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  2. Bibbi I have never had poison ivy, but several people - including a physician - highly recommends applications of apple cider vinegar I am also awaiting a very small Etsy package from California that was shipped on June 13th Sorry I 'assumed' that the fireworks that were terrifying some of your hounds were illegal. I have been seeing all kinds of FB posts from all over the US about illegal ones being set off for over a week.
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  4. Yep, anything short of an M80 is legal in SC. Susan, try linen or seersucker. Real seersucker has the pucker woven in. Fancy, I would have said the boots are stuck in Customs, but it looks like the USPS is the bad guy this time. Oh, and tell your mom to use laundry soap to wash with if she even suspects she touched poison ivy next time. Molly, I vote butterflies! I would like everyone to spare a thought for Bibbi the Terrible Tortie. They found a mass in her abdomen, biopsy is due back tomorrow or Wed. She is home and has stuff for nausea, but she is still quite wobbly. Of course, she showed the nice side to the clinic, I know I'm going to get the naughty side.
  5. It's MoneyDay everwon! And, like everwon else, it is hot, hot, hot! Guest took Zeke and I for a long morning walk before the heat really kicked in. While we were out, a real friendly Golden Retriever was in his yard, behind his fence. He ran up to the fence, barking and wagging his tail hello. Zeke took one look and one listen, spun around and dragged us back towards home! Sheesh. He looked like a nice puppers, too. Guest did not run this morning because it was too dang hot and humid. And, she was tired after the long weekend that had zero relax and all work. But, she is happy with what got done! Guest and did not go anywhere to see fireworks. There is a decent display near our favorite park. They could have gone and not even have gotten out of the car to watch. But, Guest spent all day FriedDay and SatonDay in the blazing heat painting the inside and out of the screened porch. It looks real nice, but by SatonDay evening, she was done. So, they listened to the fireworks from the comfort of our AC and watched the display on the local FB page. Us houndies slept through it. Sherman and Maggie were both really afraid of them and Guest wasn't sure how Zeke would be since he is not really a fan of gunshots or loud thunder. Not scared, but not thrilled. The Calm-A-Mile worked well for Sherman, too. Miss Jennie, Guest makes a chocolate zucchini cake and you cannot tell it has zucchini in it! It is really really shredded and just adds loads of moisture. She made blueberry zuchinni bread last night! It is so good! I was following her around asking for another taste and *I* do NOT beg! Of course, she got from freshly picked blueberries (not from a store) and those are SO GOOD. Then, she made a lemon blueberry bundt cake, which is why she was up way too late on a school night. She is making all kinds of things blueberry right now before she freezes the rest. We have been lucky with Lowes. We got our kitchen appliances and countertop from them and they arrived when they were supposed to arrive and without fuss. Thank goodness because there isn't a Home Depot less than 35 miles from here. It's basically Lowes or nuthin! Be careful of that rash, Ducky! Guest is finally feeling better after her rash. Now, she has poison ivy. I swear, I live with a moron who is unable to stay out of trouble. Summer, you did well with the snacks - after all, the only way we can stay emaciated is to only eat one chip or cheeto. I am sorry that your svelte figure is being called emaciated. Guest had some stranger stop his car and yell at her while walking Dante that she was starving her dog and he was going to call the police. He would not stop yelling, so she told him that she would tell the police that he was stuffing his fat dog to death. She didn't win any points with that altercation but it felt good to see him get all ticked off and sped away. Jerk. My boots have been losted somewhere between San Francisco and here! Guest is non too happy with our postal system right now. The boots left Melbourne Australia ONE MONTH ago and landed in the US 10 days ago. I know things are slower right now, but on FriedDay, our email from the post office said the package was to be delivered on FriedDay. It was not and now no one can tell us where it is. I want my new shoes! Anyway, I gotta go. I would have said run, but it is too hot and I don't have the proper footwear Have a good evening everwon ! TTFN Miss Fancypants
  6. Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. We have moved his sleep spot to the upstairs hallway between the bedrooms. He is happy to sleep there and can find us easily if he wants to. This has made people feel a little better. There was another incident in which my adult son got up in the night to get a glass of water and had to walk past him and he became aggressive towards him. I think therefore that it must be his sleep space that he is guarding. He has no issue with people going up to him in the day on his bed and sometimes will tap you when going past to rub his tummy but at night he seems like a completely different dog. Do you have any advice on how we can make him more comfortable with people walking past him at night should the need arise (it won’t be often but sometimes it might be necessary). We have a behaviourist coming next week so I am hoping that this will help. As of yet, he has never tried to get on the furniture and we are planning to keep it this way. Thanks again for advice.
  7. Well, I may knot want to jump into da swimming pool - eben dough I am supposed to be a water dog, BUT - I do sort of like ma shower/bath. Does dat count? Guess what comed in da mail just for ME? I gots FOUR new collars!!!! FOUR - all at once! I am so excited! Witch one should I wear first? Molly McFashionPlate
  8. Fireworks are legal here, and I personally enjoyed the free show very much. In any direction I can see, there were fireworks! We (my family) have never had a dog afraid of fireworks or storms, and my two are not. I put them to bed at 8:30 and the real noise started at 9 or so and continued for hours, but it was fun for me (except the mosquitos). There were even people in my subdivision shooting off some pretty impressive ones! Doing nothing today. My tattoo started the (normal) peeling stage and it's gross! Plus I'm not supposed to get sun on it, and it's way to hot for pants here...so I stayed inside. If any of you need any quirky entertainment, "Warrior Nuns" on Netflix was pretty good!
  9. Miss Jennie, my mom don't take no baffs. Okay okay, mom sez her takes showers. Liddle Hada, in hot wadder. Nope, no hot hot water so I Can't blame the rash on that. Lucy, I will write something up for you about the essential oil. The website has been updated and I want to make sure I direct you to it correctly. I used Calm-a-Mile disfused and the spray version as well for Georgie on the 4th. And I've been using the Skin Spray Base to get the rash to fade.
  10. Oh lookit liddle Olivia riding that Unicorm in the pool. She is smiling wif delight too. It looks real scary to me butt apparently it is a great pool buddy. Thanks for those fun photos, Molly. Merc is splashing about in his vest too. KNOT ME, MA! Miss Banessa, that schedule sounds like fun to me! Mam, I fink that the firewerks are actually legal where I lib. These tractor trailer "stores" pop up selling firewerks a few weeks before any big celebration. Mam, such good news that you got you hay in and had a nice field to share wif those cows. Ivy, Ma does that Turbo Tax thing too! She celebrates finishing up wif chawklet. Ma took us for a walk this morning before it got hot. It was still kinda short. I got tired after we walked past about 3.5 houses so Ma took us home. She is threatening to leave me wif Auntie Ann next time. Spirit
  11. Miss Bea, I am 13 too! It is a wonderful age for us houndies to attain. Your birfday celebration looks really great! Foodstuffs in abundance and those you lub all about you...butt knot too close if it another houndie. Have a safe journey. I bet I will get to meet you sometime and I look forward to that. Your Friend, Spirit
  12. It is hot hot hot here! It is 95 degrees right now! We went for a morning walk wif Momma at 8:30 and it wuzn't too bad, but this afternoon our fambly walk turned into a short potty break instead! it is just too hot hot hot outside! Miss Carol Ann! You let the leetle kidlet ride that strange animal? I think the won we saw stayed in its yard. Oh look! Merc is swimming! Did you see the on the webpage that Miss R.E. Carol sent? Look at the haircuts on the show poodles! The article says it takes 10 hours a week to keep grooming that cut! Molly, aren't you glad you are knot a show poodle? I bet leetle Battle won't habs to werry about that when he is old enuf to be in shows! We houndies don't habs to werry about it either! Our furs are perfekt just the way we are! We are inside enjoying all the chilly airs. Momma and Daddy were doing something call Turbo Tax and now Daddy is habing a glass ob wine to recober! They say that all our taxes are filed. Ivy, who does knot habs to werry about taxes
  13. Happy 13th Birthday Beautiful Bea! Enjoy your very special special day! Miss Jan
  14. Happiest of birthdays, beautiful Miss Bea! It looks like you are getting all of the good things you deserve.
  15. Hiya! Everybuddy survive the firewerks? Clarkie? It wasn't too bad here, way less than lass year and pritty much done by 11:00. Lass year Mistress calt the cops when it was still going on at 1 of the AM. We'll see what happins tamarra tho, Mistress juss got the call that the vary attraktive man is comin to put new gutters and stuff on the house. I don't know how I feel bout peeple walkin round over my hed. I'm glad you got the hay taken care of, Mam! Andipants, you can have our sunshines. We are tired of it being roastin hot. They say everyday there could be storms in the affernoon but there are knot. Wags, Lila
  16. A glorious, special happy birthday Miss Bea. and a special Hello to all the campers and head counselor Miss Jan.
  17. Oh happy birthday Bea! You’re certainly being spoiled, just like you deserve! And hugs and special thoughts to mum and the rest of the campers from Buddy and family xx
  18. Miss Nancy Mam, that's so very good of you to let him have the field! Farming is tough even in the best of times and stockgrowers sometimes have it worst.
  19. Happy Birthday Miss Bea! We love you! For Miss Jan and the campers:
  20. Happiest of birthdays to roo from Flying Odin in lower Delaware.
  21. Oh dear.... Charlie got scolded Did your MommaBear jump out of the plane Oh Cherry! You are such a brave Girlie! And look at CarolAnn...riding one of those beasts! I am so sorry that so many houndies have had their lives disturbed by noisy and illegal firecrackers. Why won't the Police or Bi-Law peeps do anything!? This HotHotHot weather is now going to continue all week My friend & I were riding by 8:15 before it got too hot. We had a lovely hack out in our fields and woods and then gave them a good brushing ..... so they were not ridden hard and put away wet ! Jo-Ann and I were back home sitting on the shady deck drinking cold lemonade by 10:00 By Friday it is supposed to be 34C..... Before the humidity is added in It is so dry even the weeds are going ded. We have had only one very short burst of rain in the past 2+ weeks. Crops are wilting and so many farmers will not be able to put in enough hay. A local cow farmer came and cut our last big field yesterday and he was so relieved that we let him have it again this year. He has taken that field off for the past couple of years. The nail salon fiasco has now turned up 40 cases with more contact testing being done every day as they find more people. I'm sure 40 seems like nothing when so many places in the USA have hundreds and thousands, but it is a huge deal for us ....
  22. Hello my Friendlies! More morning cloudings. I am getting boreded with this!! Our garden needs some good sunnings!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!!! Miss Molly!!!!! Get that kidlet away from that unicorning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus also, I was gonna say the same thing Miss Nutmeg said!! You're sposed to be a water dog for swimming and stuff! Jump in sometime!!! We had some boomers last night, but mostly smaller ones, just now and then. Like peeples were using up the ones they found in the bottom of the box!!! Hey and Hello to everybody else! Wishings for a marvellous Munderday for all my Friendlies!!! BYE-EEE!!! AndiPants
  23. Happy Bea-day, sweet girl! Sending love and hugs to you and your momma. No more pain is a wonderful gift.
  24. Gud affernuun frendz. Um, Molly, yu ar a Poodle ryte? Yu ar sposed to be a watter dog! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poodle We hadda waak rownd the estayte wiv Hayden this morning and Mum bin owt inna gaardin this affernuun. Then she gotta fone kall frum Miss. Sally aksing hur to go and meet anuvver laydee and kollekt a kuppla bats. She wayting fower the fone kall frum that laydee now. We gett leftid at howme butt we getta treet. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  25. Oh Bea, happy, happy 13th I hope this is a wonderful day for you For your mom
  26. And since today finishes her 13th year the timing is appropriate. Have a great celebration sweetie and fly fast and healthy.
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