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  2. We were told he was probably 80 lbgs or so. We knew he weighed more than that and put in the scale at Pet Express where he weighed 96. He stood up on his hind legs the day we brought him home and he sniffed the top of the doorframe. And he's been eating Myka's leftover kibble so he's put a couple of more pounds on. You can bet that YELLBOY BUTTNOSE takes up the entire Cal King bed from side to side.
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  4. Oh, MEC, that is sad news about Misser Richard. A '50's party sounds like fun!
  5. Oh, it hurts when they forget your name, doesn’t it MEC? I am all moved in. The move went smoothly but my goodness, who knew Two Men and a Truck had so many rules! No live plants—which I sort of get, but I have moved plants before with no issue. No chemicals or liquids including cleaning products, shampoo, laundry detergent. Seriously? And they arrived with no tools! I could not get my cable disconnected from the wall, and they had nothing. Luckily my neighbor brought her dogs out to crap on the lawn, and she leant me a wrench. They managed to move my metal platform style bed without taking it apart, which amazed me. Not as much as movers with no tools... My painter did not show up, but he did text. He promises to send his crew tomorrow. Just as well. Because of the painting most of my boxes are in the garage, so Clifford is in the driveway. I could fit him in the garage but only if they boxed in Mr. Deere, and that is unacceptable. You never know when you're going to want to mow, am I right? I am thrilled to be here—still sad that Rob and Sarah didn’t even reply to my email, but I guess there is no point in continuing to worry about those doody heads. Oh, nail files! Dennis McKeon, who was a dog trainer at Raynham, recommended a weird triangular file that I found easily on Amazon. The shape goes under the hook part of the nail and gives a good shape. The cable guy comes tomorrow early. I am using my unlimited data plan to make my iPhone a wifi hotspot for my iPad. I was able to find some over the air channels using an antenna so at least I have some TV.
  6. I'm apparently in training for next week as I realized I drank a bottle of wine last night. By myself.
  7. Love it! My dad has a couple of Golden's that will go to the end of the driveway with him and carry the papers and mail. One will shred and bury things so she gets the junk mail - the others bring it all back to the house and put it down.
  8. Mum bin to see Missr. R. this morning, him sitting out in hiz chayre and seem kwyte bryte but he duz KNOT know hur nayme now. it the Kayre Howme Rok ‘n’ Rowl BBQ on Satonday and Mum bin putting tugetha hur 1950’s rok ‘n’ rowl outfit. She say she need sum glasses lyke Miss. Lizabeff ware. It neerlee bed tyme so I say Gud nyte to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  9. A hunneredlebenty pounds! I'll bet YELLBOY kin take up a lotta de big bed! Mebbee de hole fing!
  10. In my house, Tess would think I was giving her the mail to shred. Since she came this spring I have rarely had to use my mechanical shredder. I just put the items on her bed and leave for work. When I come home, I have confetti. (I have become much better at putting away thinks that I don't want shredded.
  11. WOW! A 100 lb greyhound. Johnny was in the 80s, he was YUGE to me and I am not a petite person.
  12. That is awesome! Good boy Jaxson. The only thing my dogs have ever carried is french fries off of my plate.
  13. Wow that was extremely close, so glad they've got your power back on. YAy for Susan's move finally~ We're looking at new to us cars, big enough for me and SAINT who is a fat boy now, he's 99 lbs. hahaha fatty bombalatty, Saint! Have a great day everyone Myka
  14. My spooky Spirit had been going down the deck steps to get to the yard for several years. Then we had a Dish satellite mounted on the house above the deck steps. The presence of that dark disk overhead really freaked out poor Spirit. I accompanied him out for several trips, walking down the stairs with him, until he decided the dish was no threat. I think having a trainer come to help you figure out how to desensitize your hound is a wise approach.
  15. Susan's 'magic' expanding mattress arrived! We are back online! The cable guy said that the lightning hit in our next door neighbors backyard! Den it followed da underdirt buried cable through our back yard ( KNOT my potty yard!) and hit da junction box in da far corner of our yard and deep fried da insides! Took out our hole entire neighborhood of 80 homes plus a few extras! Dey comed an replaced da fried junction box guts and ran a new cable. Except now da cable is OVERdirt instead of UNDERdirt. Dey have to call anudder guy who comes out and digs da dirt and puts da cable underneath. All our services seem to be ok, except da Lilly's brand new ipad will KNOT connect to wifi. Molly McTechnoback
  16. Howdy Doody Friends! Showers are over and we will be getting back to the start of summer now. Still KNOT as hothothot as you eest coasters tho!! Miss Soozin mooving day!!!!! We hope everything goes smoooooth! On the subject of nail files, Mom says to look for something called a "wood rasp" at the hardware store. Merc, my Dad makes our brekfist everyday, and Mom makes dinner, so we get the best of both!! Fancy try and keep Paris in line for that dog sitting persin!! We will miss you guys for a couppla weeks tho! Have fun Miss Cindy and !!!!!!!! Miss Carol Ann, didja figger out where that litening hit? Mom wanted me to say that a couppla years ago we had a lektrishian put a "whole house surge protecter" on our lectrikal box so if our house gets hit by those litenings we won't essplode!!!! Miss Sherrie!!! That musta been awful to see, not to menshun drive throo!! Isabella thatsa whole lotta bikkie munnies for fiksiing that AyCee!!!! Stay cool in the hoomids freinds and have a super awesome day! Toodles! Whiskey Bisket Samba Boy!
  17. Great article on wineries and restaurants in and around Seneca Lake! https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/lifestyle/rocflavors/2019/07/03/seneca-lake-finger-lakes-watkins-glen-wineries-restaurants-things-to-do/1499356001/?fbclid=IwAR0I2dtQSFlD9y4gOFANo1lPeowjfTVxahmCM0HniSIl4vvapKXERv6SmdQ
  18. Cash we are sorry you have moved to the bridge Daphne & Bitzi
  19. Ivy, Daddy makes muh dinner eberee nite he cooks so he's used tu it. He add wader and luks fur a Merc Meat container fur add-ins. He makes gud kibbul!! um.... so du yu Mummy. I lub yu. Both Liberty and Mercury hate(d) having nails done. Lib would let me demel but Merc will not. I've always relied on as little clipping as possible followed by filing which neither minds. I big ol' Black Diamond file from the beauty supply store is best. They're big in your hand, thick, and quite coarse. That reminds me... we're behind in nail maintenance....
  20. Dr. Morrie Craig, co~author of "Care of the Racing & Retired Greyhound", joins Greyhounds Make Great Pets live on July 19, 2019 to discuss how he catches "cheaters" in animal sports and the drug testing programs he has created which are aimed at reducing and eliminating cheating in racing sports. His many decades of experience and research has been vital to the greyhound racing industry, Iditarod sled dog races and homing pigeon racing. In addition we will also explore Dr. Craig's participation in an on-going project as a consultant to Phyto-Ruminal Bio-remediation in Kuwait, an effort to clean up the toxins of Desert Storm and Desert Shield. https://www.voiceamerica.com/promo/episode/116270 Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download. #gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld A recent aarticle on Dr. Craig: http://www.abilene-rc.com/news/catching-cheaters-in-greyhounds-the-iditarod-homing-pigeons/article_9d0086ae-98db-11e9-b950-43f35184d1b8.html
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