vaccination/sniff every 6 months. Don't take any chances and it's cheap.
  19. I always found that Previcox was the easiest on their stomachs. My guy gets a 1/2 Pepcid (10 mg. daily) anyway for acid reflux and is on Previocox for a disc issue in his neck.
  20. Don't hit yourselves over the head. You have made the right decision so that he can be re-homed in an atmosphere that he can handle. Maybe he just can't be an "only" and needs another dog or dogs to be with.
  21. If he is content in his crate when you go out, I would leave him there. If he's happy in the crate, he can't get into any trouble.
  22. Are you giving him a probiotic while he's on the antibiotic? You can also give him a Pepcid to calm his stomach.
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