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  2. Gud hawt Sunnyday! It wuz gonna storm, den it went around. Supposed to really hawt on Toesday, mebee?
  3. Good morning troops. Our relatively sunny knot so hoomid weather has evidently come to a screaming halt. Whilst it is sunny I'll admit I didn't realize hoomidity could go to 150%. Silly me, right? i have been remiss in knot welcoming Miss Jennie's newest hawg. Welcome to hawg heaven little one. One of the "advantages" of keeping an eye on the Littles in the livingroom with the cat draped over my lap whilst Kestralyn is doing errands is that evidently Alexa will keep playing "Radioactive" forever and forever and forever and ...... well you get the idea.
  4. Sorry it's been a while since I last checked in. The boy we brought home very much escalated in reactive behavior towards our senior dog, sadly. She was getting increasingly anxious, as he would go into a barking/growling rage anytime he so much as heard her walking around out of his sight. I have done thorough reading and was really very careful with his homecoming, but that kind of reactivity is not something we are equipped to handle. I am very grateful that the rescue has a 2 week period to evaluate fit, so he could find a home where he's not triggered constantly. But next time I am determined to work with a rescue who uses foster homes, instead of a kennel situation, so that there will be fewer big surprises like that. He was marshmallow soft to humans-- just not comfortable enough around other dogs in a home. The task will be to find a rescue that works with families with younger children. We are responsible parents, and know that they are usually the problem in dog-to-child interactions. So we supervise and separate religiously. But all the rescues in the area (minus the one we found the galgo through) have a 5 y/o minimum age for all kids in the home. If anyone has recommendations for rescues that use foster homes, and who will talk to families with younger kids at least on a case by case basis, could you let me know? I think we are mostly interested in a retired racing greyhound, so that would be a plus too if that is the rescue's primary work. Thanks!
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  6. Hello, I've always wanted to ask for your description of my dog's racing history and am finally getting around to posting here. It would be very much appreciated! GS Jerry Lee Thanks so much!
  7. Well I’m oddly glad to know I am not the only one to have been assaulted with soap. All it taught me was Gerry was a dangerous nut job. I spent all day yesterday with Laze, Robin, Fletcher, and Diana. There were only four deerhounds at the show, and Fletcher won best of breed! Diana, the only female, won best of opposite sex and best owner/exhibitor. They behave pretty well, but man oh man can that Diana pull! She is ridiculously strong! The AKC greyhounds were amazing. The winner was a stunning brindle at least twice George’s size. There was only one English Setter there, but he was a beauty. It was indoors, or we would prolly all be bed ridden cause it was boiling hot yesterday. I had a good time and Robin had someone to talk to while Laze was busy. Let’s just say Spanx is an underused garment in the dog show world!
  8. Boyhowdy wuttat day. I wented to skool and saw muh "kids" off to dare gradyoowashun. I soupervised de werking in de gardin. And affer dinner, dare wuz dessert! Ahem! O.K., O.K, Mummy wuz making a cake fur a goin away partee fur Daddyman's oldest granddotter. Mummy putted all de wite frosting on it and put it on de tabul whilst she wuz werkin on de negst fing. It was RITE DARE!!!! On de tabul! Ware fuds go! Fortunately there was minimal damage and I was able to do some reconstruction. Oi! What a day.
  9. I've had people cross to the other side of the road when the see Grace who is small even for a female greyhound and a couple of children called out "Look running dogs" on one of the greyhound walks
  10. Only a fortnight to go until June 9th. You can find out if there's a walk near you here https://www.greatglobalgreyhoundwalk.co.uk/non-uk-walk-schedule/
  11. Well, they both have pretty spectacular ears
  12. Over here Galgo's are in the majority so many people asked if my dogs were from Spain. With Tapas (mixed breed) many people say she looks like a hyena And the other week someone asked of Sasha was Tapas' puppy (Tapas is 3 years old, Sasha 5. The only thing they have in common is that they are both brown, besides that I don't see any similarities )
  13. Have a awesome sleeping friends! Good Night! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  14. I’ve heard Doberman as well, especially for black pups. I always thought Whippets were fairly rare in the US, but I have seen several in my neighborhood over the years, so what do I know?
  15. My picky seniors have always liked runny oatmeal. I mix it with goats milk.
  16. I've found that the seniors really like elbow macaroni that's overcooked a little. I just cook a box in half water and half chicken stock and leave it in a container in the refrigerator. I use that in place of rice. 20 seconds in the microwave warms it enough to mix with canned food.
  17. Time to rechristen her Billa.
  18. Exactly But she refused the rice tonight. Which is fine - I don't love the idea of the Hill's but I'll go with it if it works. It sure is easier than the rice, because if I didn't cook the rice exactly right and have it the correct temperature, she would pick at it.
  19. Hope your stoic boy is doing well. My Eve had almost as many permanently swollen toe joints as she did normal. Never seemed to bother her.
  20. Closer perusal shows I was wrong -- there is an occasional something that I guess is a claw on the dried duck feet. It is blunt, though, and looks more like a small piece of monocolor candy corn than a claw. But I have not noticed any problems with the dogs' digestion of it. Jan, why was your dh concerned?
  21. Good evening my good friends. Me exhausted. Been cooped up in da houndiemobile all day. Data is rough to have to sleep all day. Tomorrow more ob da same. Not gonna dribe as far though. Still looking like we will be partying come tootsday ebening. Nite nite all Abby da traveling houndie.
  22. Apparently you opened the bag from the right this time so it was okay to eat. Bill Bella Our visitor Bella (almost 12) has been picking and choosing her food as well. Tonight the second try worked and consisted of elbow macaroni cooked in chicken stock and some Evenger's Canned chicken Dog Food which has to be served at room temperature, not cold. Glad she's not picky....
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