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  2. Mister Haymisch you are growing like a weeeeeeeeeeeed!!!! Miss Ivy I'm glad you had a good visiting!!!! Lots of for Miss Abby tamarrow!!!! Miss Jerilyn Momma is sending you a funny emailing!!!! That's all from here for today! NITEY NITE!!!! AndiPants
  3. You sure are a big boy Hamish. You will need to grow some more though, to grow into those paws.
  4. Yep, pretty sure it's a whippet, but he still masters the "look"
  5. So very true. When I tested her outside of the crate twice today, I was a bit concerned. I was watching her on the houndcam while in my car. She paced and whined for about 10 minutes, intermingled with some wild running while playing with a toy. She tore through the living room and landed on her dog bid, skidding it into the (non functional) fireplace. She also jumped on the back door, dislodging the blinds. She is definitely NOT ready to be trusted uncrated for any extended period of time, especially if I cannot get right into the house to intervene. These were mainly test runs, and she got a C-. It could have been both a lot worse, and a lot better:) She doesn't like to go into the crate. We basically have to shove her in. But she did pretty good today while crated. We give her a frozen peanut butter kong, which she enjoys. The first stint was 3 hours. She settled down as soon as I left the house, and was calm when I checked on her periodically. The second time was after my partner got home, and had to re-crate her for an hour when she ran an errand after work. She had to shove her in, too, but once in, Bette immediately settled and slept the whole time. How does one know when to make the transition from crate to out-of crate, especially with a dog as young as her? Just thinking into the future . . .
  6. I hope this is her trajectory, too.
  7. Hamish we only got 1 picture of you, sitting in your bed. Abby step back, here comes a blast of our mojo so you will just sail thru tomorrow's dental Good night all, Daphne & Bitzi
  8. It is a whippet named Kiwi. (Nancy, he is from the same breeder as Sandra’s whippets.)
  9. Another vote for Whippet. The bathrooom part of this ad is also on CBC Gem (free streaming). There's another--I think it's mentioned in a different thread--with a guy in a tub. That dog looks like a Greyhound.
  10. Oooooo, Bette sounds perfect. I hope she's home already. Aside: Unless you have to get her out of the crate ASAP, I wouldn't rush it. It's early days and she is getting used to both being in a house (so many distractions!) and being alone.
  11. Hamish, you look so kewt! Your paws look really beeeg! That means you will be eben bigger! Uh oh Liala, pooping on the floor! Miss Cindy, I hope your muscle feels better riteawayquik! Good luck wif the inspection Miss Tin! Momma went back to work in person today after working at home yesserday. She sed she thought it was Monday all day! Well, time for a before our nitetime walk! Ivy
  12. Yes... I think it's Whippet too, but I know my guys give me that same look
  13. Good evening, everybody and everyhoundie! It has been a busy day here and I am tarred! I think bedtime will come early for me tonight. Hugs and nose nudges to everyone. Hamish, those pics are splendid. You are such a hampsome deerhoundie. Fankroo for sharing!
  14. Yeah I love it! I think it's a whippet, but who cares. Enough people might think it's a greyhound. And that's what counts.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Saw this ad today https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ovS9/expedia-everyone
  17. Saw this ad today https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ovS9/expedia-everyone
  18. Please go check the Elves thread!
  19. Mutter said I cud try to posty some fotos of myownself for those of yu who do KNOT habs da Facebook. This is ma face. As yu can see, I am growin a beard! Dis me sitting in a chayer. It was more comfurble a month ago. Dis me relaxing on da bed Miss Loosy gave me. And dis me in da beeg bed where Mutter lets me sleep. I like to snuggle wiff her pillow! Mutter says I am as beeg as George and Buck, and I am still six days shy of six munths old! That is all! Hamsammich
  20. Oh, pardon me for that mistake! We hope your Hanukkah will be just great. Thank you for answering--in verse, no less! Consider this elf most impressed.
  21. Gud eevning frendz Hamish, I waz running loose wen I waz tooked to the howndee reskyoo playse ware Mum found me. It waz KNOT fun littul frend, so do knot run owtta the door agen! Mum kollekted £263.50p in hur Poppy tins this yeer. Az the wevva waz KNOT gud she iz pleezed wiv that. We will keep ower pawsies Xxed tumorro fower Abby’s toofer oppyrayshun. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nottee Nuttymeg
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