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  1. Just a question...

    When opening a topic with many pages, I used to be able to click on something that took me to my last unread post. I haven’t been able to find that. I’ve been clicking on the last page, and working back from there. What am I missing? In my next life, I plan to be more computer savvy, but for now I’m just happy that I survived the update. Thanks for all your hard work, Jeff.

  2. You mention 3 with osteo but you did not do expensive treatment for the. Surmising you euthanized upon diagnosis?

    My first osteo dog had cancer everywhere, and I let him go at diagnosis. The other two I took home on pain meds, but could not control the pain after a week.

  3. Never any swelling in my three that had osteo. I had X-rays taken more than once with Tucker. The limp would come and go over a period of months, and initial films showed nothing. He was treated for sprain or soft tissue injury with meds, and could be ok for over a week once meds ended. The other two started limping suddenly, xrays clearly showed osteo, but never any swelling.

    Continue pain meds. If he is limping or holding up his foot, he is hurting. Hope you find another explanation for the pain.

  4. I used the Outward Hound pupboost lift harness for Reba. It is just a padded sling with handles, but you can fasten it on top with a Velcro closure to keep it on. It is only around $10 on Amazon and Chewy. I bought an extra to keep in the car. Great to hear that your girl is doing well.

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