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  2. That clown. Thanks for the new Club, Hamish. Miss Banessa, thanks to you for the reminder ob what we were all talking about in the old club thread. Merc's toe, and Miss Patsy's new Moby2, purring away. Ma is werk from home again. Nate and Tinker helped her out some during a Zoom meeting yesterday. Spirit
  3. Miss Jennie! This post contains a clown so close your eyes! It's scary owt there!
  4. Good worst day of the week! Fanks for da Noo Club Hamish, the old one went poofy riteawayquik! I think we were speaking of doing another Zoom meetup, and Merc's toe was still buggin him, and Patsy was enjoyin her noo freezer. Patsy, there was an article about how the senior hours were backfiring here, there were lots of mature folks crowding the stores! No TP either, so the whole thing is kind of pointless for some stores.
  5. Good morning all. Seriously, would it incapitate the entire world if the old club were allowed to remain for--oh I don't know, maybe a day? It won't explode, it won't emit noxious gas, it won't ruin anyone's credit rating. Truly. I made a groceries run this morning. I was on their doorstep when they opened for seniors and there were maybe 4-5 of us in the entire store. I was outta there and on the way home by 6:23. Yea me 🤪
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  7. Well there is this also....as wrong as it is I know there have been stupid people feed their dogs quite a few- like those little raisin boxes- and it has never caused their dogs any problem at all. With the quick treatment your boys have had I am rooing that your boys will be fine. Be sure and keep us updated.
  8. Hmmmm...seems I missed the last pages of the old club. Hope everyone is doing ok...
  9. If it had it happened w/ one of my dogs I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it suddenly becomes an actual behavior pattern. One thing to always remember about dog bites is that biting to a dog doesn't mean the same thing as it does to us humans. Dogs bite. All dogs bite. It is what dogs do. It is one of their major ways to communicate and this is how they perceive it. On the other hand humans tend to see a dog bite as an overt negative aggressive act and frankly it just might not be that. It could simply be that for whatever reason Billy felt the need to simply communicate like the dog he is-with a bite. It is extremely important to note that it was not a bite intended to do harm. If it had been intended for harm frankly her face would have been mutilated instantly. But a quick little nip that in dog terms was harmless actually proves he was NOT trying to harm her but rather just communicate the need to back off-again we may never know what actually was the trigger. But it shows excellent bite inhibition- he deliberately did NOT try to harm her. What that means is that you now know that Billy is in fact a very safe dog! You know that because he has just demonstrated that even when something happens that triggers a bite he exercises good bite inhibition and the actual damage is minor. Not all dogs do. Some never learned bite inhibition and when they bite it is with full force and damaging! So said all that to say this. I couldn't count the number of times I have sustained little bites like that form various dogs of mine. I shrugged it off as the price I pay if I want to share my life with dogs who use biting to effectively communicate to each other and us. I believe Billy is fine. I believe Billy had absolutely no intention of harming her and probably doesn't even realize he did. In a dogs view he did not because he exercised such wonderful bite inhibition expressly because he did not want to hurt her. And really if anything its a feather in Billy's cap because now you know that even if he feels pushed into a bite he won't do any serious damage. BTW, what you described is far from serious damage in a dogs mind. They are easily capable of being brutal when they bite. Dog bites without bite inhibition break bones and mutilate-it bites not just noses but pieces of the face completely off. If you share your life with dogs you will get bit, because that is what dogs do. Be a dog. Don't take it personal because they don't! Billy is still a very good boy.
  10. Good morning! Can't believe I made da first page! Molly McPoodle.
  11. Hahahaha Miss Velvet! Lookit me in da top free poster!!!! Dis nebah happens! Charlie
  12. Morning Velvet, currently in lickdown Eggsellent line, Velvet!
  13. Andrea, I like the idea of having ICE contact info for the dogs. I take pictures of each dogs' vet papers showing they are up to date on vaccinations.
  14. Thanks everybody - and from Tiger, who should be blushing from all these compliments!
  15. Hello new club! I have no Idea how the last one ended because it's gone missing. Hope you are all well and coping OK with all the changes to our lives at the moment. Mum's had a bit of a temperature for nearly a week but nothing worse so far so doesn't know what's causing it. She's been OK doing her work from home and doesn't feel fatigued. We haven't left our home at all since 20th March. Love to you all, Velvet, currently in lickdown
  16. Hello! This is Wee Hamish, KNOT a greyhound, but a Deerhound! Dis is a chat club for everyone including baby Deerhounds, katz, stuffies, hedges, gimme pigs, dunkeys, and even hoomans. Its pretty simple--we are all friends and we chit chat about this and that, and learn whot makes peeple tick, and whot food is gud and what yu shud spit out, and such important things as that. The whirled is in tops turvy right now. Peeple are askeered, but some are KNOT askeered enuff! We all got to do our part and be smart and stay in yur yard!! Wash yur paws, don't lick strangers, and remember to keep a hole leash at when yur hooman and another hooman that might want to pet yu! Uhm, also, katz are friends, KNOT fud. Imma gonna skip da part about doin' yur dooty cause no one seems to habs dat problem!
  17. Hi. Could it be a pain or medical issue? More generally, never put your face within biting distance of a dog, especially near it's bedding, or food, or toys (nor when it's resting, or asleep, in a corner or enclosed space). This type of bite seems fairly typical of a dog feeling threatened in the moment, and asking for more personal space please, NOW. As for warnings, now you've had a warning. Peace.
  18. Most phones have the facility to be able to access and phone your ICE contacts and medications even though the phone is locked. Or take a picture of your ICE details and use it as your lock screen.
  19. If 2 or 3 already came up, that doesn't leave a whole lot in either of them if the amount is somewhat split between them. The raisin bagels I buy typically are more cinnamon and bread with just a handful of raisins scattered throughout, so I can't imagine there is enough left in them to be all that worrisome. I'd be more worried if they straight out ate a box of raisins, as opposed to some that were in a bagel. Hope they both do well and are back home soon.
  20. The boys between them ate 6 raisin bagels today, our vet got them to throw up 2-3 bagels and now they're up a the e-vet hospital for 48 hours of fluid and monitoring. So far, about 6 hours out, no symptoms and good bloodwork, the vet says that's a very good sign. Can anyone give me any hope about their overall prognosis? The internet seems to suggest a 5% death rate, but the emergency hospital says they generally see all the dogs who come in for the full protocol emerge okay? I just can't lose Henry or Petey.
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