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  2. That's all from here for today my Friendlies!! Kibble kisses and Buddy Bisket dreams!! NITEY NITE!! Andipants
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  4. Daddy has always wanted one of those silver Airstream trailers. Momma's idea of camping and such is no room service!!! NO SQUIRMS FOR MISS WIKI!!!!!!!!! Only 95 at our house today those offishully it was 98. We stayed inside mostly. Later Gaters!!! Andipants
  5. You didn't add mini chocolate chips to the tuna one, right?
  6. I fink Mario needs a beeg ol steek ob himz berry own.
  7. Little Hada. Sure hope those beans perk up. And Duckys duck comes back.... Wiki Pippin No ticks in Oregon You are very lucky! Our kidlets have a 'tent camper' like Patsy. No AC. They also have a big screened dining tent. Mario went for a checkup with DocMorag today and she and all the office gals just loved him. They really didn't see much 'Saluki' in him... more greyhound/whippet... and thought that his coat is almost like a it's going to be a double coat in the winter. He is still so very thin and needs to eat often. Off to hang hay nets....
  8. Oooh! Look at that peeenk camper wif matching peeenk chairs!
  9. I think fostering, and having the dog actually living with a cat (or other small animal) is safer than cat tests. As you found out, they can lie on those cat tests
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  11. No skwirms! No skwirms! I ain't got no skwirms!
  12. Merc, Momma does knot habs any vanilla ice cream in the house! But she did gibs me homemade peanut butter treets! I feel better this afternoon. Nate! I am shocked, SHOCKED that Miss Lucy did knot get up early to walk wif you! My Momma gets up early and see- Miss Jerilyn got up early too! That must be in the Miss Kerry, thank you for the Ivy
  13. Thank you guys for all the reassurance! She truly is a special girl and I’m sure she will be a terrific pet in the right environment. I talked to a group that was my first choice when I started looking into adopting a greyhound. They’ve opened up their adoption app again recently, and all of their dogs are fostered before adoption. I put in an application and hopefully within 6 months max I’ll be trying to find the right grey for me again
  14. Hehehehe......Candy, dat iz funnee....an Pippin, yes,...ah coodinated da resCOO ub mah sumwut DOOfus brudder. Ah led ahed, ub corse, DOOtifullee an ma leetch az Mama ran juss behind me so he KNOO we wur coming, but KNOT mad at himz.
  15. You definitely did the right thing and by doing so you avoided a potentially tragic accident involving your cat. As others have said, she will find a great home soon, and you will find the right hound for your home. Not every dog works out on the first try, and as of now, everyone is safe because you made the right call. Let us know when you find that right dog. You will be amazed at how well they fit in to your house and you will just know when it's the right fit.
  16. Ours was a slightly larger Coleman pop-up, it had a queen bed on one end and a twin on the other. (sharing with sister is awful!). You could get a/c as an option. It wasn't bad when the wind was blowing and the humidity wasn't awful. But the rain would get in if you didn't zip up the windows and the wind picked up. Maybe one day I'll have a little RV/camper...
  17. Likelee storee... I like muh air condishimin! Ivy! Speek to me muh lubs!!! Du yu need ice creem???? Yu do, don't yu? Miss Kathy!!! Would yu pleez Ad Minister sum banilla STAT!?!? And fur liddle HadaNanaParsnipFairy!!!
  18. Wiki, you are so right that MA should hab got up earlier and walked me. I would happily take my walk before I ear breakfast. What a fancy, fun looking trailer you all stayed in Laila! I hope your folks get good help from those doctors and a that your vet visit is good too. Miss Patsy, what a cute camper! Ma said she sleeped in one ob those as a Girl Scout when they got caught out in the rain sleeping in the open air. Nate
  19. Gud eevning frendz. We bin leftid twyse tuday. Furst tyme Mum tooked the kidlets to a Kraft centa so they kood paynt sum pots, then she just bin owt onna dryve up to the forrist so she kood release free meeces that that she fownd inna live trap inna yootilitee ruum at luntch tyme. She red that yu gotta release them a kuppla myles away frum howme or thay kum bak and she duzzen’t want that to happin! We howp ower poorlee frendz feel betta suun. Suppa tyme now, Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  20. You did the right thing. Thank you for understanding the new pup and while doing the right thing for your household, you absolutely did the right thing for her. She will find her perfect place, and I know that the right dog is out there waiting for you. As Jan above said, when I got my first greyhound I had three cats! Of my 20 greyhounds over several years, only four have been cat-safe. Don't feel guilty or regretful, you "done good"!!
  21. I will add my voice that you did the right thing to return her, that was the best thing for you, your cat, and for her. She will find the right home, and if you are willing to try again, you can find the right dog. I had five cats when I got my first greyhound The cats ranged from confident to a true spook. She was an older dog and everyone got along fine, so the right dog is out there. I also want to add, don’t think you gave up on her too soon. Returning her as soon as it became obvious that she wasn’t working out made it easier on her and your cat. Good luck!
  22. Happy birthday Petunia! Looks like it was a wonderful celebration.
  23. you did the right thing. There's never a 100% way to predict how these guys will turn out once in a home since everything's so new. She just wasn't the right fit for you and thankfully you realized it quickly. with 3 of our 5 coming in as bounces from their first home (Rainey, Larry and Zeke), trust me there is the right home for this girl! It just wasn't yours, and there was no way to know this ahead of time. There IS the right hound out for you, perhaps a little older one like Jerilyn suggests, whose personality is a little more known and is more laid back. sending hugs and thank you for doing the right thing for you, for the pup and for your kitty, too!
  24. Pippin and Miss Kerry for Liddle Hada Parsnip and everyone else who needs it Peeples are out of sorts here too. I blame the hot hot airs and the high high hoomids. I want to go outside and I want to stay in where it's cool. The weather people say after today we might get some heavy rain and it might cool down into the mid eighties. That would be very nice. Wishing better weather for everyone else who is going from it.
  25. You did the right thing. Not every dog is the right fit for every house. She'll be adopted into her right family soon. And I'm sure the cat will get over it quickly also. There are many greyhounds who can live with cats. See the Fencetop and Mary post over in the Remembrance section for an especially great pair. An older dog who has been returned might be a better fit for you. They will know about living in a house already, maybe even with cats, making the transition much easier.
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